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Curate continued.

No spiritual person is to serve more than two churches in
one day, but under licence from the Bishop, 126.

The Curate is not to travel more than sixteen miles in a day,

How salary is to be adjusted, where the Curate serves an ad-
joining parish, ib.

All agreements for salaries contrary to the Act are void,


Treble costs given in recovering the remainder of what is
due, ib.

If the salary is equal to the value of the living, it is subject
to certain charges, ib.

The Incumbent may deduct from the salary for repairs in
certain cases, 128.

The Bishop may direct the Curate to reside in the parsonage
house where the Incumbent is nonresident, ib.

Mode of enforcing the same, 129.

The Rector, &c. shall not dispossess the Curate without an
order from the Bishop, and notice, ib.

Curate must quit the house upon a new incumbency on cer-
tain notice, ib.

Must not quit the curacy without certain notice to the Bi-
shop and Incumbent, 130.

Penalty thereon, ib.

The Bishop may license any Curate employed, though not
nominated to him, ib.

May revoke a licence and remove the Curate, subject to ap-
peal, ib.

Licences and revocations to be registered, 131.

Form of nomination of, 580. and see the Digest, p. i.

note a.

Cursing, 364.

Deacon, age of, 189.

Dealing and trading by the clergy, 97.

Dean, 102. 195.

Declaration, 165. 195. 342. see Dissenters. Papists. Uniformity.
Dignitaries, 100. 101. 102.


Remedy is given, where a predecessor makes a fraudulent
deed to defeat dilapidations, 212. 258.

Money recovered for dilapidations shall be employed in re-
pairs, 209. see Parsonage Houses.


Of William III. 564.

Of George I. of 1714. p. 566.

Of George I. of 1721. p. 568.

As to instruments for orders, 576.

Directions continued.
For institution, ib.
After institution, ib.

For a licence to a curacy, 577.

For a licence to a lecture, ib.

For dispensation for a plurality, ib.
Disorderly persons, 400.

Dispensations for pluralities, 146. 148.

Directions for, 581.


Certain statutes not to affect Protestant Dissenters taking a
certain oath and declaration, 370.

Persons taking the oath, &c. exempted from certain penal-
ties, 371. 378.

Private meetings excluded from the benefit of the Act, 372.
Payment of tithes saved, ib.

Certain officers scrupling to take the oath may act by de-
puty, ib.

Persons in Orders or pretended Orders taking the oath, &c.
exempt from certain liabilities, ib.

The oath and declaration to be registered, 373.

Baptists, ib.

Certain dissenting teachers exempted from parish offices,

A Justice may tender the oaths, ib.

Penalty on refusing to take them, ib.

Declaration of Quakers, ib.

How a person is purged after refusal to take the oaths, 375.
Laws as to frequenting Divine service saved, 376.

Papists, &c. excepted, ib.

Disturbers of religious worship, how punished, ib.
Every place of worship to be certified, 377.

Protestant Dissenting Ministers, taking the oath and sub-
scribing the declaration against popery, and making a de-
claration therein contained, are entitled to the privileges
of the Toleration Act, 378.

And shall be exempt from serving in the militia, 379.
And from punishment under the Act of Uniformity, ib.
Such Dissenters may teach youth, ib.

No Dissenter shall hold the mastership of any college or
school of royal foundation, ib.

Certain assemblies for religious worship shall be certified
and registered, 380.

Teaching or preaching in any place without consent of oc-
cupiers subject to a penalty, 381.

Preachers and persons resorting to such certified places ex-
empt from penalties, ib.

Dissenters continued.

A Justice may require a Preacher to take the oaths, &c. spe-
cified in stat. 19 Geo. 3. cap. 44. p. 382.

Penalty on preaching after refusal, ib.

A Justice shall not compel a person to go more than five
miles for the purpose, ib.

Any person may require a Justice to administer the oaths,

&c. ib.

The Justice is to give a certificate of the oath, 383.

Preacher, under circumstances, taking the oaths, exempted
from parish offices and the militia, ib.

Penalty on producing a false certificate, ib.

Doors of religious assemblies are not to be fastened, 384.
Penalty on disturbing religious assemblies, ib.

Ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the church saved, 385.

Act not to extend to Quakers, ib.

Offenders may be convicted before Justices in certain cases,

Forfeitures to be levied by distress, ib.

Persons who impugn the doctrine of the Holy Trinity are
relieved from penalties, 363.

District parishes, 420. 457. 462. 488. 505.

Disturbers of religious worship, 376.

Donatives, 587.

Augmentation of, 291.

Drinking at alehouses, 388. 391.

Drovers, 359.

Drunkenness, 387.

Persons convicted of drunkenness are liable to a penalty, 388.
Consequence of refusal or inability to pay, ib.

Constable, &c. neglecting his duty, liable to a penalty, ib.
Persons continuing to drink in an alehouse liable to a pe-
nalty, 356.

Inquiries and presentments to be made of such offences, 389.
Conviction of a second offence, ib.

Constables, &c. shall present these offences, 390.

One punishment for one offence, ib.

Rights of the Universities saved, ib.

One witness sufficient to convict of tippling or drunkenness,

The oath of one confessing, proof against another, ib.
He that stays tippling in an inn, though in his own place of
abode, is liable to a penalty, 391.

Penalty on conviction of drunkenness, ib.

On second offence, ib.

Certificate of the Minister for obtaining an alebouse licence


Endowment, transfer of, 495.
Enlargement of churches, 443.

Entries false in register books, 528.
Evidence, an action for nonresidence, 119.

Corrupt, of benefices, 152.

Of parsonage houses and glebe, 240, 264.
Under the Queen Anne's Bounty Acts, 299.
Of lands subject to charities, 539.

Exempt benefices, 131.

Exemption from residence, 98.



Spiritual persons, occupying above eighty acres without con-
sent of the Bishop, liable to a penalty, 97.

Under stat. 57 Geo. 3. cap. 99. how to be recovered, 132.
For licences of nonresidence, 105.

On Curates' licences, 123.

First Fruits, 282.

The time from which they are due to the King, 333.
Application of, see Augmentations.

Forging entries in register, 327.

Forms, see Instruments.

Gaming among journeymen, 393.

Gaols, Chaplains of, 136. 138.

Gilbert's Act, 209.

Glebe, 235.

Exchange of, 238. 265.

Purchase of, 245.

Apportionment of, under the New Church Acts, 459.463.491.
Grant of licence of nonresidence, 103. 105. 108.

Of marriage licence, 319.

Of ecclesiastical estates, 272. see Leases.

For charitable uses, 304. see Mortmain.

Of next presentation, 151. 171. and see the Digest, p. xvii.

note 9.

Grave, under the New Church Acts, 452.

Houses of residence, 99. 209. see Parsonage Houses.

Contracts for letting, 115.

Idle and disorderly persons, 401.

Impediment, lawful, 185. 193. see Uniformity.

Incorrigible rogues, 402.

Incumbent, 120. 126.

Under the New Church Acts, passim. see Churches New.
Institution, directions for, 576.

Instructions, see Directions. Instruments.


As to building and repairing parsonage houses, 219. 231.

Instruments continued.

Of agreement for reduction of interest on money borrowed
under the Gilbert Act, 262. see Queen Anne's Bounty.
Of declaration as to parish registers, 309.

Entry of baptisms and burials, 315.

Certificate of oath of dissenting preachers, 383.

Conviction under Vagrant Act, 408.

Conveyances under the new Church Acts, 428. 476.

Memorial for registering charities, 526.

Letters testimonial for orders, 578.

Notice, or si quis, 579.

Certificate of si quis, ib.

Title for orders, ib.

Nomination of a Curate, 580.

Presentation to a benefice, 582.

Letters testimonial for institution, ib.

Qualification for a nobleman's Chaplain, 583.

Resignation before a Notary, ib.

Resignation to a Bishop, 584.

Acceptance of resignation, 585.

Notarial Act of resignation, ib.

Nomination to an augmented chapelry or curacy, 586.
Donation or nomination of a donative or exempt benefice,

Donation of a chapel, 587.

Petitions for licences of nonresidence, 587. 588.

Notification of nonresidence, 589.

Receipts of interest and benefactions under the Queen Anne's

Bounty Acts, 594, 595.

Certificate thereon, 595.

Certificates of residence under the Queen Anne's Bounty Acts,
595, 596.

Journeymen gaming at an alehouse, 393.

Jurisdiction, when given under stat. 57 Geo. 3. cap. 99. p. 132.
Concurrent jurisdiction ceases, 132. see Archbishop.

King's chaplains, 147. 148.

Land, quantity of, to be held by Incumbent, 97.

To be given for glebe, 234. 238.

Exchange of, 240.

Copyhold may be annexed to benefices, 243.

May be given or sold to benefices, 244. 245.

Corporations, &c. may sell, 270. see Parsonage Houses.

Leases of, ecclesiastical, 272. see Leases.

May be sold or given to Queen Anne's Bounty, 283.
For charitable uses, 302. see Mortmain.
Under the New Church Acts, see Sites.
For churchyards, 411. see Churches new.
Exchange of subject to charities, 539.

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