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] Reason of varying the Figure, under which this little Horn is represented, and that will serve to Confirm the Observations. already made.

In the Vision of the four Monarchies, He comes in, in his Order, and as a Power that,

had small Beginnings, in the last Stage of the Dar:VII Fourth Beast, as a little Horn after, or behind the 22, 24

rest of the Horns : A. Bishop of Rome, who was not very considerable at first, but that grew by Degrees to have Ejes like a Man, and a Mouth Speaking great Things,, till his Look was more stout than his Fellows,

In St. Johns XII Chapter, where the History of the old Heathen Empire, its Persecution of the Christians, and its Deftruction by. Conftantine are the Subject, This little Horn is represented. as the last thing that would arise out of the

Remains of this Roman Empire, and so is proo Rev. XII . ni perly expressed by the Figure of a Tail. .

In the XIII Chapter, where the rise of the new Western Empire is, described, and the Wound it received by the Abolition of its Emperors, and the setting up the Ten Kings in their


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XIII. 36

Room, by which the Wound was Healed, that“ xir g is; the Disorders of the Empire Abated; This little Horw is reprefented, not in his first State of Bishop of Rome. only, who was not very great while the Emperor's lafted, but when the Ten Horns had at last succeeded in their Room, then this little Horn shewed himself in his advanced State, as defcribed by Daniel, of a Dan, VIP?

Mouth Speaking great Things, and accordingly
St John-says of the Beast that was Wounded and

And there was given unto him a Mouth


Se great Things and Blasphemies.

In the same sense that Aaron was given to Mofes, instead of a Mouth, where the Mouth is

Exod. a different Person from him to whom it was given. 1V. 16.

And in the fame Chapter of the Revelations; that this Power may be more particularly described, his original is traced meerly as it relates. to himself."

And I beheld another Beast rising up out of the Earth, and he had two Hośng like a Lamb, XIII.18? *and he fpake, like a Dragon."



This Power was to be distinguished by its being a Succession of Persons, taken out of the

Earth, which signifies, the Common People, as in faet, the Popes have always been; They are not

like other Princes, of Noble Families, but are 1 Kings, Elected out of a number of Cardinals, who risc

xii. 31. often to that Dignity from little Priests, taken 2 Chron.

xi 15. from among the lowest of the People. Rev, xiii

The Two Horns like a Lamb, express emphatically his Pretension to be the Representative, or, as he calls himself, the Vicar of Jesus Chrift, who was the Lamb Slaim; and the Two Horns, fh w whence the Figure is first derived, viz.

from the Lamb of the Passover, which was to Exod. be without Blemish, and a Male; and this was Lovit. 1. always the Rule of the Burnt Offerings, it was

to be a Male without Blemish; for, the Males Eod. xiii. 12, were the Lords.

The speaking like a Dragon, signifies, that Rev. xiii

notwithstanding his Pretences to be the Vicar of Chrift, he really would take upon him to Com, mand with the Power and Cruelty of a Heathen Persecuting Roman Emperor, who is described


xii. 5.


by a Dragon ftanding before the Womax ready to Rev.xili be delivered, to devour ber Child.

43 And that Woman is Chrifts Church

The last Character given of the See of Romeya is not of the Person of the Popes, or their Sucrcessors, but of the Church of Rome, under the

xvii. Figure of a Woman, wiro is called Babykoti, who 46 Sous fitteth on many 17aters, who are People and Nations, &c. and who Reigns over the Kings of the Earth.

According to this Image it will follow, that the Succession of Popes will be expressed by Bel, which was the Image of the old King Beluss worshipped in Babylons and of this Jeremiah Prophesies;

“ And I will Punish Bel in Babylon, and I & will bring forth out of his Mouth that which 442 " he hath swallowed 'up, and the Nations shall" 6 not flow together any more unto him, year, 6 the Wall of Babylon shall Fall..”*

And what Bel or Belus had been in the most ancient Time; Nebuchadnezzar was afterwards, and therefore is called the Head of Gold of the Dan. in Terrible Image; and for that reason in this New


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Go on now to the other parts of his Descrip

tion, which ferve to fix the Time of his:

Beginning Dan, « And he shall speak great Words against the VII.25. “ Most High, and fall wear cut the Saints of

“ the Most High, and think to change Times " and Laws, and they fhill be given into his

Hand, untill a Time, Times and the Dividing a of Time.”

The Continuation of the Defcription which I have not yet mentioned in the next Chapter,

where Gabriel interprets, is to the fame effect ; VIII. 24.

“ And his Power shall be mighty, but not by “his own Power, and he full di ftroy Wonder“fully, and shall prosper and practise, and shall

“ destroy the Mighty and the Holy People. 25:

" And through his Policy also, he shall cause « Craft to prosper in his Hand, and he thall

" magnify

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