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Then the Light of the Lord broke in upon fnej and I walked the room, in tears, speaking these words:—

"I feel my JESUS is not gone;

I feel my SAVIOURwill return;

He'th hid his face, but now he's come;—

A tedious night shall a bright morning have;

Then my soul shall.take its old abode,

And, cloth'd in flesh, I shall behold my God."

My repeating these words, Underwood fell down upon her knees, to return thanks to the Lord s and, in an instant, a Spirit entered me, that took my senses; and I felt strength enough in me, as though I could crush the world to atoms. The Spirit spoke with power and fury, " I'll chain the rebel to his den." I walked up and down the room, and shook the whole house; for I was not myself. I could not stop my fury; words flew too fast to utter against the power of darkness: and I felt in myself power, that I thought, if he was present, that I could tear him to pieces; and should not have feared, had there been ten thousand men and devils before me. After this power ceased, I laid myself upon the bed, to compose myself for a little while. I soon was ordered to rise and write. The first words I penned, were, "Dear Lord! what Spirit hath been so powerful in me, this day." I was answered, " The shadow of the substance to come in all. The horror of hell that thou hast felt this day, some will come against thee in, by temptations—then, as a God I shall appear in thee, and cast the devils out of men by my power, as I broke in thee: but as I knew these things were too high for thee, without a veil between, I caused Foley's illness, for thou to judge it a pleasing dream. Now I must explain that,

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before I go any further. Mr. Foley's illness, witli the other confusions, gave Satan the advantage over me: and, as I had written the day before that'the Lord had ordained die thing concerning the book, and then to feel that horror and misery after, threw me into a dreadful state of despair: And now I shall go on, as it is spoke in verse.

"And now I tell thee how 1 shall appear,

In much more power then they all shall sec: v

Than now, this d;iy, I'entered into thee.

Because, in power, 1 did now appear;

And now's the timcTII shrike the eaith once more.

And they shall find ME in the Woman's form;

For hell shall tremble now it shall be known.

For now, I say, I'll chain the rebel down,

And men shall tremble at my every sound;

For every heart I shall much stronger shake,

Than ere thy walking in this room did mike:

And much more fury every foe will see,

Than ere this day did now appear in thee.

And now I'll tell thee of the words I spoke—

When from My Silence I in thunder broke;

So strong within thee then I did appear—

I said, that hell should tremble and should fear; 4

I said, that marl I surely would redeem,

And they should find me in the woman's form;

I said, no longer men should bruize my heel;

But now my fury it should fill on hell.

I said mankind should all begin, like thee,

For to enquire, and long the truth to see.

I said, my power should all in fury bieak: ■

I said, the devil now hath laid his net—■

I said, that in it he should surely fall'—!

I said. My Fury now should conouer hell—

I said, the hearts of men I'd surely shake,

And many hearts like thine I d surely make;

As full of horror when 1 do appear,

That they likethee would say they could not bear

The Agonies, I said, that they would feel,

When they do know they're bruising now my heel:



And then,.I said, they should repent like thee;
1 said, thy sufferings they must know and see—-
And bring their guilt, like thee, before ray ricw,
And then enquiie, like thee, the truth to know.;
Which way their guilt did lie upon their head,
As thou enquired'st the way thou wast betray'd.
I said, before me every thing should come;
And then I'd conquer in the woman's form.
1 said, like thee mankind should surely-break,

J/ And^o enquire if the Lord did speak.

Fop, now, the secret chamber doth appear,
Where every mystery, 1 said, 1 should clear; i
And on the House Top this will sure be done
I.said, in power now I'd conquer man.
. So gfleat 141.power now I would appear,

For men shouhl tremble, and the derils fear;
For, now the tempter I'll bind to his den,
And so the house by thee was shaken then,
And so the fabric oi the earth I'll shake,
And in ten minutes this and more I spoke—
For sixteen minutes they did not appear

. After.l.cnter'd ere IJeft thee here.

And then, to pi die to thee that that was true, „
Brought Foley's letter plain before thy view:
Because his life 1 toUFthee I would spare,
And he'd recover for to copy there,
The very letter I unto him senty
So let thy friends observe all that is penn'd,
And every day and date they now must put,
That men may judge the manner all was wrote:
• . Or, else, I tell thee they will not appear,
The way thou ordered every man to swear:
Because that swearing they'll say thou'st forbid;
And now by swearing must they all proceed.
1 tell thee, yes, MY BIBLE to.fulfil,
And now My Covenant I tell thee still,
Firm as the heavenly pillars it shall stand,
For now's the lime I'll shake both sea and land.
For all shall tremble, as thy friends did here,
Vnd then, with joy, they'll see their Lord appear.

But in this manner should I come to man,

I tell them plain, My Gospel could not stand: 1

Because the Jews would all begin to say,

Now the Messiah's come we plain do see.

Ah, where's your Saviour in the woman's form .'

These wondrous miracles for to perform:

Or where's the Saviour jhat from her was born, "^V

That ever macTe his foes so much sub'mTt* 'St-**

To cast their crowns and all beneath his feet?.'

For now befleath me every soul shall fall;

For hell I'll conquer, and I'll conquer all.

And so My Law and Gospel I'll make true,

And now My Covenant bring t« their view—

And so go on to write thy pleading dream,

And in the end they'll surely s;-e it plain;

That men like Adam they are all asleep,—

But, when they see the woman for io breik

Upon the serpent in her fury there

In words that all will tremble for to hear—

Thou curs'd betrayer, as thou said'st of man;

But then in fury thou wilt purely come

Against the serpent, and in rage dispute,

While men will tremble,and they'll all stand mute.

JUNE 13, 1804.


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Here follow the words that I had been writing on Tuesday morning, June 12, 1804, when Miss Townley and Uuderwood brought me Mrs. Foley's letter. 'I shall begin at the words where 1 had begun in the morning, and their names are signed.

June 12, 1004. Dear Miss Townley,

I shall now give you the Communication that I had been writing on Tuesday morning, June 12th, when you brought me> Mrs. Foley's letter, wherein it was said, that Mr.

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Foley was very ill indeed—^and you seemed thunderstruck at my saying I was glad of it, and desired you both to sign your names to what I had been writing; where I had began, and where I had wrote to when you came. You know I had told you how dangerously ill I had been in the night, and marvelled the people in the house had not heard me groaning. The communication is as follows.

"As restless as thou hast been this night, which is but a shadow of what the Clergy WILL FEEL that have turned back thy letters; and thy confusion of this morning, is but a shadow of their confusion that have mislaid their letters. What hurry will they be in to find them? And say, as thou sayest, they must find them, or thou wilt not speak unto them. And when they have found them, they will see, they have as wrong misplaced their bibles, as thou hadst wrongly misplaced thy writings: and they will own,Townley hath found for them what they had lost, CHRIST in the woman, THE HELPMATE for man, to enter into a new covenant with man, that all the old may be done away, and all things become new: and the former shall not come into my mind; for, behold, Icreate all things NEW. And this is My New Creation, — to place the forbidden fruit in man, that hath returned their letters, refusing to accept ME as a helpmate in the woman. And this is my command to man: they must tell the Bishops, one and all, that any of their Ministers they may send, that can produce their letters,-and own they have kept them; but those that have returned their letters, as evil, they must not send. And My Chosen Men must tell them, they will not meet ANY MAN to dispute with, but those that can swear, by Him

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