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surely would her husband love one who had given him three sons; and she called him Levi. But Jacob's heart was still wholly given to Rachel. A fourth son was now given to her. Leah looked upon the four fair infants that clustered upon her lap, aud though her husband neglected her she was no longer desolate. Her soul was full of thankfulness, and smiles of maternal love and joy dwelt upon

her countenance ; as she fondly embraced her babes she exclaimed, “Now will I praise the Lord,” she called the child Judah, meaning “ praise."

Rachel had no children ; and, when she saw how happy her sister was in the sweet employment of ministering to the wants of her's, or joining in their sports, she, too, longed to become “ a joyful mother of children.” Day after day she watched Leah, sometimes soothing to rest an infant in her bosom as she watched beside the couch where her others slept, like a fair cluster of rosebuds whose petals had closed as the dew of evening began to fall; or heard her teach them to form their lisping accents into prayers as they knelt before her with clasped hands and beauteous infantine faces upraised to the skies, looking like young seraphs; and sometimes she would hear the music of their young glad voices mingled with that of their mother as they sported on the grass ; and then her heart swelled with envy. Not all the fond and tender care of her husband could soothe her. The lips that were wont to utter such sweet words of welcome when he returned from the field now vented only repinings, the eyes that once sparkled with delight when he approached were now filled with tears ; and sighs, and mourning, took the place of songs of delight.

Vainly did Jacob endeavour to comfort her," and make her contented with his love, she passionately answered all his soothings with “Give me children or I die," until his anger was kindled against her, and he exclaimed, “Am I in God's place, who hath withheld them from thee ?"

She gave him her handmaid, who brought him two sons which were called Rachel's. Leah also gave him her maiden for a wife, who gave him two sons which were accounted hers. Leah herself after this had two more sons, and now she hoped that a small portion of affection would be given her, for she had given Jacob six sons. God also looked upon the tears of Rachel, and gave her a son. With what delight did she present her long sought treasure to Jacob, and how fondly did he love this first-born of his loved Rachel, this fair and gentle babe Joseph.

Jacob had now been fifteen years with Laban, and he trusted his brother's anger was by this time extinguished. He longed to return to the dear home of his childhood, and to his parents. But when he asked Laban to let him go he refused, and entreated him to remain ; for God had been with Jacob, and had prospered every thing to which he his put hand, so that the flocks of Laban had wonderfully increased under his care. So he agreed to give him for wages all the speckled and spotted amongst the cattle and goats, and Jacob remained. Now God so ordered it that all the best of flocks and herds came spotted and fell to Jacob. When Laban saw this he changed his wages him others ; but in whatever way he changed, so did God ordain that the best fell to Jacob.

and gave

Then he was angry and looked coldly upon him, and the sons of Laban murmured and envied him because he had become very rich ; and they said, “Behold Jacob hath taken away all that was our father's; and of that which was our father's hath he gotten all this glory."



WHEN Jacob saw the coldness of his father-inlaw, and the envious murmurings of his brethren, he desired to return into Canaan; but Laban permitted him not to go. But whilst he was irresolute, the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and bade him return. Then he called Rachel and Leah into the field and told them of the injustice of thei father, and the command he had received. They answered him, “Is there yet any portion for us in our father's house? Are we not counted of him strangers ? for he hath sold us, and hath quite devoured our money. Now, then, whatsoever God had hath said unto thee, do.”

When Laban had left his home, at the time of sheep shearing, Jacob arose secretly and fled

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