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LUKE, 24th CHAP. 17th verse. • WHAT MANNER of Communications


JUNE, 1804


The Gardená not fogot be me

When thou didit go in Mayer,
When thou affuted was to read

Peturs dental here;
Brause if he denied me

And my disuple chong
Thou fuarust the same inight fall on the

Anə thou like him buomi. ..
Pui made the fear and go in proyn-

The Garden áll behold;
Am I m agoniis was there
. The mysteris all unfold
Now I'll go on, to youth. Il come

Hvis manhood let them dee; .
Bin a Woman Huis went on
"That wm not led by Me.
When downó hoe dit' shong appuan,
..And bloon of youth did come,
3 to the World will amper here

The way thou didst no on.
When jealousy was füld in the

That men they hint would draw,
I know thou camut in prayer be the

That I'd not let the go
In love to none, the truth is hinmoon

That I did not again,
And now the filer thou dost linon, und nagel

That made thee the complain; Bloodly
Thy heart in love to hunn did prove

And then tou dedit complain; .
No further thou wouldet have it goes .

Thy Prager II mow mantan
Was so to Me, they all shall ou,

That none thy heart might gain, Unlef Thy Husband he should be

This was the prayer of thine, 1 Thet Mh fupere To




JUNE 10th, 1804. siz days Dear Miss Townley,

before Joanna Devped her poen : TTT

VV HAT new wonders are daily presented before my view! I dare not suffer myself to indulge a thought of them; “if I did, I could not write, or keep my senses : but if we go one step from the directions the Lord hath given to me, we are lost in time, and to all Eternity ; fallen from the height of happiness, to the depth of misery and woe. We must stand by Eve's first words; but we are lost, if we comply, as she did, to go one step further afterwards. I would sooner go to the flames as a martyr, than go one step from the directions the Lord hath given me concerning my Trial — and you must charge my friends, for their lives, NEVER to consent to ANY PROPOSALS made by any man; but say.

for had shan, shall ever mo arts of the ser no abide

OBEY; for, if they consent any other way, they

shall never see me : for I am determined to abide 3 Gen: 3. by Eve's first words, and no arts of the serpent can

work in man, shall ever make me go to the second:
for had she abided by the first, “ The Lord bath
forbidden it," and stood to her word, she could not
have fallen--and now the devil will come in men,
instead of the serpent, to try me. Therefore,
we must stand to Eve's first words, and then we
shall not fall I hope, by the next post, you will
be able to send them all the joys that are set be-
fore them, and then let them judge for themselves;
if they would run so fatal a hazard, as to go one
step of their own, to do either good or evil. I am
forbid from ever speaking to man any more, before
I meet them in my Trial-s0 I cannot see friend
or foe, and no man must come in my presence be-
fore I go to begin my journry, and then I must
not speak to any man upon the road and when
I arive to take my Trial, there is not one of my men
friends must come to see me, before they meet me'
in the room and then those that are against me
must enter first, having such strict charges given
me; and knowing that how the serpent would
try in man to betray me, to make me disobey. I
began, this morning, to ponder in my heart what
Arts he could use in man to accomplish it; but
thought to myself, he might use his arts in this
way-to tempt men, they ought to have me first

to be tried by medical men, to see if I was in my · senses; but that I thought the devil would be

easily foiled there, as they were to contend with the Twenty-four chosen men first-and if they would not consent to that then, they would give

it up that all is right: as you, as well as so many * No Cuemins were present on the first day ateNukmger home

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witnesses can prove my senses as good as ever, and my understanding much clearer. Another thought came into my head, they might make a search after me, to resolve to find me, and then I was determined in my mind, not to see them, for I would shut my eyes, and keep fast my mouth--that it was not all the arts of men and devils should make me open either: for I would not look on them, as Eve did on the serpent; nor dispute with them, as she did with the serpent, . I am writing you my simple thoughts, because the answer to them is deep and weighty; for I was ordered to pen the ponderings of my heart.


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The answer of the Spirit to the above ponderings of

Joanna's heart.

“NOW this has been the pondering heart of thee
llow thou wouldst act sooner than disobey?
And from thy heart I'll now appear;
And prove that men are devils here;
If they would have thee disobey,
And let the serpent now to say,
It is a fever of thy brain,
That thou with meu do thus contend
Thy Maker's will for to obey;
They all shall find the woman's free
From the temptations of the Fall,
And from that guilt, I tell you all
And so by her the serpent's cast :-
But now in man he strong does burst:
So 'tis with man she must contend ;
Because the devil's now in men--
And like the serpent do appear,--,

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