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Entertaining Companion for the FAIR Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement,



This NUMBER contains

1 Account of the new Trag dy of Alfred 19 The Burying place of the celebrated 5 Abelard and Eloise

30 1 Account of the new Tragedy of the 20 The pr. dominane Passion in Woman 3% Barcle of Hastings

7/21 A Sketch of the Life of Janc Shore 33 3 Strong religious Attachment 922 The Matron

35 4 The rural Wedding 10 23 History of Lady Bradley

57 Ś Curious Particulars relating to the 24 Description of America

40 Grandees of Spain

14125 Recpe for the Cure of Pimples 43 6 Gunhilda, an old British Ane cdote 10 26 Solutions and Questions

44 7 Fine Shapes condemned

1927 POETRY.-To Flavia-Painful Re8 Proposals for a Female Administration Rection--On the Death of the late amia.


ble Mrs. H--g, of Abingion-yerses ocCursory Thoughis on English News Pa calioned by hearing Miss B - play on pers

18 the Spinnet-The Invocation On the 10 An:cdote of Gaston Marquis de Renty Death of an Infant--A Tale of a Twig

19 -ap Epitaph found in a Church-yard 11 Particulars of a curious Pta in Spain at Marle in France-Lertir to Miss E

B-On Marriage-A transient Thought 12 A Dream

45-48 13 A List of Female Writers 22/28 Foreign News

49 14 On the Morits of the Fair 23/29 Home News

SI is Female inconstancy d-funded 25 30 American News

54 16 A Sketch of the latc Mrs. C.bber's the 3r Births

55 atrical Character 26 32 Marriages

ibid 17 The Sybil conținurd ibid 33 D:aths

ibid 18 The School for Wives 28 34 Bankrupts



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A bezutifal Frontispiece, designed by the capital, AreiheMr. Edwards, and en

graved by Collyer. 2. An engraved Title Page. 3. Twoelegant Sprigs to be woked is Tambour, Colors, & F And 4. A new song, fee to Music by Mr. Hedton,

LONDON: Printed for G. Rohinon, No. 25, Paternoster.Row, where Favours

from Correspondents will be received.

EXPLANATION of the FRONTISPIECE. The Figure on the Right-Hand, on the Fore-ground, is Mercury the God of Eloquence, presenting Venus with the LADY's MAGAZINE; on the Back-Ground is Cupid, with the Caduceus, or Wand of Mercury, in one Hand, and his own Arrows in the other, signifying that when Beauty is united with Eloquence and Learning, Love will be always triumphant, and its Victories permanent.

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(T is our duty as well as pleasure to thank our Correspondents for their libe

ral contributions the last year. Eliza's Hint is under consideration, and shall be duly attended to.

The gentleman who has so generously offered to succeed Dr. Cook in the medical department, will give us leave to intimate, that the favours of our deceased friend were gratuitous, and that on the fame principle, he may allure himself that all his letters shall be duly attended to.

The fresh fupply from our liberal friend Henrietta Ris arrived safe. The translation of Esther must be postponed for want of room. The continuation of l’Histoire d'Emilie is received. The writer of the True Point of Honour must give credit for another month. Among several other articles not mentioned, we must announce the receipt of the second Letter from the Hon. James Seymour 10 Lord Afhborne. Enigmas by H. R. W. P. Polydore. Antonietta. Blouzalind. Anna Maria G. Charfota Am. Cordelia. Wizard. Dorothea W, &c. Essays by Callandra. Yuvenis. Martinus Scrillerus. Horatio. T. B-n, &c. Enigmatical Litt of the Towns and Villages by M. B-g-ll, &c. &c. In the poetical department we are indebted for the receipt of sn Acrosticon Miss

by Bristolienfis. Rebus by R. H. to Miss G-e, and a Rebus by M. S-n. On a Ledy who was born in April, hy Rosetta. Rebus and verses on a young Man's ree turn home after an abscence of some Years. On Miss by M1-, &c.

A letter froin Cornelia V, and several other pieces are necessarily postpon. ed to insert the account of the new tragedies.

The Reader will see that in gratitude for former favours, we have spared no cost in the decorations of this Number, and have had a new letter cast at an immense expence, folely for the use of this, and the subsequent numbers of this collection.

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HE patronage of the sex, when learning is the

object, confers a greater honour than language can express, or imagination can conceive. At the same time as it chaces away the diffidence of bashful merit, it places them in the highest eminence of real dignity. The fair were always remarkable for the liberality of their sentiments, and were never more so, than in the encouragement which they have given for eight years successively to this collection. By this condescension they have shown that they have charms superior to external allurements ; that they have no less a regard for the decorations of their minds, than the embellishing their persons; and that their emulation to excell each other as much in the scientific studies, is as great as it formerly was in the triflings of dress, and in the arts of dissipation. It is to this revolution in female manners that the reader is indebted for the most brilliant

productions in this Repository, and to cherish this spirit, we have continued this work for the ensuing year, not doubting but those who have contributed to the enter



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