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tures this must be to fulfil the Scriptures, and bring the glorious reward to believers who are my friends, and revenge my foes. For now is coming the fulfilment of all my Bible, and what I said on the Mount, 7th Matt, with what judgment they signed they shall be judged: and with what measure they mete it shall be measured to them again. Now I shall answer thee of judging: what judgment can they have of their God to judge I will fulfil every word spoken to thee if it comes from the Devil in My Name ? They must believe I Am joined with him, or that Satan hath power over all the works- of My Hands; that sun and rain is guided by him, and not by Me ; that blessings and judgments are in the hands of the Devil, and not in My Hands. So fallen men, like fallen angels, must judge Satan's power is greater than mine, if I had not power to change the signs that he had fixed, as they say they were fixed by the Devil. The two bad harvests of 1799, 1800, could I not change those signs to two good harvests, and brought forward my shepherds to confound his lies to prove they came from the author of lies, if they came from him? And when the signs were published to the world for three good harvests, on conditions of ministers and others searching out the truth, could I not change those blessings, if Satan had fixed the signs? And if Satan had worked in the hearts of men to fulfil the one, could I not have shamed him by sending three bad harvests to prove it came from the author of lies? Did I not say the Devil was the father of lies and the author of them from the beginning? And now shall I make him the God of truth, by fulfilling his words what way soever he fixed the signs to make his words true, and make myself a liar? When I said he was the father of lies, shall I now make him the author of every truth? Then I must be a liar like unto yourselves, who have made lies all your refuge, and under falsehood you have hid yourselves, putting good for evil,

and evil for good, light for darkness, and darkness for light; bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter; but your turning things upside down will not do. For I now say, they have robbed Me, both of My Ho* frouR and Power—and given to the Devil that Truth, Honour, and Power, that is due to Me alone: yet they will say, shall a Man rob God? I answer, Yes, they have robbed Me of my Honour and great Name, and have given wisdom, knowledge, power, and truth, to the Devil, to say he hath made good thy Prophecies, and that he hath proved my Bible true! which no man upon earth hath ever done, neither is it in the power of man to do it, before I come to fulfil it; but men have judged it is fulfilling by the Devil, who hath more knowledge, wisdom, and power than their CreaTor—for he is templing Man at last, as he tempted Eve at first—to believe that the Words of God are riot true; but then they must judge the Words of Satan are true, if they judge it came from him as the truth hath followed. But here I am reasoning with Men as Men, to shew them their errors; but if they are not convinced I shall reason, and come in PowEr as a God: I Am God and there is none besides Me; my Honour I will not give to another. Wisdom, Pswer, and Truth, are in Me alone; for Mi Eve is every where present, and as high as the Heavens are from the Earth, so far are my Thoughts from their Thoughts, and my Ways from ■ their Ways: shall I not now awake as one out of sleep? Like one out of sleep I told thee I should awake, to destroy those who rob Me of My Honour, and give it to the Devil, by ascribing all to him; then now judge for yourselves, O ye inhabitants of the Earth, On what rock have ye built your Salvation? Is not your building on the sand ? Then know, the storms are gathering; the floods will soon descend to throw down all your building, and great will be your fall. For where is the God in whom ye have trust

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cd! that frustrateth the token of the liars, who maketh diviners mad, and tumeth the wise men, backward, and maketh their wisdom foolishness; and now I will make all their wisdom foolishness. Should I answer as an angry God, no man could bear my Words nor hear my reproof, that I should answer to the sons of men, who have seen the different changes that have taken place, in this Nation and all others, in-the twelve years that are past should happen to make the signs set by the Devil Come true; then let men answer, what they judge of Me now, as I have set many signs to thee of the wrong judgments of men in things that are temporal, to compare them with their wrong judgments in things that are spiritual; so, now I say the same unto thee and unto all men; for as wrong as they are saying thou hast children brought up by the Parish, and that thou art Bonaparte's Brother, and that thou hast been in Prison, so false is their saying thy Writings came from the Devil, or any Spirit but the Spirit of the Living God; and that, every soul in this Nation shall know before the Pivk Teaks I mentioned to thee in 1802 are expired, and then I will turn as a Diadem of Beauty to the residue of my People, and they shall praise the God ©f Their Salvation.


The following communication was given to me the 20 of Nov. 1803, in answer to a man who came to Leeds from London, with a notorious falsehood, to say I had forbid marriage; a thought that never entered my heart, and not a word to that purpose ever came out of my mouth. But to Ais words I was answered:

"They may as well forbid the marriage of men as forbid the Marriage of the Lamb. Fori was born like men, I spoke like men, and I act like men; and I said, I should deal with men after the manner of men: now they may as well say, a man and woman may live together if their hearts are united, as man and wife, without the ceremony of the church; or without the wedding ring ; and say, if they are married in the sight of God what use is there for the marriage of men, as to say their heart "without their hands will bind them to the Marriage of the Lamb. For* know, it is compared to Marriage when I coineto unite all Nations together, and to inlist all men under My Banner; they must choose Me for the Bridegroom, as a Wife chooses her Husband for her Bridegroom. But as the marriage bond cannot be completed by choice before the Hand is given with the Heart and the wedding ring is put on; no more can the Marriage of the Lamb join Me as the Bridegroom to renounce every rival against Me, before the Hand is given with the Heart: then as a man is bound in honour to protect his wife, and avenge her injuries, so am I in Honour bound toavenge those whose Hands are given to Me to re-r nounce every rival that is agairist Me ; but as a man cannot protect a woman as a wife, however strong his affections may be, without Marriage, perfectly so, I now tell you, however strong your hearts may be given to Me, I am not bound in Honour to protect you, as a Bridegroom, to en. joy My Kingdom of Peace, without your Hands being given with your Hearts, that you may reign with Me the One Thousand Years,—therefore it was compared to marriage; to be glad and rejoice that I was come to enter into Marriage Bonds with Man, and Man with Me; and know, the Sealing is said to be to the Day of Redemption; that I have visited My People, and shall Redeem them by entering into Marriage Bonds with Me. The hand writing is the hand giving—and the Seal is the Marriage King—the Name that is sealed in the Forehead, is the Name that is signed in the Fore head by Baptism: therefore I said it must come to the Standard of the Church. I will now tell thee, what this Marriage meaneth—As a Husband is em-r powered to avenge an insult offered to his Wife by the union of the hand in Marriage, so am I empowered as a Husband to avenge the injuries offered to those that give their hands to Me, to be signed and sealed for their Redemption: for as the Bond seals Man's Redemption, so shall the Bond seal Satan's destruction. For if you discern the manner of the Sealing it stands for both—but how could I, in honour consistent with a God, that hath always acted with men after the manner of men. come as a Bridegroom to avenge the injuries done to his Wife, that he was not empowered to do by the Heart, b&* fore she had f;iven to him her hand? Then His Honour is engaged to save and avenge his Wife's injuries; just so is My Honour engaged to save all that are entered into this Bond with Me. And if Satan works to tempt them, I, as a Husband, will avenge him; for this 1 am bound in honour to do; and though I may take many to Glory, that Satan might not say, "they signed not in Love to Me but in love to their own Lives, because they might live for ever /" therefore they must be parted, and some die to shame the Devil, that it is not for the sake of long life that they are signing for My Kingdom, but for their Love. \o Me that they wish for My Kingdom either in the World of Glory above, or in the World here below; and for that Pouer to be destroyed that is a rw yal between God and them.

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So now see plain, ye sons of men.

The Marriage must appear,' That you must give your hands to Mt»

Ere I can conquer here; Because like man is all my plan,

Apd trace my Bible through, | brought my likeness all to mao,

from Abraham prove it true;

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