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Shadows OF THE LAST DAYS. But did these Types and Shadows last for ever? Look at the Jews, though they do not believe in ME, nor in MY Gyspel, yet, these Types and Shadows' are done away by them. For as the Changes of the Season bring Summer and Winter, Seed time and Harvest ; and one whole Crop is cut down which is ripe for the Harvesi--and NEW SEED is sown again: so the time came for the cutting off the Jews, and the NEW SEED was sown in the Gentiles, and then instead of Sacrifices and Burnt Offerings, I COMMANDED THE BREAD AND WINE TO BE KEPT IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME, till I came with THE WORD AND THE BREAD that cometh down from Heaven: then know, it is MY FLESH that must be your Food; and MY BLOOD that was shed, inust be your Drink. And now I shall explain the meaning of the words, “Ye have kept the Sacrament in remembrance of ME"_not as MY Flesh as must change your vile Bodies, and make them like My Glorious Body, that death might be swallowed up in Victory; and MY WORD to be THE BREAD of Life

that as in Adam all died; even so in CHRIST shall all be made alive. This is THE BREAD of Heaven ; and these are MY words left on record, which, if a man BELIEVE, he will find MY Flesh to be Flesh indeed-Spiritual Food ; Spiritual Meat. And My Blood shall cleanse you from all Sims. He that denjeth this, denieth MY Bible, and do not keep'My Sacrament according to My Words, the Bread of Life coming down

from Heaven, but according to the Customs of Men—the Bread of Men and not according to the Word of GOD."

adieu, &c.



From the same to the same

Sunday Afternoon, July 22nd, 1804. Reverend Sir,

. . : : . We received a Letter from Mr. Sharp, wherein he informs' us the Clergy are preaching against Joanna and her Friends from The Pulpit, without reading her Books. Here Joanna was derply answered; the Truth of the Gospel was here made manifest - "Blind Leaders of the Blind, till all fall into the Ditch together." For they are judging of things they know nothing aliout; and where are the Gentiles better than the Jews? For, they are doing despite to the Spirit of Gud, saying, they want not the knowledge of the MOST HIGH, and they are cru: rifying the Lord daily IN THE SPIRIT, as the Jews did IN THE BODY, and are bringing the day of Vengeance on themselves; and, was it not for the NEW COVENANT that the Lord said He would make with man,.w.that the Iniqui. “ ties of the Fathers should no more be laid upon " the Children, but it was the soul that sinned “ should die" and this NEW COVENENT, He


hath established with us, that blessed be the Lord, their' Iniquities cannot destroy us, as the fall of Adam fell upon all the race of Mankind; but this, NEW COVENANT Cuts off that Fall from all them that believe in Redemption, in and through the Merits of Christ; so blessed be the Lord for His unbounded mercies, that from THE. AUTHORITY of the Bible as well as The PRO. MISES made to me in my Writing, the Lord will not now lay the Iniquities of one upon the other, nor punish the Innocent with the Guilty, the Just with the unjuft;mbut deeply are the Words said to me, the devil is now working STRONG in the Ministers to bring the day of Vengeance upon man, that he may escape the Curse pronounced upon him, and could he work thus in the hearts of all men, the world must be burnt up like the Scroll, and all must be burnt to athes, and I must say juftly deserve it; for if God su loved the World to give His Only Son to have His Heel Bruized, as promised in the Fall for the Transgression of man; and Christ so loved ihe World to give up his Life for man, and man was ready to clamour for His Blood; but now the time is. come for satan's curse, to fulfil the promile that was made at the same time in the beginning they now want to make GOD a liar in the promise HE made through HIS SON; tur, it' we read our Bibles through, the Bible is no more clear of CHRIST'S Death and Sufferings for man, than it is of HIS triumphing over Deatli, Hiell, and Sin, and treading duwu all the Wicked as Alhes under HIS Feet, which was prophecied by the Prophet Malachi, as well as from the Guipei, iit. Epiftle of John, 5th chap. Toth ver. "Disis is one


Record that GOD bath given to us, Eternal Life, and this Life is in HIS SON” I need not quite to you the many passages of Scripture which assure us of eternal life in this World through Christ Jesus, both of Redemption and Salvation, and that HE will destroy all the works of the devil, as well as the promise made in the Revelations, that he is to be chained down FOR A THOUSAND YEARS. I am sorry to say, I believe the Clergy know no more of their Bibles, than they do of my writings —and was the Lord to come forward, as it is said to me, with a Sword in one hand, and his Bible in the other, the Shepherds muft fall as the grass before HIM, for they could not answer one word of a thousand :-only allow, they have been Blind Leaders of the Blind, and must confess they have acted as it is said in the 82nd Psalm, 5th verse.--"That will not be learned, nor under- stand, but walk on still in darkness; all the Foun

dations of the Earth are out of course. I have said, ." ye are Gods : and ye are all the Children of the

MOST HIGHEST. But ye shall die like men; and fall like one of the Princes." '

" Now, Joanna, I shall answer,
Thou no further hast to go;
JAH, JEHOVAH, is thy Master,
All the Shepherds I do know,
Like the psalm that thou hast mention'd,
They are wandering here from Me:
But they'll hold no Contention,
Because the Light they will not see.
The Psalm is true before their view,
And true the words are come ;
They neither know, nor will they learn
What root to build upon


But boldly stray, as thou dost say.
My Bible's all des pis'd ; .
But my Just Judgments they shall see,
To make the Fools more wise.
Did I appear to perish here ? -
And hang upon the Tree, .
The clamouring Tongues of men to

And Satan swell'd this way?
To say, 'twas come now to his doom,
But men will not submit, .
To let the Cross for him to come,
Nor nail his hands, nor feet :-
His head to bruize, they do refuse,
Is satan's haughty pride ?
I tell you fataler than the Jews, .
The Gentiles now must hide :-
The Rocks now call, to skreen you all,
That will the serpent free;
The Axe is laid I tell you all,
Then tremble every Tree,
That now stand out so full of doubt,
And wish him to remain-
No Love for ME there cannot be, .
Your sickly love is, vain ;
Your rage do swell inflam'd by hell,
And there you all shall go,
Unless like Nineveh you'll fall
In sorrow, grief, and woe.
But I'll raise up an Israel's hope,
For them that trust in ME; .
I never did on Calvary drop,
To set the serpent free
As you vain men do now contend,
MY BIBLE throw aside ;
And satan in you to remain,
Then sure in vain I died.
If’t must go on, then by your Plan,
For men to mock MY Name ;
I ask you how the Jews do stand,
Or, who do spread MY Fame ?

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