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When it may be necessary to abbreviate a word, the title of the article will be printed in an italic letter; as for exmple, c. for communications; w. for writings, fc. and after the article eluc. for elucidation--exp. for explained, and ans. for answered, will occasionally be printed.

For the sake of comprising a great quantity of matter in a small compass, I have omitted all the references to the scripture elucidations; the Reader will therefore be pleased to attend to the scripture Index for the portions he may be desirous to examine, and refer to the respective books for an explanation, as it would have taken several extra numbers to contain the articles that are there most Divinely elucidated by the Spirit of Truth: and if they were to mark the number of the book and page opposite the texts in their Bibles, it would afford them great assistance in baving an immediate reference and connection with the books.

I would also recommend those who have complete sets, to c.ark them in the margin with the numbers referred to in the Imex, immediately opposite the respective parts that are similar, explanatory, or connected ; and thereby form a complete marginal reference, like those in the Bible; by which means they will be enabled to compare and examine them with the scriptures, weigh the whole together, draw the link, lengthen the chain, see if one link will join with another compare the whole together, see if it adds link to link, chain to chain, like the dawning morning, higher and higher, brighter and brighter, to the perfect day: or like a flower in the bud, opening more and more, until the full blown flower appears. In this manner we must weigh the works of God; like the husbandman's seed, first thrown into the earth, and buried down without any appearance of seed till you see the blacie appear; then cometh the stalk, next the ear, then the blossom, and then the grain is fit for barvest. Just so we must mark the rising of all things that come from Gop,


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Published by and for JOANNA SOUTHCOTT,

And referred to in the following Iudex.

I to 6. The Strange Effects of Faith, with Remarkable

Prophecies (made in 1792), &c. of Things which are to

Come; also some Account of her Life. 7. A Continuation of Prophecies, from 1792 to the presenti

Time. (1802.) 8. The Strange Effects of Faith; being a Continuation of

Prophecies of Things which are to Come. 9 and 10. Divine and Spiritual Letters of Prophecies. 11. A Dispute Between the Woman and the Powers of :

Darkness. 12. The Answer of the Lord to the Powers of Darkness. 13. A Communication in Answer to Mr. Brothers's Book,

published in 1802. 14 Prophecy; a Warning to the Whole World, commonly

called the First Book of W. Sealed Prophecico 15. The Continuation of Prophecies; or A Word in Season

to a Sinking Kingdom.
16. The Second Book of Visions.

17. A Word to the Wise, or a Call to the Nation.
18. Divine and Spiritual Communications on the Prayers of

the Church of England; the Conduct of the Clergy,

Calvinistic Methodists, &c. 19. Sound an Alarm in My Holy Mountain. 20. A Warning to the whole world. 21. On the Prayers for the Fast Day, May, 1804. 22. Copies and Parts of Copies of Letters and Communica

tions, commonly called, The Little Flock of Sheep. 23. Joseph Southcott's Vindication of his Sister's Character, 24. Letters and Communications; commonly called What

Manner of Communications are these? 25. The Trial of Joanna Southcott at the Neckinger House,

Bermondsey, December, 1804. ! 26. Answer to Garrett's Book. 27. Answer to the Fire Charges in the Leeds Mercury. 28 to 53. The True Explanation of the Bible, revealed by

it Divine Communications. 34. An Explanation of the Parable published in 1804, with

an Answer to L. Mayer's book. 35. The Kingdom of CHRIST is at Hand:-an Examination

of Baptism ; the Use and Meaning of the Church Or

dinances, & the Sealing of the People in the Latter Days. 36. The Second Book of Sealed Prophecies.


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37. The Answer of the Rev. Thomas P. Foley to the World, 4.1 for printing the book commonly called What Manner

of Communications are these? 38 to 42. The Controversy between Joanna Southcott and

Elias Carpenter, one of her Judges. 2 43. An Answer to the World for printing the book called

The Little Flock of Sheep; by William Sharp. 44. The Full Assurance that the Kingdom of Christ is at

Hand, from the Signs of the Times. 45. Remarks and Inquiries on the Rev. I. Cockin's Sermon. 46. L. Mayer's book, "The Long Wished for Revolution is

at Hand,' answered and explained. 47. Answer to Mr. Brothers's book, published in 1806; Letter

to Mr. Huntingdon, with Remarks on the Calvinist and

Roman Catholic Doctrines, &c. &c. 48. A Caution and Instruction to the Sealed, that they may

Know for what they are Sealed. 1807. 19. An Account of the 'Trials on Bills of Exchange. W 30. An Answer to a Sermon preached and published by Mr. »

Smith. 51. Answer to Talse Doctrines, and the Crying Sins of the

Nation. 52. A True Picture of the World, and a Looking Glass for

all Men. 53. The True Explanation of the Bible (7th part); with an

Answer to Hann, and an Account of Ann Moore. 34,55. The Controversy of the Spirit with the Worldly Wise. 36. An Answer to Thomas Paine's Third Part of the Age of

Reason: also to S. Lane, a Calvinistic Preacher, and v

Hewson Clarke, Editor of the Scourge. 37. The Book of Wonders, Marvellous and True. W 58. The Second Book of Wonders, nore marvellous than

the First, 59. Copies of Letters sent to the Clergy of Exeter, from

1796 to 1800, with Communications and Prophecies

put in the Newspapers in 1819. 60. Wisdom Excelleth ihe Weapons of War; and herein is

shewn that Judgments are the strange works of the

LORD, but Mercy his darling attribute. 61. The Third Book of Wonders, announcing the Coming

of SAILOI!, and a Call to the Hebrews. 62. The Fourth Book of Wonders, being the Answer of

the LORD to the Hebrews. 63. The Fifth Book of Wonders, with an Answer to the

Rev. James Hearn, and other mockers. 64. A Communication sent to the Rev. Mr. P. in 1797, with

an explanation thereon. 65. Prophecies Announcing the Birth of the Prince of

PEACE, with a few Remarks thereon.



See twenty-two the Flock of Sheep,

And Joseph Southcott's twenty-three, Then twenty-four examine deep,

What these Communications be!!

In twenty-five The Trial read;

To Garret's book, an answer see: Men in the next for Satan plead,

Charges in the Feeds Mercury.

From twenty-eight to thirty-three

We trace the word of God to raad; The Bible there explaiu'd we see,

And bow God fix'd bis ev'ry plan.

Thirty-four the Parables read,
In thirty - fire Christ's Kingdom's

Second of Prophecies succeed,

In thirty-seven is Foley knora.

The Controversies next begin,

From thirty-eight to furtytwo; Sharp's noble answer then is seen,


The Strange Efects of Faith are six,

Seven eight Continuations be; Nine, len, unto the Letters fix,

Io which we find a mystery.

Eleven sbews the Great Dispute

'Twixt Satan and Joanna here :

God men and devils doth refute

latwelve, & proves Redemption near.

Thirteen, see Brothers' blasphemy;

Fourteen, Visions and Prophecies, The Warning to the World there see,

Which wicked men account as lies.

Fifteen, A Word in Season read,

Sixteen more Visions are made known, A Word to the Wise dotb-succeed, lo which God's loving kindness'


In book eighteen read the Church

Sound an Alarm, nineteen is seen;
Then twenty to the world appears

A Warning sent from God to man.

And next Christ's Kingdom's brought

to view.

Of twenty-one we've but a part,

Which Prayers on the Fast we call : May England, LORD, avoid the dart

That's threatea'd there on her to fall!

Remarks on Cockin, forty-five,

The Revolution, forty-six,
There see how men for Satan strive,

And forty seven to Brothers fix.

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lo fifty-eight more Wonders read,

And fifty-nine with caution trace; Prophetic Letters there succeed, To shew what abortiy must take


In all these books we've truths reveal'd

From God the Father and the Sox, Truths which for ages lay conceal'd

Wisdom in sixty doth appear, Judgments and Mercies are made

Are now to all the world made


knowo; Shiloh, the Prince of Peace, the Heir,

lo sixty.ose is clearly shows.

For these thy mercies, gracious LORD,
All honour, praise, and pow'r be

Be Thou by all the world ador'd,
And make this earth resemble hearing

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