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the hopes of concluding a lafting Peace, when the
Depriving of the Holy See and the Vicar of
Fesus Christ of their undeniable Rights, is made a
Foundation of it?

And thus, I hope, I have made it Probable of the first great Period, to what time it may belong. " That it shall be for a Time, Times and a pani

es ana Dan.XI) Half, and when he shall have accomplished to 70 * scatter the Power of the Holy People, all " these shall be finished.”


Of the Time of the End. I Aving now fully Explained the 7th Verse N1 of the XII Chapter of Daniel, which determines the first Period,, I go on to what introduces the second.. “And I heard, but I understood' not; then

Dan.XI) " said Os My Lord, what shall be the End 2. of chefc Things?

Thers .

There was no probability that Daniel should Understand a Description that belonged to the Romans, a Nation then not known in Asia, and to the last Scene of their Power, which was not to begin, till almost a Thousand Years after the Time of this Prophecy.

And in this Uncertainty, it was natural to enquire, if there was any thing more to happen after what he had heard?

" And he said, go thy way Daniel, for the Dan XII

“ Words are Closed up and Sealed, till the
“ Time of the End.” .
- By this answer of the Angels, Daniel was
Commanded to rest satisfied without Enquiring
more particularly about the meaning of what he
had heard, becaufe the Accomplishment, that
alone, was able to explain it fully, would not be
till that Time should come which is called, the

Time of the End, and that therefore according

| to the Nature of Prophecy, as explained by 20. St. Peter, That it was not its own Interpreter, he Canvis was to be contented to let it remain Closed up and Dan.XII * Sealed till it should be explained by degrees,


2 Pet. I

when the Seals should be opened first in Heaven,

Rev. VI

ang 1,3,5,70 by the Lamb, in St. John's Vision, and then upon 9, 2. Earth, as the feveral parts of St. John's Vision Vill. 1: should come to pass, in order of time, one after another: and it will be found, that in the last or Seventh Seal were contained the Events that relate to this Time of the End: fôr then, ani not till then, did that Power commence, who was to scatter the Power of the Holy People for a Time, Dan XII, Times and a Half, and was to take a wry the daily 7,11. Sacrifice, which may be made appear by observing, that the Angel did, at the begining of this Seventh Seal, take the Cenfer and fill it with fire

Rev. viji of the Altar, and cast it into the Earth, which "s:' I fhill, in its proper place, prove to be a defcription of the same thing with Scattering the Power of the Holy People, and Taking away the daily Sacrifice. But I must first examin: this Expreffion, Time of the End; Time is not here in the Original expreffed by the same word that is ufed for Time where we find, Time, Times and a Half, Dan. or, Time, Times and a Dividing of Time ; and in v

XII. 7.

VII. 25 these last places the Original Word fignifics a

Fixed Time, or an Appointed Time, and is found, by what I have already flewn, to be a Tear, which is a certain, Fixed or Limited Time: But in the first case, Time is expressed by a different Hebrew Word, which fignifies Time in General, or Duration, and therefore of the End is added to determine what that Time was; and this is expressed by the same Word in the Original, and on the fame Subject, where, juft before, in a warn

ing of those things that are to be Shut up and Dan.XII Sealed, even to the Time of the End, what is most

Remarkable, is, that XII. 1. 6 ----There shall be a Time of Trouble, such

« as never was fince there was a Nation, even to " that same Time, and at that Time thy People * shall be delivered, every one that Thall be found 6 written in the Book.”

: The fame Time of Trouble is thus mentioned by Jeremiah,

“ Alas! for that day is great, so that none is Jer.XX342 like it, it is even the Time of Jacob's Trouble, ' s but he fball be saved out of it.” This Time of Trouble, so that none is like it,

muft must be the same with what in St. Matthew is called,

----“Great Tribulation, such as was not since Matthe 6 the Beginning of the World to this Time, No, *.10.266. 66nor never shall be.”

And in St. Mark, ---- Days of Affliction, "such as was not from the beginning of the Mark

Xi[l. 19. “Creation which God created, unto this Time, neither shall be.”

And in St. Luke, ----“The Days of Vengeance, like :s that all things which are written may be full- xxl.22: « filled.

---- “ In those Days there shall be great Distress 66 in the Land, and Wrath upon this People. . . “ And they shall fall by the Edge of the Sword, 240 “and shall be led away Captives into all Nations, 6 and Jerusalem shall be Trodden down of the “Gentiles, until the Times of the Gentiles be « fullfilled.”

And if we would know what are these Times of the Gentiles, St. John informs us, when he says,

----“The Court that is without the Temple Rev. is given unto the Gentiles, and the holy City *.

C XI. 20 “ Thall

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