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Author of “ The Spiritual Songs, or Hymns on the Millenniüm,"

(Composed from her Writings)
u Triumphal Ode, and Sougs of Praise and Thanksgiving,

on Shiloh,” &c. &c.

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* Let all the nations be gatbered together, and let the people be
* assembled : who among them can declaré - this, and shew ts former
" things? let them bring forth their witaesses that they may be justified:

or let them hear, and say, It is truth.-Ye are my witnesges, saith the
" LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen:, that ye.mąy kuow and
« believe me, and understand that I am he: before we there was no God
“ formed, neither shall there be after me.-1, even I, am the Lord; and
6 beside me there is no savioar.”—Isaiah, xliii. 9, 10, 11.

Printed by T. WOOD, 22, Russell Court, Covent Garden:


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W. TOZEK, Chapel Place, Duke Street, Southwark ; the Miss EVELEIGHS,

St. idwell's, Exeter; S. HIRST, Leeds; W. WADMAN, Yurk;
JAMES LIGHT, Coventry Street, Stourbridge; EDM.
BAKER, Ilminster; C. BRADLEY, Digbeth,
Birmingham; J. NESBIT, Gravesend;

anu T. TURPIN, Greenwich.

five Vi YORK



1901 L.

Entered at Stationers' Hall,


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In order to make the following pages perfectly comprehensible, it may be necessary for ine to state, that

all the references to the respective books are numbered as in the following catalogue.

In the Index reference, the figures shewing the number of the book and the page will follow the article; as for example: " The great A line he cannot read," 8, 103—11, 4.

The first numbers represent the first book and paçe, and the following numbers after the dash (-) the other I vok thus--the 8, 103, signifies the 8th book, 103d page, and the 11, 4, the 11th book and 4th page, and so on where any numbers follow the first.

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When several pages in one book are referred to, as under the article Adam—“Christ compared to the second Adam," 6, 277-8, 74-11, 106-14, 65—16, 50-21; 20, 30–65; 5, 10, 20-shews that the quotation is taken from the 6th book, 277th page, and that it is repeated in the 8th book, 74th page-1th book, 106th page 14th look, 65th page16th book, 50th page—21st book, 20th and 30th pages the 65th book, 5th, 10th, and 20th pages, and in a similar manner the numbers will be given when the article is repeated in one and' more books and pages.

The scripture quotations have the number of the book from whence taken for the first number, the chapter for the second number, then the verse or verses, and the last number is the page of the book in which it is printed. When the same chapter and verse occurs in more than one hook, as for example, after the first chapter of Genesis given in the first line, the folloving line shews that it is likewise to be found in 43, 23—57,33-62, 10—that is, in the 43d book 23d page-57th book, 33d page, and 62d book, 10th page; for in all references of this kind the first number refers to the book, and the second to the page, and in like manner for any others, where a repetition in the subsequent line is.

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57. The Answer of the Rev. Thomas P. Foley to the World, 4.1 for printing the book commonly called What Manner

of Communications are these? 38 to 49. The Controversy between Joanna Southcott and

Elias Carpenter, one of her Judges. * *, 43. An Answer to the World for printing the book called

The Little Flock of Sheep; by William Sharp. 44. The Full Assurance that the Kingdom of Christ is at

Hand, from the Signs of the Times. 45. Remarks and Inquiries on the Rev. I. Cockin's Sermon. 46. L. Mayer's book; “The Long Wished for Revolution is

at Hand,' answered and explained. 47. Answer to Mr. Brothers's book, published in 1806; Letter

to Mr. Huntingdon, with Remarks on the Calvinist and

Roman Catholic Doctrines, &c. &c. 48. A Caution and Instruction to the Sealed, that they may

Know for what they are Sealed. 1807. 49. An Account of the Trials on Bills of Exchange. 30. An Answer to a Sermon preached and published by Mr. v.

Smith. 5l. Answer to Talse Doctrines, and the Crying Sins of the

Nation. 52. A True Picture of the World, and a Looking Glass for

all Men. 53. The True Explanation of the Bible (7th part); with an

Answer to Hann, and an Account of Ann Moore. 34,55. The Controversy of the Spirit with the Worldly Wise. 36. An Answer to Thomas Paine's Third Part of the Age of

Reason: also to S. Lane, a Calvinistic Preacher, and

Hewson Clarke, Editor of the Scourge.
97. The Book of Wonders, Marvellous and True. V ht
58. The Second Book of Wonders, nuore marvellous than

the First,
59. Copies of Letters sent to the Clergy of Exeter, from

1796 to 1800, with Communications and Prophecies

put in the Newspapers in 1819. 60. Wisdom Excelleth ihe Weapons of War; and herein is

shewn that Judgments are the strange works of the

Lord, but Mercy his darling attribute. 61. The Third Book of Wonders, announcing the Coming

of SAILOI!, and a Call to the llebrew's. 69. The fourth Book of Wonders, being the Answer of

the LORD to the Hebrews.
63. The Filib Book of Wonders, with an Answer to the

Rev. James Hearn, and other mockers.
61. A Communication sent to the Rev. Mr.P. in 1797, with

an explanation thereon. 65. Prophecies Announcing the Birth of the Prince of

PEACE, with a few Remarks thereon.

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