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But now within thou dost begin,

Thy pondering heart I know:
Satan may with the thief compare,

But will the LORD do so ?
For to compare my honour here,

Unto a thief that's cast:
The Brazen Serpent this will clear;

For so I now shall burst
On every man, that's in your land,

In power to appear,
If they do judge thy written hand

In blasphemy is here.
If they go on to act like him,

And say they'll it forgive;
For the expences of the law,

The man tho ght he should save;
To harden sin he did begin,

Until it did abound,
And then upon his head it came

Then tremble at the sound;
For to your Land it so will come,

For sin you're hardening here.
If Satan naw do guide her hand,

In her it must appear;
If it be not, I'll tell your lot,

You harden it in your Land.
En blasphemy I now tell thee,

Your nation it doth stand;
Men do blaspheme my every Name,

That speak against my word.
The shepherds now must own with shame

They do blaspheme the Lord; If 'tis from me thy writings be,

Then here they do blaspheme. And won't my shepherds now agree

To know from whence it came ?
Then I'll go on, I tell thee plain,

With my indictment here
Until I've brought the heavy load,

Their ruin shall appear;
As on the man the load did come,

His ruin for to be ;
Because the end of him was known,

He was in poverty
Brought by the law, thou well dost know

His folly brought him poor; Because the thief, he well might know,

Would quickly steal for more;
When he paid down the thirty pounds

He harden'd was in sin.
And so the man his sorrows found,

Because he'd harden'd him
For to go on in every sin,

And he the stroke did feel.
And perfect so is now your Land,

Your wounds I'll never heal

While you go on to harden sin,
· And rob me of my fame.
One way or other this is done,

For blasphemy must come;
They all must know the truth is so,

If thou dost here blaspheme.
And like the man the shepherds are;

To let thee steal my Name;
Because like he the shepherds be,

That trouble think to save;
And with the man they do agree,

The money's all they crave;
This is the likeness of your land,

And so they do agree;
And if this way they now go on,

They'll find his poverty
Will come on all, both great and small;

For who shall you redress?
As you're hardening sin in all,

I'll boldly answer this :
If now from me thy writings be,

As I affirm them here,
Your land is full of blasphemy,

As men so boldly swear;
Against my name they do blaspheme,

And rob me day by day.
And so you let them to goon

Give me the gold, you say:
Sin may abound in every sound,

For ought that you do care.
Just like the man you all are found,

And so his end you'll share,
If you go on to act like him,

Thinking to save the first,
I plainly tell you in the end,

Like him your end shall burst;
For poverty and misery

Shall fast upon you come.
My land is full of blasphemy,

Then tremble now vain men ;
For I'll make clear, I tell you here,

That I the Lord do warn ;
But you my Spirit cannot bear,

And back you all do turn
My offers all; for now I call,

And do you all invite
For to receive my offer'd love,

But it you all do slight.
For like the Jews you hear the news,

And crown my head the same;
For back the thorns you now do turn,

Then tremble at my Name.
If I turn back the coming stroke,

As then the Jews did see;
Your names like them must be forgot:

You'll not accept of ME,

To have ne come your Prince and Kings

Your Father and your Friend;
Your conquering Saviour to appear,

Your Brother in the end,
And your Redeemer to appear:

But I'll redeem my Friends
That now do bear for me the spear,

As I bore it at first;
And then my crown with me they'll share,

For so it now shall burst." Adieu ! my dear Miss Townley, I have only time to add my love, and good wishes, to yourself and all friends, and believe me,

sincerely yours, (Signed,) JOANNA SOUTHCOTT.

Dear Miss Townley, June 30, 1804.

What a letter have you sent to me from a Minister, that hath done violence to his own understand. ing! first to say, there was no such thing as prophecies : and then to conclude his letter by saying, he himself is a prophet. Here I shall place his words that were in his letter, that you sent me. “The christian however, my dear madam, is so strongly cautioned by his Divine Master against being deceived by false prophets, and false doctrines, that if he does surrender his understanding to enthusiasın, and make shipwreck of a sound faith, while in pursuit of fables, and lying wonders, he exposes himself, more or less, to the aweful fate of the false prophet. Rev. 20 chap. 10 verse, -Woe unto them that say, the Lord saith, when the Lord hath not spoken ; who pretend to spiritual gifts, which are neither granted, nor indeed necessary in this Era of the Church, &c. &c. I am an ambassador, an unworthy one, I confess, from Jesus Christ, if you disregard my warning voice ; behold I am charged by him to prophesy unto you, that he will laugh at your calamity, and mock when your fear cometh." In the Postscript he recommends to your perusal, the 22 chap. of the 1st book of Kings. Now, my dear Miss Townley, out of his own mouth will I condemn him, as one of the false Prophets, he point

man presumptuously say, he prophesieth in the name of Christ, and boldly tell you, there is no necessity for spiritual gifts? Then he must be the prophet he mentions, to say the Lord saith, when the Lord hath not spoken. Then how can he be an ambassador from Christ, and a prophet in his name, without he be visited by his Spirit ? Deeply are the words said to me, that the anger of the Lord, that was kindled in me so greatly yesterday, the 2d, of June, was as much in consequence of his letter, that the Lord knew was coming, as it was for the bishop's, refusing to search into every truth; therefore the Lord worked in my heart, to place the Scriptures in that muner, and send them to you; and gave that strict charge, they should go in print. For the Lord knew what letters were coming from a man who saith Lord, Lord, and thinks because he is a minister he is an ambassador from Christ, and hath authority to prophesy in his name, with confidence and assurances and this is the reason why the Lord has so threatened the clergy, for setting up their own wisdom, in opposition to the wisdom of God. But what did the Lord say, by the mouth of his prophets ? Prophesy thou against these prophets, that prophesy out of their own hearts, and have seen nothing; and say the Lord saith, when I have not spoken. For I neither commanded him, neither did I send him, is the word of the Lord, now spoken to me. Therefore the threatenings of the Lord are so severe to the bishops, if they do not call the whole together, and let the cause be fairly tried who is the true prophet, he that denieth spiritual gifts, and says there is no necessity for them, but yet affirmeth in Christ's name he is a prophet unto you, and threatens' judgments if you do not obey his voice. On the other hand, I am writing to you froin the Spirit, that fatal judgments will fall upon you, if you do not obey the voice of the Lord

and follow after spiritual gifts, that you may know the Lord, if you follow on to know him. Now which are you to obey, God or man, judge ye? It is your cause they must take in hand, which of the two you are to obey ; and whether all the ministers are prophets, the bishops must decide : or you will all find an Ahab's reign shall coine. So let the cause be fairly tried, who is the Micaiah the true prophet, or who are the false propriets ? For he has pointed to the very chapter iliat I have threatened shall bring destruction on your land, if they are seduced by false prophets. And now he hath told Townley, the ministers are the prophets, without spiritual gifts; and I have told them thou art the prophet with spiritual gifts. Then let the truth be tried; and this chapter must be mentioned : Ahab was seduced by false prophets, and was slain. And now he saith the ministers are the ambassadors of Christ, and they are the prophets of the Lord. Then now judge for yourselves, ye men of Israel ; Ahab's false prophets were many, but the true prophet Micaiah was but one; so the false prophets must be the clergy, as he has made tlie clergy the prophets, and they are many; but I am ONE ; and his letter has brought it to the very purport of my writings, and out of his own mouth he has cast the clergy for false prophets, by the chapter he alluded to, and made good my last books, for in them they are cast as false prophets; and it was said the shame of their nakedness would appear.

for So here you see the rope of sand,'

That if as prophets they may stand: .

Then sure your Land must all be cast,

As in the chapter it is placid." . Here I shall end for the present, as I'fear this letter will be too late for the post, and I am ordered it must go to day, as the letter I wrote to you yesterday, and the letter I have sent you to day, must go in print together; so, my dear Miss Townley, I must bid adieu. You will hear from me again to-morrow with à full explanation of the whole.


alt watophets Yourse)

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