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Lecture, common prayer to be read before, 201.
Lecturer, requisites to be observed by, 199.

Form of licence for, 581.
Letter, Archbishop of Canterbury's, 573.
Libraries, parochial, 509-512.

Of nonresidence, 98.
Petitions for licence of nonresidence, 588.
Curate's, 122. 130.
Directions for, 577.
For plurality, 145.
For marriage, 319.
For keeping an alehouse, 395.

To players. 398.
Livings, see Benefice. Papists. Plurality. Presentation. Simony.
Lodging houses of vagrants, 406.
Lord's day.

Resorting to church on, 355.
Unlawful pastimes upon, 356.
Carriers, &c. or butchers exercising their callings upon, 357.

Tradesmen, artificers, &c. working upon, 359.
Drovers, horse-coursers, higlers, boatmen, and bargemen, ib.
Hundred not responsible for persons robbed when travelling

upon, 360.
Provisoes for selling milk, cooking, &c. ib.

Service of process on, void, 361.
Marriage, 317.

Licences for, 319.
Witnesses to, 326.
Entry of, in the register, 327.
When had, the church being under repair, 329.
In churches and chapels built since 26 Geo. 2. p. 330.

Under the New Church Acts, 423. 463. 484. 488.
Meetings, 372. see Dissenters.

Giving or taking reward for making, 153.

Dissenting, 377. see Dissenters.
Mitigation of penalty under consolidated Clergy Act, 110.
Monition, 109. 110. 111. 132.

Papists' livings under, 165. 166.
For building or repairing parsonage houses, 210.
For purchase of glebe, 246.
Yearly payments may be reduced, 258.

Form of agreement for reduction of payment on, 263.
Mortmain, 302.

Mortmain continued.

Gifts of land or money to be laid out in land for charitable

uses, 303
Exception as to purchases, ib.

And as to the Universities and certain colleges, 305.
Mortuaries taken away in certain places, 560.561.
Nominations, form of, 586.
Nonresidence, 98. see Residence.
Notice by and to Curates as to curacy, 129. 130.
Notification of exemption from residence, 110.

Form of, 589.

Of residence, 116.
By dissenting preachers, 382.

Certificate of, 383.
Oblations, 339.
Offerings, ib.

Under the New Church Acts, 419. 425.

Corruptly conferring or accepting, 153.
Qualifications for, 184. and see Canons, 33. 34. 35.
Instruments respecting, 576. 578.

Admission to, for the Colonies, 206.

Regulating Queen Anne's Bounty, 490.
Ornaments of the church and Ministers, 182. and see Canons, 28.

29. 45. 55.

Shall not present to benefices, 164. 166.
Universities shall present, ib. 165. 166.
Trustees of Papists' benefices disabled to present, ib.
Trustees, mortgagees, or grantees, must not present without

notice, ib.
Person presented must not be beneficed, 166.
Examination of person presented by Archbishop or Bishop,


Remedies by the Universities, 168.

Separate, under the New Church Acts, 419.
District, 421.

Registers, 306.
Parsonage Houses, 128. 129.

Queen Anne's Bounty may provide, 294.
Successor entitled to, 336.
Building or repairing, 209.
Borrowing money for the purpose, 210.
May be purchased, 215.

Parsonage Houses continued.

Certain lands and money may be given for, 234.
By his Majesty, 237.
Exchange of, 240.
Copyhold lands may be annexed to, 243.


be annexed to, by benefaction or purchase, 244.
Notice of exchange or purchase, 251.
Map and valuation, 252.
Yearly payments under Gilbert's Act may be reduced, 258.

Corporations, &c. may sell land for, 270.
Patronage, under New Church Acts, 448. 461. 462. 487. 504.

Peculiars, 131. 133.
Penalties for nonresidence, 98. 100. 110. 115.8
Pews, under New Church Acts, 450. 470. 491. 506.
Pew rents, 445. 451. 467-470.
Popish recusant cannot present to benefices, 164.
Population, reference to, as to Curates, 121. 124.
Preachers, dissenting, 377. 381.
Prebendary, exemption from residence of, 102.
Prerogative royal, as to dispensations, 133.

Corrupt, 151. 152. 172.
With reference to resignation bonds, 174. and see Adden-

dum, 598. and the Digest, p. xviii. note ?.

Form of, 583.
Priest or Minister, 184.

Age of, 189.

Only can hold a benefice, 197.
Proclamation, the King's, against profaneness, 570.
Promise, corrupt as to presenting to benefices, 151. 152.
Prostitutes in Oxford, 410.
Protestant dissenters, 370.

Are not profanely to use the name of the Trinity, 397.
Licences may be granted to, 398.

Restrictions as to place, ib.
Plurality, what, 145.

Who may obtain dispensations and hold more benefices than

one, 145. 146. 147.
The privilege of the King's Chaplains, 147. 148. n.
Doctors and Bachelors of Divinity, and Doctors of Law may,

by dispensation, hold plurality, ib.
Quakers, 385.

Recovery of tithes of, 347. 348.
Queen Anne's Bounty.

May lend money under the Gilbert Act, 216.

Queen Anne's Bounty continued.

And for purchasing glebe, 248. see Augmentations. Par-

sonage Houses.

Rules and orders respecting, 590.
Rates, church.

Recovery of, 345.
Under the New Church Acts, 425. 442. 445. 461. 465.

467. 473

Form of charge upon, 479.
Rector, see Residence. Curate.
Rectory, conversion of vicarage into, 484. 486.
Registers, parish, 306. 327.

Copies to be made and verified, 309.
Copies to be transmitted, 310.
Wilfully making false entries, 312.

Schedule, 315.
Registrar, 108. 131.
Rents, pew, under the New Church Acts, 446. 467.

Quit and chief, 481.
Repairs of parsonage houses, 103. 209. 210.

Of churches under the New Church Acts, 448. 461.490.

Penalties are attached to, in proportion to time of nonresi-

dence, 98.
How to be recovered, 99.
What shall be deemed residence, where no parsonage house

In what cases houses purchased by Queen Anne's Bounty

deemed residence, ib.
Where a rectory has a vicarage endowed, 100.
The Bishop bas power to allot a house as a residence, ib.
Who are exempt from penalties for nonresidence, 100. 101,


Dignitaries residing at their cathedrals for certain periods,


Bishop may grant licences to such dignitaries for a longer

period, if necessary, ib.
Archbishops and Bishops not liable to such penalties, 133.
Persons having exemptions or licence, not keeping the house

in repair, liable to penalties, 103.
Bishop may grant licences for nonresidence in certain cases,

Appeal in case of refusal of licence, 105.
Discretionary power in the Bishop to grant licences and as-

sign salaries to Curates, ib.
Reasons for granting such licences to be transmitted to the

Archbishop, who may allow or disallow wholly or par-
tially, 106.


Residence continued.

No licence to be void by the death or removal of the grantor,

In what manner application for licence to be made, ib. see

By whom to be granted during a vacancy or absence of Bi-

shop, 107
Licences be revoked by the Bishop or his successors,

subject to appeal to the Archbishop, ib.
Limitation of extent of licences, ib.
Filing of licences, revocations, and other proceedings,

The King in Council may revoke licences, ib.
Licences, though revoked, to be valid between grant and re-

vocation, 109.
Annual returns to be made to the King in Council, ib.
What notification is to be made by nonresidents, by ex-

emption without licence, uo. see Instruments.
Penalty for neglect of notification, ib.
Ecclesiastical censures saved when at the instance of the

Bishop, ib.
Where unlicensed person does not reside, Bishop may issue

monition, .
Returns to be made thereon, ib.
Consequence of no return made, or disobedience to the Bi-

shop's order for residence, 112.
Appeal to the Archbishop, ib.
Persons returning to residence on monition must pay costs

thereof, 113.
The consequence of returning to residence on monition, and

absence before six months, ib.
Bishops may punish part nonresidence, 114.
Penalties may be remitted, ib.
Returns of reasons to be made by Archbishop to the King in

Council, by Bishop to the Archbishop, ib.
Under what circumstances a benefice may become void by

sequestration, 115.
Contracts for letting houses of residence, in which Incum-

bent shall be ordered to reside, void, ib.
Tenants holding over after the day appointed for return to

residence subject to a penalty, ib.
During the occupation of such tenants, Incumbent not liable

to penalties for nonresidence, 116.
No oath of residence to be exacted from a Vicar, ib.
Penalties not recoverable for more than a year, ib.
Penalties not recovered by monition may be recovered by

action, ib.
Time of commencing actions, 117.

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