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with History, for the Papacy was set up in the
Latin Church, and never could Mafter the Greek
Church totally.

among other Characters, the Division of the Period into Time, Times and a Half, carries in it a strong Proof, that the whole is perfectly well adapted to the Bishops of Rome, under these three States, ift, their Rife, 2dly, their Greatness, and 3dly, their Tecline.

The Western Roman Empire, fell with Valentinian III. in the Year 455, upon whose Death Genserick came and killed Maximus the Usurper, and facked Rome. This Valentinian III. had a little before, in 445 given Orders to Ætius

his General in France, in which he says, Car.Sig.

" That whereas the Bishop of Arles, had presu

6 med to ordain Bishops without the leave of Occid,

" the Pope of Rome. It is provided by the pag. 306. « Apostolick Authority, and by Ours, That

“ neither He nor any Other may be suffered to u do the like for the future: And at the same Time he publithed an Edict in Conjunction with Theodosius the II. Emperor of the East, by which it



« was

it was ordered, “ That it should not be lawful Novel.

Valenti. *** for the Bifhops of Gaul, or any others, to poft Cod “ undertake any thing (against ancient Custom,) Tit. 240 66 without the Authority of the Venerable Pope de Episco.

Ordin. :66 of the Eternal Town. But that whatever “the Authority of the Apoftolical See shall * Ordain, Ihall be a Law to all other Bishops.


Sigoro · And Marcian the Emperor of the East, did,

P. 31to in 450. write to the same Pope Leo I. in these terms, “We write to your Holiness, who holds

the first place among the Bishops of the Divine * Faith, that by your Orders a Council may 66 settle the Peace of the Church." And in another Letter he proposes, “ That a Council

may declare what is profitable forthe Christian « Faith by their Act, as your Holiness shall t constitute, according to the Rules of the « Church.”

So that the Popes had then that Power acknowIedged to belong to them, by the Emperors both of the East and West, which they have exercised, more or less, ever since; and therefore it seems more reafonable to date the Rise of the Papacy,

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at this time, then from the year 606. when Boniface the III. obtained the Title of Univerfald Bishop from the Emperor Phocas, fince the Popes had been such, in effect, long before. The Bishop of Rome took his Rife therefore, as Head of the Church, when he became the Principal Person in Rome, immediately on Valentinian's Death, and Genserick’s leaving Italy in 455. Then he that letteth was taken out of the ways and the Man of Sin, or Wicked, revealed. The Western Empire was then Taken out of the Way; for the Mock Emperors, who were changed by Ricimer; the Gathick General, at Pleasure, for One and Twenty years after, had never the Power, but only the Name of Emperors. But these Bishops. of Rome were able, by their influence on Temporal Princes, even during their Rise, to destroy one after another, the three Kingdoms of the Herules, Goths and Lombards, and at last by making Charlemagne Emperor, they received from him their Temporal Sovereignty in Italy; but as he kill kept them under him, by referving a Negative in Himself and his Successors, at the Election of

Popes: Popes, they did not come to their heighth till 815. when Lewis Le Debonnaire succeeded his Father Charlemagne in the Empire, and being a weak Prince, confirmed and enlarged his Fathers Grants to the See of Rome, and neglected to insist on his Negative in the Election of a Pope, after they had ventured to elect one without his leave: And then expired the first Time or 360 Years of the Rise of the Popacy.

2dly, The Second Period, from 815 reached to 1535. in which Year the Reformation was at its Heighth in Germany, was just fixt in England, by abrogating the Popes Power by Act of Parliament, and first preached in France and Switzerland ; and this Period was just of 720 Years, or Ivo Times, which included the whole Term of the Greatness of the Papacy.

3dly, Its Decline was from the Reformation till the Death of Lewis the XIV. who was the last great Power that attempted to extirpate Heresie, as they called the Reformation ; And how much the Authority of the Sce of Rome, then lost, appear plainly by the disrespectful Treatment

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of the Popes famous Constitution, Unigenitus,. after that King's Death in the Kingdom of France, so that with him fell the Ballance of Power, on the side of the Church of Rome; for thofe Popish Princes, who in the last Wars have fided with the Protestants, have really hurt the

Interest of the Popish Cause, as much as any Matth. others, according to our Saviours Expression, XLE. 26. If Satan. cast out Satan, he is divided against

himself, how shall then his Kingdom stand? And this last Period is of Half a Time, or 180 Years, begiming at 1535: and ending in 1715: And if from the Death of Lewis XIV. the Kingdom of France shall, as well as the Emperor, and other Popish-Powers, continue in the fame Interest with the Protestant Oncs, in opposition to the Pretensions and Clains of the Papacy, as it has hitherto done, It is.certain, that the Sre of Rome has lost the Ballance of Power on its side, of which that Court seems very sensible, as appears by the late Popes Protestation at Cambray, in: 3723. where we find thefe Remarkable Words, Cam Christian Princes flatter themselves with


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