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1. « White, and Tryed, but the Wickcd fall do

“ Wickedly, and none of the Wicked shall “ Understand, but the Wise Thall Understand.

« And from the Time that the Daily Sacrifice “ shall be taken away, and the Abomination that “ maketh Desolate, fet up, there shall be a Thoisand Two Hundred and Ninety Days,

« Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the « Thousand Three Hundred and Five and Thirty

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“ Days.

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“But go thou thy way till the End be, for w thou shalt Reft, and stand in thy Lot, at the * End of the Days. ".

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SECT. I. of the Persons and their Office. T He three Periods, are Time, Times and a half,

1 One Thousand Two Hundred & Ninty Days, and One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Five Days.. And that their Meaning and Connection



with one another may appear, it will be necessary to take the whole Pássage which I have cited, in the Order in which it lics, and cxplain every Expression in it particulary, as I go along.

Dam. xii « And I heard the Man Clcathed in Linnen, R. " which was upon the Waters of the River. . .

This Man Cloathed in Linnen, is amply described in the beginning of this Vifion, which comprehends all the three last Chapters of Daniel, Dan. x. and was Revealed unto Daniel---in the third year 1. of Cyrus----as he was by the side of the great 4 River, which is Hiddekel.

“Behold, a certain Man Cloathed in Linnen, s. “ whose Loyns were girded with Fine Gold of “Uphaz,

“His Body also was like the Beryl, and his “Face as the Appearance of Lightning, and his 6. “Eyes as Lamps of Fire, andhis Arms and his “Feet like, in Colour, to polished Brass, and “ the Voice of his Words like the Voice of a « Multitude.

This Description is, evidently, of the same Perfon who is Represented in St. John, ----Slike

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Rey, I. es to the Son of Man, Cloathed with a Garment 13. « down to the Foot, and girt about the Paps with

“a Golden Girdle.

“His Head and his Hairs were White like 14. “Wool, as White as Snow, and his Eyes were as a

"Flame of Fire ;

“And his Feet like unto Fine Brass, as if they 15. “burned in a Furnace; and his Voice as the

“Sound of many Waters.

Where Waters in St. John answer to Multitude ROM:11. in Daniel, according to St. John's own Interpre

tation, The Waters which thou sawest---are Peoples and Multitudes---

And in what Sense he wears a Golden Girdle, Isa, XI. is Explained by this place of Isaiah, And Righ5. teousness shall be the Girdle of his Loyns, and Faithfulness the Girdle of his Reins.

The same Person is again described in St. John,

as---- A Mighty Angel come down from Heaven, RY: cloathed with a Cloud, and a Rain-bow was upon

his Head, and his Face was, as it were, the Sun,
and his Feet as Pillars of Firé.
And the Account that Danièl gives, That he



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----alone saw the Vision ; for the Men that were Dan. X: with him saw not the Vision, but a great Quaking 7. fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves, is a Circumstance that Confirms this Opinion, That the Person is the same who appeared to St. Paul, when the Men who jor:rneyed with hiril A as stood Speechless, hearing a Voice, but seeing no 7. Man; which Voice said, I am Jesus whom thou Persecutest.

The same Person is Represented by Daniel in the Vifion of ---- the third of Belshazzar---- votu. standing before him as the Appearance of a Man. .15. 168

And I heard a Mans Voice between the Banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this Man understand the Vision.

Where Gabriel receives Orders from the other, who is his Superior. And in the fame manner in the Vision of the third of Cyrus, The Man Dan. X. Cloathed in Linnen, struck Daniel so with This so? great Vision, that no strength remained in him. And it is manifestly another inferior Person that is represented as an Hand that touched him, which set him upon his Knees, and upon the Palms of his je. Hands.


11. And said unto him, o Daniel: a Man greatly

beloved, Understand the Words that I speak unta
thee, and stand upright, for unto thee am I notes
.. By which Words this last may be discovered
to be Gabriel, that was, in a former Vision,
ordered to make him Understand the Vision; and
it is put out of all doubt, that it is he, by the
Continuance of his Discourse in the Vision of

the third of Cyrus, where he acknowledges Dan. X. That Michael one of the chief Princes came to help

13. him: and that there was none that holdeth withe 21. him in these things but Michael your Prince.

And that this Observation may have its full Extent, it may be Remarked, that after Daniels

Prayer in the first of Darius, he says: Tea, whiles Daa: IX. I was speaking in Prayer, even the Man Gabriel, 21. whom I had seen in the Vision at the beginning,

being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of the Evening Oblation.

And he informed me, and talked with me, and 22. Said, O Daniel! I am now come fortle to give thee Skill and Understanding.

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