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Oh thus to wear away my useful life,

And, when I'm call'd, in rapturous hope to die, Thus to rob heaven of all the good I can, And challenge earth to show a happier man!

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[blocks in formation]

Yes, - welcome pain,

which Thou hast sent,

Yes, - farewell blessings, Thou hast lent,

With Thee alone I rest content,

For Thou art Heav'n,

My trust reposes, safe and still,
On the wise goodness of Thy will,
Grateful for earthly good-or ill,
Which Thou hast giv'n.

O blessed friend! O blissful thought'
With happiest consolation fraught,
Trust Thee I may, I will, I ought, -
To doubt were sin;

Then let whatever storms arise,
Their Ruler sits above the skies,
And lifting unto Him mine eyes,
"Tis calm within.

Danger may threaten, foes molest,
Poverty brood, disease infest,
Yea, torn affections wound the breast
For one sad hour.

But faith looks to her home on high,
Hope casts around a cheerful eye,
And love puts all the terrors by
With gladdening power.


WILT thou gaze with me on flowers,
And let their sparkling eyes,
Glancing brightly up to ours,
Teach us to be wise?

The pale narcissus tells of youth
Nurtured in purity and truth;
Violets on the moss-bank green,
Of sweet benevolence unseen;
A rose is blooming charity;
A snow-drop, fair humility;
Yon golden crocus, smiling sweetly,
Smiles, alas, to perish fleetly;
That hyacinth, with cluster'd bells,
Of sympathy in sorrow tells;
This young mimosa, as it trembles,
Affection's thrilling heart resembles;
And the glazed myrtle's fragrant bloom
Hints at a life that mocks the tomb.

What is a flower? a beauteous gem
Set in nature's diadem,

A sunbeam o'er her tresses flung,
A word from her poetic tongue;

A silent burst of eloquence,

A plaything of Omnipotence;

The poet's eye sees much in these

To learn, and love, and praise, and please.

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It is most genial to a soul refined,

When love can smile unblushing, unconcealed, When mutual thoughts, and words, and acts are kind, And inmost hopes and feelings are revealed; When interest, duty, trust, together bind,

And the heart's deep affections are unsealed, When for each other live the kindred pair, — Here is indeed a picture passing fair!

Hail, happy state! which few have heart to sing,
Because they feel how faintly words express
So kind, and dear, and chaste, and sweet a thing
As tried affection's lasting tenderness;
Yet stop, my venturous muse! and fold thy wing
Nor to a shrine so sacred rudely press;
For, marriage, thine is still a silent boast,
"Like beauty unadorned, adorned the most."

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