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through Faith it shall be obtained. The blessings of
Joseph must now rest on those who are persecuted
for my sake, believing in my visitation, as Joseph
was persecuted for believing the visitation of the Lord
to him in a dream. And now is coming a Joseph's
persecution to my Spirit; and now shall come the
blessings upon all them that bear it for my sake.
Now mark the other Sons: how he told them of
the end, then the gathering in of the people was to a

be; he would be binding his fo!e unto the vine, and '/ ^H"
his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he had his gar-
ments washed in wine, and his clothing in the
blood of grapes; his eyes should be red with wine, 12
and his teeth white with milk. Now tell me, ye
learned, how you understand Jacob's dying words?
Or in what manner do you judge they were ful-
filled? Or in what manner do you judge they are to
be fulfilled in the last days? But thou sayest in thy
heart—no man can tell, or explain them. Then
now I will explain them to thee: As the type of the
Eggs, in 1797, was a shadow of what was to be put
in the hands of the ministers at Exeter, afterwards
in 1799; for in their hands I put the mark, that I
had set before, by the Eggs; as the type of
Woolland was the type of the shepherds; so the
Words of Jacob were a type of the last days and of
Mb. For now is coming the gathering in of the ft
people to the vine', and to the choice vine.—Now
come to my Gospel: my riding to Jerusalem on an
ass, when they cut down the boughs and the
branches, to bind my fole unto the vine; but it is
the ass's colt must bind them to the choice vine;
whose garments are washed in the wine of my blood,
that is drank in remembrance of Me; and the
clothing in the blood of grapes, from whence r ,j / ,
cometh wine; and the teeth white with milk, that /? ,
is, the milk of my word, which is now come to
mankind; that ye may all desire the sincere
milk of my word, and that ye may grow thereby.

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For Jacob prophesied of the end: and now the end of all things is at hand; for the havens of the sea, and the ships are coming, which shall bring them to Zidon, or Mount Zion: for the nations are bowing between two burdens, and they shall see that rest is good, and the land I have promised is pleasant. Therefore they shall bow to enjoy it, and become as servants to tribute unto it, when I begin by man to judge my people, and they see thejudgments that are threatened hastening on them fast. Then will believers see the Salvation of the Lord, that they have waited to see; and though a troop of men may overtake them at first, yet they shallovercome them at last, that are by faith the sons of Jacob; and they shall be fed with royal dainties, as I have promised them; for the bread is the bread of life, that is now come down to man; and the land shall be full of fatness: for as a hind let loose will I now give good words to my people; and as a hind let loose their joys will be, when they are loosed from Satan's power. Then cometh the fruitful bough to Joseph, even a fruitful bough by a well, which is a well of living waters for man, whose branches run over the walls of Salvation. • For though the archers may grieve them at first, and shoot at them and hate them; but the bow of true believers shall abide in full strength, till they are redeemed by the migliTy God of Jacob. For I am come in the Spirit, to be the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel, to build up the walls of Salvation for Man. But was this revealed to a man, by my Spirit; that man must rob Me of the honour due unto my Name; and who could look to Me as the Shepherd of all men,- that suffered Death in the Body for Man; but told them I should come again in power; and the Testimony of my Coining is from the Spirit of Prophecy; for I said, my Father would send the Holy Ghost, that js the Comforter, in my Name, to bring all things to your remembrance, But how could it come .in my Name, if it was given to a man? Then it must be AtjJi.

in his name, to be the Shepherd, and Stone of Israel 24 for men to build upon; but now they must all build upon that Shepherd who neither slumbereth nor sleepeth, but like a Shepherd is preaching in thy ears; and from Me all thy infusion comes; that every soul shall know and see. For now is coming blessings from the heavens above, blessings of the 25 ^"^'^ deep that lieth under: that is when your enemy is confined to the deep, that lieth under man; and his power cannot rise to hurt man; then cometh the blessing of the breast in the 25 .^«/«>c" womb of Providence; and then shall the everlasting hills be lifted up for man, with crowns of happi- /?*•• ness upon their heads. Then shall the ravening 27 wolf, that devours the prey in the morning, divide his spoil in the evening. And now I will tell thee what that meaneth: Satan is the ravening wolf that will devour many, who will fall a prey to him; for there are many who desire to be free from him, and to have my Kingdom established; yet, as a wolf he will devour them that are not strong in faith; and they that have no faith he will totally destroy. But when the night cometh for his destruction, he shall ij/)^ divide the spoil; for where the hand-writing ap- ~ peareth against him, they shall be divided from him; and from the others, that wish his Kingdom to stand. For then shall the spoil he hath made be divided in man ; for there is a mystery in the Sealing no man can know, before they have seen the end. Then will every soul that have heard it wish they had been sealed, to be divided from Satan'* power. For then cometh the end, when every blessing that was said to Joseph, doth rest un tlie seed of Joseph; and their blessings, will be established by Saian's being bound in the deep, from man. Then he shall £: A„A, divide the spoil that he hath made in man-; they .„*.

that do not wish his Fall, but rather have him remain, shall go and remain with him; but they that wish to be freed from his power shall be divided front him. Here I have given thee the meaning of Jacob's dying words to his sons, what shall befall man in the last days: and now the last days are come; so let them compare Jacob's dying words with all thy prophecies, if they were given to thee from any Spirit that was not trom the Lord. It was by the Spirit of Prophecy Jacob spoke to his sons, what the last days would be to all the sons of men. Now let the learned answer thee; and I shall answer thee again j for I hare not revealed every mystery in them yet j but this I have left for the learned to dispute, to try the wisdom of men. Now let all look to Jacob's dying words, and draw their judgment from what I have said.

The following communication was given in November 1803, at Stockport, in answer to the malicious lies and persecution with there; yet some came to be true believers—I was answered in the following manner:

Thy coming hither will "be a blessing unto some in this place, but it will be a curse unto others; for I now tell thee and all mankind, it is not thee but Me; it is not thy Spirit but My Spirit that they are persecuting. It was not thy will but My will to send thee hither, to be clear from the blood of all men, that they might know the days of their visitation. But know ye not they must crucify the Lord afresh, and put Him again to open shame? Can this be done in the Body? I tell thee no; it is in the Spirit it must be done; or how can the day come that must burnlike an oven, and the wicked be burnt up like stubble? The day of my Coming could not be so severe were there no such persecuting spirits in men; and this must be to the fulfilment of the Scriptures, when I come to ask and receive my full demand to have the Heathens for my inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for my possession, the Gen

tiles' tumult must arise, reject my doctrine and my Laws. Now call to thy remembrance the words I said unto thee in 1702, the 2d Psalm should be fulfilled; but how can it be fulfilled, if men did. not fulfil one part as it is written of man? And as they are fast fulfilling their parr, now I will go on fast to fulfil the other part, until the whole Psalm is fulfilled. How could my Bible be fulfilled without persecution? Did I not say, blessed are ye that are persecuted for my sake, great should be your reward in heaven, when men revile you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake? Rejoice and be exceeding glad, that ye are counted worthy to suffer this reproach for Me: and now for Me you all suffer this reproach, and all manner of lies falsely; then now see the Crown that is before you all, for every Promise in my Bible must rest upon your heads; for I now tell thee, all is hastening on fast, when they shall enter into the joy of tlieir Lord. These three years have been men's time to persecute,while I have been seeking fruit and found it not-—but the following years the evils shall begin to fall; for I will trifle with men no longer; the redeemed of the Lord is nigh at hand, and their recompense is near; but what recompense could be near for them, if they suffered no reproach, no persecution, no reviling, for my sake ? What have they to rejoice and be exceeding glad for, that they are counted worthy to endure all -fhese things for Me? The Scriptures must now be all fulfilled, and they cannot be fulfilled without divisions of men, and persecutions of men. For know, I told you, my flock was but a little flock, and they should not fear the reviling of men; now I have shewed thee from the Scriptures all this must be to fulfil iheru, and bring the reward to believers; but by faith you are saved, and that not of yourselves. This I have said unto thee, and unto them that believe thy writings as coming from the Lord; to shew you from the Scrip

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