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Praise him for the clustering hop, to add its fragrant bitter;
Praise him for the wholesome root, that fattened in the furrow;
Praise him for the mellow fruits that bend the groaning bough;
For blessings on thy basket, and for blessings on thy store,
For skill and labor prospered well, by gracious suns and showers,
For mercies on the home, and for comforts on the hearth,
O happy heart of this broad land, praise the God of harvest!

All ye that have no tongue to praise, we will praise Him for you,
And offer on our kindling souls the tribute of your thanks;
Trees and shrubs and the multitude of herbs, gladdening the eyes

with verdure,

For all your leaves and flowers and fruits, we praise the God of harvest!

Birds, and beetles in the dust, and insects flitting on the air,
And ye that swim the waters in your scaly coats of mail,
And steers, resting after labor, and timorous flocks afold,

And generous horses, yoked in teams to draw the creaking wains, For all your lives, and every pleasure solacing that lot,

Your sleep, and food, and animal peace, we praise the God of


And ye, O some who never prayed, and therefore cannot praise ;
Poor darkling sons of care and toil and unillumined night,
Who rose betimes, but did not ask a blessing on your work,
Who lay down late, but rendered no thank-offering for that blessing
Which all unsought He sent, and all unknown ye gathered, -
Alas, for you, and in your stead, we praise the God of harvest!
O ye famine-stricken glens, whose children shrieked for bread,
And noisome alleys of the town where fever fed on hunger,
O ye children of despair, bitterly bewailing Erin,

Come and join my cheerful praise, for God hath answered prayer.
Praise him for the better hopes, and signs of better times,
Unity, gratitude, contentment; industry, peace, and plenty;
Bless Him that his chastening rod is now the sceptre of forgiveness,
And in your joy remember well to praise the God of harvest!

Come, come along with me, and swell this grateful song,
Ye nobler hearts, old England's own, the children of the soil:
All ye that sowed the seed in faith, with those who reaped in joy,

And he that drove the plough afield, with all the scattered gleaners,
And maids who milk the lowing kine, and boys that tend the sheep,
And men that load the sluggish wain, or neatly thatch the rick,-
Shout and sing for happiness of heart, nor stint your thrilling cheers,
But make the merry farmer's hall resound with glad rejoicings,
And let him spread the hearty feast for joy at harvest-home,
And join this cheerful song of praise, to bless the God of harvest!

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M. T.


not forgotten, kind, good man,
Tho' seldom fully prized at thy great worth,
I will embalm thy memory as I can,

And send this blessing to the ends of earth!
For thou wert all things kindly unto all,
Benevolent and liberal from birth,
Ever responsive to affection's call,

And full of care for others, - full of care
Weary with others' burdens, generous heart,

And yet thine own too little strong to bear:
Father! I owe thee all, and cannot pay

The happy debt, until I too depart;
Then, will I bless and love it all away

In that bright world, my Father, where thou art!


I. THE 19TH.

HEAV'N declares its Makers glory,
And the firmament His might;
Day to day the wondrous story

Echoes on, and night to night:

All is silence, yet Creation.

Knows and hears that voiceless speech Which to every tribe and nation Doth their Maker's glory teach.

From his chamber bright in heaven

Lo, the bridegroom of the earth Gladness by his smile hath given,

And awakes the morn to mirth: Not less full of life and pleasure

Is God's truth, nor less complete ; 'Tis more precious than all treasure, Than the honeycomb more sweet.

It rejoices, heals, and teaches,

Ever holy, just, and good; To the inmost feeling reaches,

And leads up the heart to God. Warned by that, thy servant turneth

To the path that tends to bliss; Yet, who all his faults discerneth? Cleanse me, if I err in this.

Let not pride be ruler in me,
But deliver, guide, forgive,
Thus, corruption quenched within me,
I shall be upright and live.
Let my words and meditation,

Ever pleasing in thy sight,
Meet with gracious acceptation,
My Redeemer and my Might!


GOD in time of trouble hear thee,
And the name of Jacob's Lord
From his sanctuary near thee,

Out of Zion help afford;
Crown thy sacrifice with fire,

All thy gifts remembered still,
Grant thee all thy heart's desire,
And thy choicest wish fulfil!

We will joy in Thy salvation,

And will set our banners high
In our God! - Thy supplication

Be accomplished at thy cry.
Now I know the Lord from heaven

Saveth still his Christ from harm;
Now to Him will strength be given
By the might of his right arm.

Some in chariots, some on horses, -
We in God Jehovah trust:
And while He our sure Resource is,
They are fallen in the dust:
Save, Jehovah, save and hear us,

King of glory, King of might!
When we call be ever near us,
Ever for thy servants fight!


ALAS, how many vain and bitter things

My zeal, and pride, and natural haste have wrought; Yea, thou my soul, by word and deed and thought, The curse of selfishness hath scorch'd thy wings:

There is a fire within, I feel it now,

A smouldering mass of strong imaginings

That heat my heart, and burn upon my brow, And vent their hissing lava on my tongue,

Scathing, unsparing: yet, my will is just, My wrath is ever quickened by a wrong,

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I flame

to strike oppressors to the dust,

To crush the cruel, and confound the base,

To welcome insolence with calm disgust,

And brand the scoffer's forehead with disgrace.

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