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Emphasis expressed by a periphrasis, 484.
Oxymoron, 188.

Rhetorical figures: Antanaclasis, 482.
Hendiadys, 71, 492. Litotes, 189.
Rome, city of; the Greek language much spoken there, 72.

Rome, Church at: when and by whom planted, 38; of what classes of persons it

was composed, 39; its condition and circumstances, 50.

-, Epistle to the Church at; when and where written, 40; its genuineness, 42;
analysis of, 52; its profound but strict and consistent plan, 243, 270, 357, 421.

Sabbath, the Jewish, and the Christian Lord's-day, 478.

Salvation, universal, on the theory of, 531.

Salutation, modes of, with the Hebrew and other ancient nations, 73, 498.
Sin, original, or the propensity of human nature to depravity, 233, 517, 525.
SON OF GOD, meaning of the expression, 63, 501.

Sovereignty of God, not arbitrary, 389.

Sufferings, whether they may be righteously inflicted on an innocent being for a pur-
pose of moral discipline, 533.

Tholuck, Dr. Augustus, Professor of Theology in the University of Berlin, and now
in that of Halle; remarks upon his Commentary on this Epistle, and on his other
eminently valuable writings, 79, 86, 96, 143, 170, 173, 181, 210, 220, 252, 267,
324, 347, 351, 398, 408.

Translations, incapable of conveying the delicate tints and shades of an original
work, 121, 318.

Turrettin, John Alphonsus, of Geneva: the son of Francis Turrettin, from whose
sentiments he widely dissented, adopted the theological views of Limborch and
Tillotson, and greatly contributed to a fearful departure in his countrymen from
evangelical truth;-references to, and remarks upon, 90, 114, 161, 164, 173, 218.
Type, how one person or event may be of another, 219, 223.

Unity among Christians, its great importance, and the duty of endeavouring to
promote it, 488.

Verbal adjectives in Tós, their characteristic meaning, 95.

World, senses of the term in the Scriptures, 74, 183.



P. 302, last line, for viii. read vii.

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