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fested it to be possible by the actual effecting of it.

No wonder then, that as the Church did at first receive our Lord from the Dead with unspeakable Joy and Triumph; so it always continued to renew the remembrance of that Triumph by extraordinary Solemnities; that the Apostles urged the Miracle of his Resurrection, as the highest Argument of Conviction to Jews and Gentiles; and admonished their Disciples to comfort one another with the Remembrance of it. And not only so, but also drew continual Arguments of Instruction and Motives of Holinels from it, and made all the My{teries and Sacraments of the Christian Religion to be in some measure subservient

to it.

An Action of so great importance was not barely to strike the Senses, and to satisfie the doubtful, or convince the incredulous; but to affect the Soul, and become a Foundation of Pra&tice, as well as Belief to all Christians. Our Lord raised not lis natural Body from the Grave, to leave us his Mystical Body groveling on the Ground; he refumed not his bodily Life, to leave us in a spiritual Death; but taught us thereby to raise our Thoughts and Affections from the Earth; to free our felves from the Power of Darkness, and enter into the Regions of Light. For we are risen with Chrift, if we þe true Christians, as the Apostle aiureth us

in my Text; and if so, the natural confequence will be, That we seek those things which are above, and act agreeably to the new state of Life into which we are entred, If then ye be risen with Christ

, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God,

The Words therefore will oblige me to treat First of our Resurrection with Christ; and Secondly, of the Conclusion drawn from thence by the Apostle, that we ought therefore to seek those things which are above.

That we shall hereafter rise and be with Christ, is the most firm Relief of all Chri ftians, but that we are already risen, may not perhaps be so easily conceived, especially by those, who experience not in themselves any Effects of this Blessed Resurrection, We are therefore said to rise with Christ even in this Life, either by Similitude, or by Hope; by mortifying and changing our fora mer vicious Course of Life, into a new and Heavenly Life; or by conceiving firm hopes and assurance of the Divine Promises con cerning our own Resurrection, by the Exa ample of our Lord's Resurrection.

The former manner indeed is purely Allegorical; but an Allegory as well most natural in its felf, as molt familiar to the Apostle; who treats of it often and largely, and inculcates it in almost all his Epistles, As in the Chapter preceding my Text he tells the Colossians, Col, ji. 12, 20. Te are

buried with him in Baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him; and ye are dead willa Christ from the Rudiments of the world, Galat, ii. 20, I am Crucified with Christ. Philips ji. 10. That I may know him, and the power of his Resurrection, and the fellow/bip of his Sufferings; being made conformable unto his Death, 2 Cor. iv. 10. Always, bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus; that the life also of þesus might be made manifest in our body. But more especialy in the iii, and ivth, Chapters of 1 Pet. and Rom. vi, this Conformity between our Lord and us in dying and rising again is at large explained. We were baptized into his death; therefore we are buried with him by Baptism into death; that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the Glory of the Father ; even so we also should walk in newness of life, &ca

These Allegorical Conclusions were not the mere products of Fancy, but the designs of the Divine Wisdom; which so admirably contrived the Christian Religion, that all the Actions of our Saviour's Life tend no less to our Instruction than his Precepts; and could not but have exceeding influence upon the Minds of Christians, whose Thoughts were then, and ought now to be, chiefly employed about our Saviour's Refurrection. They were excellently fitted to the Genius of the World at that time, when both Heathen Philosophers, and Jewilh Doctors employed themselves almost

wholly wholly in Allegorical Explications of Natural or Divine Truths; and were more particularly adapted to the Religion of the Jews, and the Writings of the Old Testament concerning the Messias, consisting in Types, Shadows and symbolical Representations of things to come. And lastly, least wę fhould conceive any unreasonable Prejudice against these Allegorical Inferences; besides that they are recommended by the Au, thority of the Divine Pen-man, the present Allegory drawn from our Saviour's Relurrection, doth most excellently describe to us the Nature and Duties of our spiritual Regeneration; as it will appear, if we conlider it more fully,

The design of the Christian Religion was to recover Mankind from his loft Condition, free him from the Subjection of the Devil, reform his Life, and fit him for the Reception of those infinite Benefits, which God had designed for him in another Life. To this end a total Desertion of that corrupted state of Life, wherein he was before engaged, was absolutely necessary: As well in the Nature of the thing; it being wlolly impossible that a vicious Soul fhould receive that Reward; as by the Appointment of God, who had determined not to grant the Reward on any other Condition. 'And therefore our Saviour had afsured his Followers, That unless a' man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.


It was required, that every one should felinquish all those temporal Enjoyments and Satisfactions, which were contrary either to right Reason, or the express Command of God; and because the greatest part of Mankind placed the whole Satisfaction of their Life in these unlawful Enjoyments; whoever renounced the use of them, might well be faid to die unto the World.

And this was it, which all Christians were obliged to promise at their Baptism, folemnly to renounce the World, the Fleih, and the Devil, and give themselves wholly to a new Life instituted by God; which was excellently represented in the antient Form of Baptism, to which the Apostle in all the places before-mentioned referrs; wherein the Person baptized, was wholly immerged in tlie Water; so that the immersion represented his Resolution of dying to the World, and imitation of our Lord, who was by Death taken from the World; and then his Emerfion presently following, signified his entrance into a new state of Life, and the Resurrection of our Saviour reviving and appearing after Death.

It is not fufficient therefore to mortifie one single Luft, or to give up this or that finful Affection in exchange for eternal Rewards, and retain the reit. This is not to die in invitation of our Saviour; whose Soul was fully separated from his Body, and continued in a separate State till the Relur


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