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« We are guilty here, will man appear, And Pilate's words we see; That of his Blood he then was clear, And so he charged we To do the same, as he had done, But it we did refuse, And in our anger slew the man, His love we did abuse. And so the wall fell down from all, And Jacob's words we see: The Lawgiver did come to all, Our anger curst must be, Unless to him we now return, His mercies to implore." For then they'll think of Joseph's dreams, And see my Gospel clear. Then I'll begin to gather in, I say, in every land; For now I say, like Jacob's sons The nations all do stand. Men's fury here do strong appear, The walls they're throwing down: And every nation I'll make bare, And then I will be found, To gather in from every land, Twelve nations seal'd will be. The shadow here you may command, As thou'st began with three: The Germans one, they have began; The Jewsma shadow plac'd; Ard when the prisons all are come, I then shall join the rest. But here within thou dost begin To ask how this can be ? If it alludes to different larrds, The number judg'd by thee Is nearly up: can England hope To have their number more Than the twelve thousand for to drop And then it must stop here? I tell thee, no: it is not so; England may favour gain, To have the number added more, And other lands remain, Not half the number to appear, For there it cannot be, To have the mysteries made so clear As in this land you'll see. And who do come, I'll cast out none, That do in faith appear. For now the Law is given to all, To see my Gospel clear; The net is cast, the likeness burst, To have my Kingdom come.

Both bad and good you may allude;
for so the draughts are known:
But steal no more, the time is o'er ;
By faith men must appear,
For to come in, my Kingdom win,
For thieves have enter'd here* ;
Because as spies have many been
No Jacob's sons to be.
Thou sayest the words that thou hast penn'd
A mystery are to thee;
Worse than before thou'st not scen clear;
And this I know is true.
It is to try men's talents here
I've brought it to thy view:
The shadow first, the substance last;
For I shall now try man,
How their ideas, here will burst,
To judge thy written hand.
Then ill appear to make all clear, :
And Shiloh they shall know;
How I am come to gather in
The Gospel and the Law.
For my disciples I did try,
I tell thee, in disguise ;
And in the end, 'tis my intend,

That way to make them wise. As I was ordered to put in print the Names of the Clergy, to whom I had written in Exeter ; now to prevent the world frorn blaming their conduct, I shall give the following communication, that is given to me concerning them.

* As the things were not made clear unto them, fet no man blame them ; for I permitted the shepherds to act as they did, to make the type deep to the nation, but at that time it was not clear to them." -Now my readers must observe, when these leto ters were returned in 1799, it was before the harvest; and no clear proofs had been put into the hands of the Chancellor or the Archdeacon; therefore it is said to me, the mark that stood for the whole nation was put in the dark to them, which was foretold on January 17th, 1797, and is in the 15th page of the Sealed Prophecies" And so the mark was put in the dark to them in 1799 ; that they did not discern, neither did they know the visitation was from the Lord; for the mark was concealed from

* Many have had seals only to know what was in them."

them at that time. As I said I would put the mark so that they should not discern; though I might spoil some, as Woolland spoiled his eggs. And now I tell thee, it was I that permitted this of the Chancellor and the Archdeacon, to set the mark in the dark for them, that it might hereafter stand in the light to the nation. For though I spoiled those two har· vests, as Woolland spoiled some of his eggs, yet it was to prevent the thief from robbing the whole nation through unbelief; and to convince mankind this visitation was from the Lord. I now order this mark to be set as a sign for all men, though then in the dark, but now to be brought to light. The two harvests were then spoiled in part like the eggs; but the whole was not spoiled, as he did not spoil the whole. Now this that was done in secret, must now be made known, that the whole nation may not perish. For as the shadow stood from the two letters, and both harvests followed, so now the mark is set in the light for all men, as the truth is made known. And now, if men begin in the light, as they began in the dark, it shall be fatal for your land. They sinned through ignorance, as no clear light was given them ; but now the nation have no cloak for their sins. Then it was as a candle put under a bushel, that gave no clear light to man; but now it is as a candle in a candlestick put on the table, to give light unto all men : and now let all men take the warning. Then I punished but with few stripes, because they knew not whaç they had done, as all was concealed from them ; but now all is made clear to mankind, and I shall punish with many stripes, if unbelief now abounds. The shadow of the two harvests is the substance to the nation. So now, if I am mocked by the shepherds, their end shall be fatal; if they refuse to warn their sheep, and they perish in their sins, their blood will I require of the shepherds' hands. But if the shepherds give the warning, and the people re. fuse to take it, then the shepherds shall save their souls alive, and every man's sin shall be upon his own head. So now if the poor mock the warning, let them not complain of suffering nor of famine ; for suffering and famine shall come upon them; and let them not complain; but say, as Joseph's brethren did, “We are verily guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the anguish of his soul and would not hear." For the anguish of thy soul they must see and know, what thou hast suffered for an ungrateful nation; and let them know, that rebellion and ingratitude are as the sin of witchcraft : and if ingratitude and rebellion are now found in man, the punishment of that sin shall fill upon them. So if persecution is now found in the poor, their suffering shall be trebled to what it was in 1799 or the 1800. And if rebellion and unbelief be now found in the rich, they shall fall by the sword, or some fatal disease; and if in the shepherds, their end shall be without honour. For the year of my Judgments is come; and they shall not cease till Judgments are executed into victory. Then shall my fierce anger be over, when every heart is longing for my Kingdom : and I now tell thee, it shall not cease before.

Now I shall come to Jacob's Sons: I have told thee, he told thein what should befall them in the last days; and know, in my Bible, I called my people all the Sons of Jacob; because it was said, in Isaac all the families of the Earth should be bles. sed ; and that Blessing was to rest upon Jacob, Then know, in Jacob all the families of the Earth must stand; for Esau was a type of the end of Satan's reign after having his power for a time, as Esau had; but the end of the Promise was to rest upon Jacob. I have shewn thee part of the meaning or Jacob's dying words; and now I shall answer thee further : know that Joseph was persecuted by his brethren, and sold' into Egypt; and there he was

Jacobs lor


exalted, and made a governor in that place ; and
Jacob blessed him above all his sons. Now those
that are persecuted for my sake, are the people
whom my Blessings shall rest upon; and they shall
be exalted, and rise to honour, as Joseph was. So
ye must now suffer a Joseph's Persecution, before

ye receive a Joseph's Blessing. For know, I have 15 said, I stand in Joseph's stead, as Joseph stood in

mine; then ye must be children of persecution, XL!X 22 that will now be exalted and blessed, as Jacob blesvoreink s ed Joseph. But remeniber Jacob's words—" The mer 23 archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and

hated him ; but his bow abode in full strength, and 524

the arm of his hand was made strong by the hand of the mighty God of Jacob : from thence is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel. Now let the wise men understand, this was to befall the sons of Jacob in the last days; and the sons of Jacob are the sons of believers, that believe in the mighty God of Jacob. Now go back to Joseph: it was his dream of proinotion that provoked his brethren to anger against him; and so it was with the Jews, when I came in the Flesh. But now I am come in the Spirit, to

bring all the blessings upon Joseph's children: for In the type of Joseph stood in ME; and he told his 19 brethren, he stood in God's stead. Then now come

to the blessings Jacob past on Joseph and his proge. Poresh

nitors unto the utmost bounds of the everlasting VIX hills, they should be on the head of Joseph, and on -26 the crown of the head of bim that was separated

from his brethren. Here is the end for all men ; for I, like Joseph, was separated from my brethren ;

but now is come the end, to receive the crown uh 27 of the mighty God of Jacob: and now my-bow shall

abide in full strength, though the archers have shot 23 at me, and they are daily doing it, by rejecting

my Spirit; but now I will be the Shepherd, and the Stone of Israel, and lead my people Israel ; for my people Israel are the children of Abraham by Faith; for the Promise was made through Faith: and now


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