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For, as the Blood was on the doors,

The Seals are now for all.
Because like man is all my plan;

Isaac and Pharoah see:
A type of Satan was in one,

As Isaac was of ME.
And from the Blood, mark what is said,

Foretold the life of man,
How in their graves they would be laid,

And feel my heavy hand.
So from the Seal I now reveal,

Mark what I've said to thee:
That Jezebel's a type of hell,

And Esther was of ME.
Then now you see a mystery

Of Jezebel before :
She seald Naboth's destiny:-

The righteous perish'd there;
For Naboth he was plac'd on high,

And stoned by her seal.
But now comes on the mystery,

That I shall here reveal :
Esther, you know, receiv'd the blow,

Her people was to die,
As Haman sought their overthrow,

And Mordecai was nigh
To warn her then, her brethren

Were all condemn'd by he;
And so her life she ventur'd there,

Her brethren for to free.
Now here's a mystery to mankind,

That they do not discern,
How Jezebel her death did find,

A type of hell become; .
And Esther was a type of ME,

As I have said before;
For Satan shall his ruin see,

As Jezebel did there;
Because the stroke I'll now turn back,

I tell thee, by the Seal.
My Promises they are not slack,

For 1 shall now reveal,
That Esther's come, it shall be known,

Her brethren for to clear;
A Haman's pride for to unthrone,

And men behold her prayer:
As Esther came unto the king,

To have proud Haman cast,
Her brethren there that she might screen,

And free them at the last.
So it is here, I'll make it clear;

For she has ask'd the same,
For to have Satan to be cast,

That man might know my Name.

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'Tis man to free from misery,

That her Petition's made : And can't you see the mystery?

• Let un be glas Oh men, be not misled! But see the MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB, and give on the marriage How it is written there :

of the lamb in come, and the The WIFE is ready now for man,

wife hath mader heeft heads To have her LORD appear. Now all in all, behold her call;

No rival stands between;
For Me to come and govern all,

This MARRIAGE plain is seen,
Is plac'd by she, let mortals see,

The BRIDEGROOM govern all;
And so she's wishing now for ME-

Oh men, behold her call !
The Marriage here must first appear,

Now from the Woman's hand,
And I a David will appear;

And bid the Brides to come.
Then sure her hand shall ever stand,

I tell you at the last;
And every Bride like her shall stand,

That enters in her list;
With love appear, as she doth here,

To wish me all in all,
And like a Bridegroom govern here,

Now mark her every call.
The Powers of Darkness to tread down

Is her Petition given,
And I the Lord of all be found,

And Earth resemble Heaven.
This is her call, I tell you all,

And it I'll now make good.
My hand is offering now to all,

And with you so to wed;
Like man appear to govern here,

That claims the house his own;
Then every rival he can clear,

And let his power be known,
That he is come the Wife to claim,

And her Protector be.
And now I'm come to act like men,

That every soul shall see;

That' doth you all invite;
The Testimony now is come,

If men can judge aright,
Then they must see the mystery,

How all things do app.ear;
The WIFE is ready to tread down

The Powers of Darkness here.
So wonder on, ye sons of men,

That can't my footsteps see;

On earth the wonder must become

To men a mystery;
To see a Woman thus appear,

Where every light is given;
If you do judge from Hell must be,

To mock the God of Heaven.
Is Satan come to you vain men

To make my Bible true?
That man did never here discern,

And bring all to your view, /
And prove to man the time is come

The Bridegroom must appear,
My rivals all for to unthrone,

The Hand to prove it here,
That now the Brides are all my own

Is Satan come to clear?
Ah, simple men, is this your plan,

Tomock the God of Heaven;
And say from Hell is now ber hand,

Where every light is given ?
Then he must be more wise than ME,

When I created man;
Because the good he soon destroy'd,

That I had given to him.
His helpmate there he did ensnare,

To help him to be cast;

And now is Satan come to clear, watcloum Me And say on him must burst? Punte te fall The curse was laid, as then I said,

Is Satan come to claim? on huvisey

Against himself then he is rose,

Then how shall he remain?
Like Judas here he must appear,

And hang himself for all,
If he is come for to condemn,

And plead he brought the Fall
At first on man, and I condemn'd

Him for his every guilt;
And now his curse it must come on,

As he my Blood has spilt!
Then conscience here must strong appear

And Satan must repent;
And say as Judas did before,

To say his mind is bent
Himself to free from infamy,

And say he me betray'd;
But now the halter he 'th prepar'd,

For me to bruise his head.
This must be done, ye simple men,

If Satan so appear,
And he a Judas must become,

To hang himself, see clear.
This, by your plan, is Satan's hand,

As there the works you place

That Satan's come for to condemn,

And free the human race; That he hath betray'd, as Judas said,

The innocence of man;
And now he is come his guilt to plead,

Like Judas to condemn.
So Judas see you've made of he,

Like Judas to repent.
Now, simple men, behold your plan,

You mock both Hell and Heaven; To say her light from Satan came,

That unto her is given. Then he must be more wise than ME,

When first he caus'd the Fall; And say his life he'll freely give,

To prove the truth of al:
That fallen men like Gods may come,

And good from evil know;
And in their stead that he will bleed,

To prove his words were true:
No death in man he said should come,

And now to free the Fall,
That dead to knowledge they were then,

Hath he now prov'd to all;
My honour here to make it clear,

In every step to man.
Then he must be as wise as ME,

A penitent become;
And so repent, and now relent
· That e'er he caus'd their Fall;
And in their stead he'll freely bleed,

And die to ransom all.
This must be done by your own plan,

To say from Hell they came;
You give the merit unto him,

And so despise MY NAME.
For Pharoah's wonders are in you,

Your wise-men you deceive, .
That Satan will these wonders do,

And so you them believe,
That he is come to ransom man,

According to his word;
That you as earthly Gods may stand,

And evil know and good.
These wonders first from him did burst,

As they from Pharoah came; But did he do them at the last?

You know not Satan's name;
Proud Lucifer he doth appear,

And can you lower his pride,
To say he'll stoop to God and man,

For to bring back the tide ?
So Hell you mock, for you know not,

The pride in Satan reigns.

He'd sooner feel my heavy stroke, .

For to be bound in chains,
Than stoop so low to man to go,

Like Judas to repent. '
For this I know, he'll never do,

His mind's too fully bent,
To swell with pride on every side;

For men do mock him here,
To say he's come to act like man,

Like Judas to appear.
No: Pharoah see is the type of he,

And so he will go on
Until he hath brought his destiny,

A Pha, oah's end will come.
So Satan here doth strong appear,

I say, to mock you all;
To place these miracles in him,

That he will clear the Fall;
Or make it clear, it must appear,

To make my Bible true;
And so your God you're mocking here,

Til bring all to your view:
You mock the words I spoke at first,

When I created Man;
To say the Woman must be made,

And for his good be come;
You mock the curse that I pronounc'd

Upon the Serpent's head;
You mock my Bible every where

These promises are made,
That all the earth I shall redeem,

And Man the good must know;
The Tree of Life was sav'd for him,

And Man shall find it so.
You mock the purchase of my blood;

For I must die in vain,
That on the cross the victim stood,

If Death and Hell remain.
As it hath been so strong in man,

I tell you to this day,
My Bible you are mocking on,

Nor see how it doth lay.
I said I died mankind to save,

And Satan to destroy;
It was for Man my Life I gave,

'That I might Man enjoy, In full perfection as at first,

When I did hiin create;
And I will prove it in the last.

My Promises are great,
Throughout my Bible as they stand,

If men will trace them through. Therefore I gave my strict command,

That men the same should do.

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