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« fh all they Tread under foot forty &two Months.

Thus we find, that this Time of the End, and Time of Trouble, upon a due. Tracing of it, in- . cludes the whole Period of the Forty two Months,

which means the same Thing with the Time, Times Dan.XII and a Half, , mentioned in the Angels Oath, in 7. Daniel, and which may, on this Occasion, be

proved to agree exactly, as I before asserted, with Rev. X. the Oath in St. Johng That there should be Time

no longer, which shɔuld be render’d, That there should not be yet another Time; that is, in other words, That this should be the Time of the End.

And what follows, gives the Reason of this way of speaking, and shews what was this Time

of the End. For when “The Seventh Angel 7

“shall begin to Sound, the Mystery of God shall
« be Finished, as he hath declared by his Servants :

o.the Prophets..? Xisr

And accordingly, .. when the Seventh Angel Sounded, it is said, The Kingdoms, of this World are become the Kingdoms of our Lørda

By which, compared with the whole Thread of this Chapter, We may perceive, that the .



XI. 3


11. 7.

Mystery of God, which was then Expired, conlisted in the Sufferings of the Witnesses, who had then finished their Testimony, of a Thousand two Rev. xi. Hundred and Threescore Days, Cloathed in Sackcloth. Which was Contemporary with the Forty. 2. Two Months, during which the Gentiles were to - tread under Foot the Holy City.

And thus we may observe, that This Mystery of God, as it was Contemporary with, so it was Opposite to that Mystery of Iniquity, which 2 Ther: was the Mystery written in the forehead of the Woman in the Wilderness, who was Drunken with Rev.

XVII. 6. the 'Blood of the Saints, and who was to be Nourished in the Wilderness for a Time, Times and XII, 14. a Half. Where it is again observable, that the Greek word used in Time, Times and a Half, is not the fame with the Greek word used where it is faid, Tbere should be Time no longer, as the

Rey. X. fame has been observed in the Hebrew. And by this we have a Specimen of the exact and nice Care used to express these Prophetical Visions, so that there may be no Confusion or Uncersainty to perplex a careful Enquirer into the


P 2

meaning of the Expreslions; for tho' in the Translation it sounds Odly, that the Time of the End, should be a Time, Times ond a Half, yet if the Original were duely rendred, it would be very easily apprehended, that the lime of the End may include Taree certain menfures of Time and a Half, which upon

Examination be Prophetical Years, and include all those One Rev. xi. Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Prophetical

Days, during which the IVitn" ["s are ia Prophes'

Cloathed in Sackcloth; and at the end of which Dan.XII Time of Tromble, these Witnesses, who are written

in the Book, are to be delivei ed.

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Nd now having observed what is the Time

of the End, next follows a General Character of Mankind in that time. Dan. “ Many shall be Purified and made White, XII. 10.


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« and Tryed, but the Wicked sh 111 do 'Vicked!y, " and none of the Wicked shall Understand, but “ the Wife Mall Underst ind.”

Thefe that are Purified and made White and Tijed, are the same that are called in the first of Daniel's Visions, The, Saints of the Most High, Dan. vii. and in the next, The Holy Peeple, and in this last of Daniel's Visions, The People who do know their God, who shall be strong and do Es ploits. “ And they that Understand among

the « Pecple shall instruct many, yet they shall fall s by the Sword and by Flame, by Captivity “and by Spoil, many days.

“Now when they small fall, they shall be “ holpen with a little help, but many shall cleave « to them with Flatteries. “ And some of them of Understanding fhall

35: “ fall to Try them, and to Purge and to make them White, even to the Time of the End..-

Here is a kind of Paraphrafe upon that short general Character, given in the 11th Verfe of the XII. Chapter, which is justified by Hiftory. And we may easily be satisficd from thence, that


Dan, xi. during the Time of the End, when such as did 32. Wickedly against the Covenant, were corrupt by

Flatteries, those that did know their God were Strong, and did Exploits; for there has been always, during the Times of Popery, Men of Integrity and Courage, who have publickly taught and wrote against the Corruptions of that Church, and Numbers of People who have followed them, as particularly the Vaudois and Albigeois, but they have been Over-powered with Persecutions and Croisades, till at last, before they were quite extinguished, the Reformation came in to their Aslistance; but this did

not make a fincere Change in great Numbers Psalm who professed it, but they Flattered the Refore Lxxviii. med with their Mouths, while their Hearts 36. 37.

were far from them, and still continued to like the Policy, and Grandure, and Power of the Church of Rome, and by this means there is

wanting a second Purging, even among those Matth.

who call themselves Reformed, which will not xxiv, 14 be compleated till the End comes.

With this Description of Daniel's agrees what

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