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But if that the wisdom was hid in my God,
To make them keep silence, till the truth all was know'd,
Then now to their Maker they all must submit,
And say 'twas his wisdom to bring all to light;
To prove to the world, that my calling is clear;
And now let the learned men answer me here:
The way that this knowledge was given to me,
If you answer from Satan, I now answer ye:
A God of all power you sure must him make,
If blessings and judgments from him all do break;
Because there is power you see with the word
And weigh every harvest and what I have said.

Before they sprang forth, I told men of them ; but not I, but the SPIRIT, that told me all things, revealed them unto me. But as some say it comes from infusion in the brain, I grant it; for infusion from the SPIRIT to my head, all is given to me. Therefore the world judge right to say it is infusion; for there is no clearer judgment men can draw, as I never said I have seen the Spirit to converse with it, as men converse with men, but I have said it is a Spiritinvisible that infused into my head all I write; but I can join with none, who say it is an infusion from the Devil, as I do not believe his wisdom is so deep, to bring things round in such a manner. A fool's bolt is soon shot, and so is Satan's; neither do I believe he hath power to fulfil the words if he had spoken them; I know his power must fail in the fulfilment; neither do I believe he is come to plead against himself, and prove himself the complete author of every misery, and to say the Lord is the fountain of all happiness : and that men shall see and know. When the power of Satan is taken from man, and Satan is chained down, then Earth will be a Heaven to man in comparison to what it now is. These are the words of the Spirit to me; and I no more believe they come from the Devil, than I believe the paper is black, and the ink is white; but those that judge it is from the Devil, must have as erroneous a belief as it is to judge black is white, and that white is black. But some are simple enough to believe wonders, that never were nor ever can be, to judge

my writings came from my own invention, which are
impossible to be the invention of any created human
being. And I must answer such simple people, if I
was to invent all the days of my life, I never could
invert what would happen one year, day, or hour.
I have no knowledge of myself to know, nor power
to fulfil ; neither is my life in my own hands, to
know I should live to see the events of a day or
year, and the manner my writings are brought round
to be fulfilled. I could as well have made the world,
and forined the whole creation, as I could invent suche
writings of myself: for I am not so wise as the
world has made me. Without the Spirit I am nos,
thing, without the Spirit I know, nothing, and with-
out the Spirit I can do nothing; whether you
judge the Spirit good or bad, to that Spirit you must
allude the whole ; for I am a living witness against
every man that says my writings are of my own in-
vention, and I publicly affirm that such a man believes
a lie, and the truth is not in him, who believes my
writings are from myself. In

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· Communication explaining the XLIXth Chapter of Genesisi linov, WLIX " And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, gather yourselves to

gelher, that I may tell you that which shui befall you in the last days, &c. &c.".'...

Now answer me, ye worldly.-wise men, when or how. was this fulfilled ? Did not Jacob tell then it was to be in the last day's ? And then was the gathering in of the people to be ; but los was the gathering in

of the people to be, but by the Sealing Now I shall Teuber come to the purpose of Jacob's; sons ; his first born

was as unstable as water, and a curse rested upon his head; the second, and third were like unto liim, and they were scattered and divided ; but Judah


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PA WARNING TO THE WORLD. 59 was to be praised, and the sceptre was not to depart from him. Now ye GENTILES look at the Jews, and see JACOB's dying words; how did their sins y Test upon their heads? How were they 'scattered and divided ? And how do all rest upon them to this day ? For they slew me in their anger, and Jem pulled down the partition walls in their fury. That 7 meaneth the partition walls of their redemption, that stood in me, and so their anger has been cursed ; for their wrath was cruel, and they are divided and scattered, and their sins rest upon their heads. But how can the sceptre be departed from Judah? Was I not born of the seed of the Jews ? And were not my disciples most of them Jews ? And then how can the sceptre be departed from them ? Do I not stand in between their feet-both the law and the GOSPEL together? Then how can a Tribe be lost ? For the 16,Tribe that is lost is turned to the Gospel, and shall judge his people, and be as an adder in the way to gorpu sting them, both horse and rider. That meaneth, 16 it shall sting them with words : it shall sting them as a serpent with a spear, for so shall his words be of the seed of that tribe which is lost. Now see. Manara what Names stand in his room ; Manasseh that was taken amongst the thorns, and afterwards destroyed the images that he had made ; then here cometh the Gentiles, they were taken among the thorns of my Death, and forsook all the idolatry they practised before. So if one tribe of Jacob's sons is lost, another is placed in his room; and the tribe that is lost shall judge the people : that is, a people they know not, but a people whom I know; and the blessing that Jacob' gave to Joseph shall now rest upon all the seed of Joseph : for know, he said he stood in God's stead, and forgave his brethren that sold him into Egypt; and now I will stand in Joseph's stead, to forgive my brethren, that not only threatened my life, but clamoured hard for it;

yet, if they now turn unto me, I will turn unto them, as Joseph turned unto his brethren,

For now I stand in Joseph's stead,
As Joseph stood in mine ;
So let my brethren all proceed
And a Joseph they shall find,
Though they have been like Jacob's sons,
My life for to destroy ;
But when the famine's in the land,
I know I shall enjoy,
To see then turn, as they 've began ;
But me they will not know,
Though over them my heart doth yearn;
I'll tell thee why 'tis so: 1
Because the Gentiles now I've tried,
And find them like the Jews;
And so like them they've crucified,
Then how can I refuse
My chosen men, if now they turn
And seek my favour here?
For when the famine it is come,
They will begin to fear;
And then they'll see the prophecy
A Joseph did fortel;
And then they'll know 'tis done by me,
And so their hearts will swell.
As they began I say 'twill end,
And Jacob's sons you 'll see,
That by the Judgments they will bend,
And so turn back to me.
And as Manasseh there is nam'd,
I say the thorns will come,
That many in them will be caught,
And so turn back again..
For deep you 'll see the mystery
How every name doth stand;
Though it is spoke of Jacob's sons,
You 'll find in every land,
That Jacob's sons the same will com
A Joseph for to see.
And when to them I Am made known,
A Joseph I shall be,
I say, to all that hear the call,
And unto Me do come.
For then I shall be known to a l
To stand in Joseph's room;
Because in mine, know at that time,
He told them then he stood.
And now I'll further tell my mind,
And how this all alludes :
From types and shadows I've began,


From types I'll make an end; The history of Jacob's sons Are in the Bible penn'd, For types and shadows of the last, Or it would not appear, A chosen man that I had bless'd, And let his sons to err, As they had done, ye simple men : No: there the type goes deep, And back to Isaac you must come, How he was offered up; And then to Jacob you must go, For there the type you'll see, How the two sons from him were born A shadow deep of Me. For one was bless'd, the other cast, And so it then went on. But know that Esau he did last To have his princes come. In grandeur here they did appear, . And flourish'd for a time; But know that Jacob did him fear, And so do all mankind: They still do fear the Esaus here, Though Esau I did hate; And yet a time for him I spar'd, And there the type goes deep. For Esau's here in man I'll clear, And then the root I'll bind; So now the Jacobs need not fear, For Jacob's sons shall find Between their feet, the mystery's great:The Lawgiver shall come : The sceptre there did sure appear, As I was born of them; But then the sceptre did depart, That every soul may see, When I received a Joseph's dart, And did to Egypt flee. In prison cast, you know, at last Like Joseph I was bound. I say the famine it must come, Before I shall be found Again by them: the time will come, The famine men will sec; If I don't bring it in your land, In France 'twill surely be. I say three years it shall appear, No harvest shall be found; And then the nations every where, May tremble at the sound; For altogether they will weigh, And see how all did come. Like Joseph's brethren, then I say, Will be the hearts of men:

Famine is Bana

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