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but which, I fear, were in some measure induced by partiality; and so many predictions of success, if I should


before the Public, that I am induced to make trial of their favour. Yet even at the last moment, were it not for the solicitations of those near me, I should abandon my design.

But whatever may be thought of the manner in which I have executed


task, the intention at least is, I trust, not an unworthy one; and for its sake I must crave indulgence for other faults.

This intention I do not know how to express in other words than those I have used in Prefacing my former Stories, “ To make God's word beloved by the most tender child, must ever be an object with every sincere Christian ; and a more effectual method cannot be chosen than to show

how much more of interest the Bible contains than the most pleasing story-book. To do this has been my design ; and I pray that I


be made an humble instrument in assisting to draw the infant mind to love and praise Jehovah in his perfect acts, and by rendering the study of His Blessed Word pleasing, lead them to value it in earliest life, as it interests the heart, and they will not fail to do so in maturer years for the precious food which it contains for the hungry soul.”


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