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Now from thy wisdom, I will answer man :
Thou'st plainly seen their wisdom like the sand,
That 'tis impossible for man to join;
But now my foolishness I'll make it hang
Just like a threefold cord, that is not broke
By strength of man, unless you do it cut;
And now I tell thee, if men cut it here,
Just like the rope of sand shall all appear,
I say in pieces--so I'll break your Land:
And here I'll end it by the rope of sand;
Unless they'll come and join ít with my word,
And then I'll join them like a threefold cord;
Because my weakness, every soul shall see,
Is stronger than the strength of man can be;
And so my folly in thy writings here
Is conceald in wisdom, that no man can clear,
To prove them weak or foolish in the end.
But for to try men's wisdom, I intend
To bring it round in this weak foolish hand,
To prove that men were like thy rope of sand,
That by their wisdom they could never join ;
But like a threefold cord they'll now find mine
To break in pieces all their ropes of sand,
For so they'll find my threefold cord shall stand.''

Here I am ordered to end my Book; and put in print that a Book is publishing against my Writings; and it is said to me, the Book is full of blasphemy, which will be proved hereafter. But I do not believe the men designed to print blasphemy against the Lord; but they cannot write against his words, ways, or wisdom, without it. This letter you are desired to send hastily to the printer. And here the Book ends.-So now, my dear Miss Townley, I hope your great fatigue for the present is over. I must conclude with my earnest prayers that the Lord will add a double blessing upon you. Please to remember me to all friends. Adieu,

And believe me, your's sincerely, (Signed,)

JOANNA SOUTHCOTT, [Price Nine Pence.]

June 9th, 1804

Printed by S. ROUSSEAU,
Wood Street, Spa Fields.

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