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Another Extract from the Morning Chronicle,
April 30, 1804.

Friday arrived at Falmouth, the Walsingham Packet From Lisbon, and brings farther particulars of the heavy loss which the West India Merchants have sustained by the storm of the 2d irist. which drove their fleet upon th* Portuguese coast, between Cape Mandeigo and Aveiro. What business they had in this latitude, will, it is said, become a subject of enquiry. Of 6*8 vessels, of which the convoy consisted, not more than 20 are yet known to have escaped; these were seen steering after the tempest had subsided for the Westward, under the protection of the Carysfort'. The rest are supposed to have perished altogether, in conjunction with the Apollo Frigate, the commander of which, captain Dixon, and all the company o i board, consisting of a large body of soldiers, were totally lost, excepting about a hundred of the crewj which were fortunate enough to escape.

Now I must calbmy readers'to the pages hereafter mentioned of my Sealed1 Prophecies; and the landmarks in my fifth Book, at the bottom of page 196:

The path is strait, the ocean now is wide,
And if yon wish to reach your native shore,
See every landmark: that is plac'd before,
And then safe harbours you will surely gain:
Deep is this parable Igive to men.

Now I must direct my readers to refer to the places in my Books, as here put down. The first book, page 18.—Second book, pages 85, 92, and 94.—Third book, pages 83, 85, 102, and 108.—Fourth book, pages, 150, 166, 174, 181, and 1.91.

Then I must refer my readers to the second Book of Letters,, gage 68; and to read the letter through. Then to the 113th page of the Disputes with the Powers of Darkness.—-" I have promised three years of good' harvests, if I find friends to carry on my work; and if they will not draw back, I shall not draw back." Then %um to the 125th page of the same book.

Now I shall give the answer of the Spirit to these pages.


"I now answer thee, the Promise made in the 18th page must first be fulfilled of the three years of plenty, before the judgments can take place ; for, as men did not draw back, I could not draw back from my Promise.---But now come to the letter sent to Foley, how the Signs of Judgments were set from the weather at thy father's death; and know, I told thee, in the 1800, I should set the Signs three years for Blessings; and then, if unbelief abounded in the fourth year of the century, I should set them for Judgments. And now the fourth year is come; and the Signs of Judgments are set from the weather; and the shadow of dangers have come from the weather on the seas, when it came to March and April. Now mark the letter that was sent to Foley *. Now compare the Signs set of the weather with the shadows that have began from the weather, and with thy starting friends, that I compared with the starting horse, which thou didst ride on : for there are thousands like that horse, that will not go one step, without starting or going backward, as the horse did, any longer than as the path appears plain and straight before them. Now this truth is plain in man, as I then told thee; therefore, to set the type to man, I ordered thee to go through thy journey with that starting horse, to shew thee what starting friends thou wouldest have. But I now tell thee, all such will turn back as empty as the horse did. And now let all men judge for themselves, from the type of the weather, and thy friends, and compare it with that letter. So let all this be compared together, and then he that can answer it let him appear; but not appear to answer as the ignorant sons of men have alreadyanswered, it is from the Devil, because they believe it so. But let men know it is impossible for every man's belief to be right; therefore they must prove it from the Devil if they can, by the Scrip

* Page 08 of the Second Book of Letters, printed in 1802.

tores. If they profess to prove it from him,
there is no other way that men must argue; neither
let men boastx as the ignorant sons of men have
already boasted, the Bible hath this meaning or that
meaning, as they have placed it. For that is
another thing impossible, to place the Bible to the
wisdom of men ; for the wisdom of men hath placed
it so many ways, that it is impossible for the
wisdom of men to make my Bible true. So men's
belief of the Scriptures is no argument for men to
plead by, any more than the belief of the Jews,
the way that they believed it. Yet as their faith is
it will happen unto them for their Redemption,
but they must first own the truth of their words
my Blood hath been upon them and their children;
and my Judgments have followed them. Then they
shall see the Promises made to the Prophets, when
they look on Him whom they have crucified;
thca cometh their Redemption. But one Prophecy
must be fulfilled before the other can take place:
They must first confess they hid their faces from
Me: I was despised, and they esteemed Mb not; I
bore their griefs, and carried their sorrows ; yet they
did not esteem Me, though I was wounded for their
transgressions, and bruised for their iniquities. Then
by my stripes they shall be healed, when they ac-
knowledge like sheep they have all gone astray:
then shall I see the travail of my Soul and be satisfi-
ed. But this chapter * must be fulfilled before the
other Promises can take place for the Jews. Then
cometh the fulfilment of the others. Mark the
chapters that follow; so let the Jews fulfil the one
before they look for the fulfilment of the other ; for
I will never fulfil my Promises to them, before my
Words are fulfilled by them. And this is for the
Jews, as they plead one Promise without the ful-
filment of the other; and so their judgment would
make my Bible false. And now I shall come to the
Gentiles, whose wisdom makes my Bible false the

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same. So let no man boast of explaining my Bible without he can make it true, which is impossible-for the judgment of man to do. But now 1 tell thee f have begun, and 1 will go on till I have made all my Bible true, which is impossible for man to d&by arguments. Therefore men must plead from thy Writings, how such truths have happened'; how such mysteries weTe brought round; how such1 types and .shadows were placed in sucfr marintfj *nd' how in years they were brought round to be fulfilled', either from the Devil, or fiom any infusion that did not come from the infusion of my Spirit. Let this be answered by the wise and learned, how they would prove it from the Devil; of- how they would prove it from any Spirit: but from Me, the Living Lord, every soul shall know thy Writings are; so let them weigh the whole together with every page that I have mentioned: and here thy book endeth, with this command to the Shepherds.—"The blood of the nation is on the heads of the Shepherds, if they do not search into every truth; and the sheep that perish m their sins, their blood will I require at the Sbepherdsr bands, if the Shepherds are not faithful."

When I had written these words I was ordered to open my Bible. It was in the Wisdom of Solomon, vi. chap, and the fourth verse I was ordered to pen—" Because being ministers of his Kingdom, ye have not judged aright, nor kept the law, nor walked after the council of God."

; Here I have faithfully given to the world the Words Op The Lokd, as delivered tome; and I am ready to answer to the world for every truth I ba've here asserted. But the names of the clergy I should not have put in print, if I had not been strictly order ^ ed to it. So I conclude with the words of St. V'eter-"


5JSS5S ' [Price Eighteen Pence]

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