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* * Joh r•. B.

that feat me, and to finish his Work.
There are yet four Months, and then cometh
hood, I fay unto you, Lift up your eyes, a
Selds; for they are white already to harve
char reapeth receiveth wages, and gatheret
eternal: that both he that foweth, and
St. Jo

One loweth, and another reapeth.
may rejoice together. 37. And herein is

38. 1

that whereon ye beftowed no labour: (1 boured, and ye are entred into their labou many of the Samaritans of that city believe faying of the Woman, which teftified, He

eve: 1 aid.

40. So when the Samaritans

Im, they befought him, that he would

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364 Tear of our Lord 30

and he abode there two days.
because of his own Word:

42. And faid
41. And ma


Now we believe, not because of thy fay
beard him our felves, and know that
Chr, the Saviour of the World.
days he departed thence, and went into
letes him et teftified, that a Prophet ha
WE COST. 45. Then when he was
te Gates received him, having feena
dat Jerailem at the feaft:
be made the Water Wine. And there
seit. 45. So letus came again into Ca

for they


Jch **


i mi which then gavest me to do.
on Earra: I have father the
I have glorified

Mat 9:37- The Borf tru-
Bracene, but the Labourers
Luk 10 2

The Hare

efty 2 gut, but the Labour

Cine T.

Met s


mciis Mest
vibed frame better thing tor us;
Feb 11.40. God having pro-
that they without us ihould not be

maar perfe&.

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The Workman is

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Have known 15

Barif prepared the People for the Reception of (That is, the Prophets foretold the Coming of Beeptance, and fericut exhorting them these the Apokles faccceded, and fo are ena

Surely that

on Mat. I

Feaft Day
Name, when
which he did

10 Marriage in C
*Joh. 2.
beginning of ↳
Cana of Galilee,am
his Glory, and he
lieved on him.


nan [Or, Courtier, or, Ruler], whose fon was f aum. 47. When he heard that Jefus was co ea into Galilee, he went unto him, and befo :he would come down and heal his Son: for 1 point of death. 48. Then faid Jefus unto hin ee figns and wonders, ye will not believe. 49 ian faith unto him, Sir, come down; ere my Jefus faith unto him, Go thy way; thy fon live nan believed the Word that Jefus had spoken he went his way. 51. And as he was now go ervants met him, and told him, faying, Thy Then enquired he of them the hour when he b 1: and they faid unto him, Yefterdav at the the fever left him. 53. So the f e fame hour, in the which

h; and himself believ

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