The Medical Repository, Volume 6

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Samuel Latham Mitchill
T. & J. Swords, 1803 - Medicine

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Page 287 - I can not help thinking that our success in the treatment of all chronic diseases would be very much promoted, by directing our inquiries into the state of the teeth in sick people, and by advising their extraction in every case in which they are decayed.
Page 186 - ... of three inches ; surround the tree with straw about three feet long, applied lengthwise, so that it may have a covering one inch thick, which extends to the bottom of the hole, the but ends of the straw resting upon the ground at the bottom.
Page 1 - If the least scratch is made on the skin of .some of them, as mortal a hemorrhagy will eventually ensue as if the largest wound is inflicted. The divided parts, in some instances, have had the appearance of uniting, and have shown a kind disposition to heal ; and, in others, cicatrization has almost been perfect, when, generally about a week from the injury, an hemorrhagy takes place from the whole surface of the wound, and continues several days, and is then succeeded by effusions of serous fluid...
Page 186 - ... the ground at the bottom ; bind this straw round the tree with three bands, one near the top, one at the middle, and the third at the surface of the earth ; then fill up the hole at the root with earth, and press it closely round the straw. When the white frosts appear, the straw should be removed, and the tree remain uncovered, until the blossoms put out in the spring.
Page 3 - It is a surprising circumstance that the males only are subject to this strange affection, and that all of them are not liable to it.
Page 285 - I have been made happy by discovering that I have only added to the observations of other physicians, in pointing out a connection between the extraction of decayed and diseased teeth and the cure of general diseases.
Page 3 - ... my knowledge extends, there has not been an instance of their being attacked. "The persons subject to this hemorrhagic disposition are remarkably healthy, and, when indisposed, they do not differ in their complaints, except in this particular, from their neighbours. No age is exempt, nor does any one appear to be particularly liable to it. The situation of their residence is not favourable to scorbutic affections or disease in general. They live, like the inhabitants of the country, upon solid...
Page 1 - Rogers attended a lad, who had a slight cut on his foot, whose pulse 'was full and frequent' in the commencement of the complaint, and whose blood 'seemed to be in a high state of effervescence.' So assured are the members of this family of the terrible consequences of the least wound, that they will not suffer themselves to be bled on any consideration, having lost a relation by not being able to stop the discharge occasioned by this operation. "Various remedies have been employed to restrain the...
Page 2 - Physicians of acknowledged merit have been consulted, but have not been able to direct anything of utility. Those families that are subject to certain complaints are occasionally relieved by medicines that are inefficacious when applied to others; and family receipts are often of greater advantage in restoring them, than all the drugs the materia medica offers for that purpose. A few years since the sulphate of soda was accidentally found to be completely curative of the hemorrhages I have described....
Page 285 - C. with a rheumatism in her hip joint, which yielded for a while to the several remedies for that disease. In the month of November it returned with great violence, accompanied with a severe toothache. Suspecting the rheumatic affection was excited by the pain in her tooth, I directed it to be extracted. The rheumatism immediately left her hip, and she recovered in a few days. She has continued ever since to be free from it.

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