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W hen I heard of Joanna Southcott's Prophecies, last May, I thought it my duty to read them and judge for myself, whether they corresponded with the Scriptures; and was soon fully convinced, that her Communications could only come from a God, as her Writings clearly explain the Mysteries in the Bible, that were locked up in the Bosom of the FATHER, till the latter days, and were then to be revealed by the help-mate promised in the Creation : our Saviour speaking through the Woman, to claim the Promise given after the Fall, that the Seed of the Woman should bruise the Serpent's Head. On the 20th of last April, Joanna came to me in London, and during her stay with me, wrote and published a Book, which I shall desire a Friend to send to your Lordship, that you may see the dreadful threatenings pronounced against ministers for not searching into the truth of her Mission; and that I may be clear from the Blood of all Men, I shall send a Copy of this Letter, and a Communication that will accompany this Letter, to London, that three thousand copies may be printed and sent to Bishops and Ministers; as it would be fatal for me, if I concealed the knowledge of the truths contained in the Communi

cation.' Myself and Maid, being, both strong Believers, the Lord, through Joanna, ordered us to come to her Brother, in Bristol, on the 16th of this month, for ends we should know hereafter. On my arrival, I found Mr. Southcott had an infant Son, who was born the gth of April, and called John, to all appearance dying in convulsions. They told mę, the Child was suddenly seized with convulsion fits, a little before one o'clock on Tuesday morning, and the Child continued to have fits till half past three o'clock on Friday afternoon, when it laid in peace till after the clock struck five, when it expired in sleep.

I sent these particulars to Joanna, and she immediately 66 llou

'returned me an answer, which is copied for your Lordship's perusal; and, I think, after reading it, your Lordship must be convinced, fatal would be my end, if I concealed its contents from the world ; and trusting the Lord will protect me, if I am obedient, I fear no man, nor any ridicule I may meet with from the world.

I am Your Lordship's humble Servant. May the 22d, 1804, Jane TownLEY, No. 9, Trinity Street, Bristol.

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Dear Miss TOWNLEY.

In consequence of your letter, informing me of the death of my Brother's Son, I was ordered to call to my remenibrance the words that were said to me in 1798, when I was first ordered to go to Bristol. After the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy had desired they would send to me, to return to Exeter, and that he would get the ministers forward to search out the Truth, my brother asked me, if I thought the Lord would do any wondrous work when my writings were proved, to convince mankind the calling was froin the Lord ? To which I was answered, If he had a son, the Lord would do wondrous works. His wife was

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then pregnant; but to my great disappointment she had a daughter; and so I was disappointed in both *. But deeply was it said to me, that my brother would have a son, before the wondrous working of the Lord took place. Now in answer of what you say of the child's death, I was answered in the following manner, by the SPIRIT : "I shall now answer thee of the child's death three days and part of the fourth he was in convulsions, which left him more than an hour before his death, and he was in peace at his deatli.-Now I tell thee; three yeats the convulsions of this Land will last; but as they staid up with the child the third night, expecting to see his end, but yet it lasted great part of the fourth day--just so, I now tell thee, the fourth year must begin from this date before all sorrows will end in your land. And know I told thee, in May, 1802; it would be five years from that time, before this would be a happy land. Now this is one of the years for judgment to this land ; in 1805 will be two years; in 1806 will be three years; but as I told thee, in May, it must come to the seventh year to bring it to May, so the child lived till the fourth day, and died the fifth hour, after the turn of the day in the month that I mentioned, and in the very year tbat I said the signs should be set for judgments.-Now if thou couldest remember the words I said to thee in 1798, thou wouldest know I told thee, thy brother should have, a Son, when the Truths of thy Writings were proved; and now the very year is come, that I say they shall be proved. He hath a son that suffered convulsions for the nation, three days and part of the fourth, and died in the very month that I said should be a fatal May for Man, if unbelief in them abounded; and now I tell thee, and all mankind, the destiny of the child shall fall on all, that now mock the Coming of the Lord.

That is, the birth of a Son, and the proving the Truth of her

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The innocent child hath suffered to set the Type for man; therefore, I ordered that she should so hastily leave London, because that they might see the end of the child, that standeth as a Type for your land. But I know the unbelieving world will say, there is nothing has happened to the child, but what is com mon to children. This I grant to be common; but here is a thing that is not common, for thee to be informed, in 1798, of thy brother's having a son, when the wondrous events of thy Prophecies hastened on; and now in the 1804, when I have told thee the events of thy Prophecies shall hasten on, for thy brother to have a son born in the very month I mentioned the shadow of dangers to begin, and to die in convulsions, in the very month that I threatened a fatal month for man. Now let the learned weigh the whole to gether, how thy elder Brother's Son, of the same name, that had been set as a Type for thee, was put in print; and now when all the Signs of the nation were put in print, the Signs of the years, with the Rolling Stone, to roll on from year to year, three years after thou heardest the. noise at midnight; and at midnight the child was taken ill, near the hour thou heardest the noise, and then went on from day to day, three days after the noise was heard of the child's first alarm; but did not live through the fourth day, but slept in peace: and so your land shall rest, when all that mock the Coming of the Lord are laid in the silent grave like him; for I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, I will not spare horse nor rider, but will cut them off, as I cut off the child; for here the innocent child suffered to set the Sign for the guilty world ; but as his last hour was in peace without conyulsions, so is his soul in peace and rest, where no pain can come near him, in a world of glory. And this will be the happy end of all true believers, that die before the sorrows are over ; but as the clouds gathered in, and the heavens were filled with clouds after the child's death,

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