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pel had said all my writings might be true, and yet corpe from the Devil, as an angel of light. I then » pondered in my own heart, how I had made it the study of my life, from my youth up to this day, to walk in the fear of the Lord: if there was a possibility of my being deceived, religion would prove my ruin; as I thought I must be the innocent cause of deceiving many worthy and good people; for they believed the Spirit to be of God, as well as myself; and if I was deceived, they must also : which I thought would bring me with a broken heart to the grave. To these ponderings of my heart I was answered:

'• Thou comest far short to be able to love my creatures more, than Me; but men have taken in question the knowledge of their God, the truth of their Bibles, and judged themselves more upright than their God; for, as thou sayest in thy heart, thou couldest not bear thy feelings, if thou art the innocent cause of deceiving thy friends: and yet thou art jealous of the Lord's deceiving thee; then thou must believe there is a better spirit, heart, and mind in thyself, than there is in thy Creator: but thou answerest, that is not thy judgment; it is men's denying the truth of the Bible that makes thee jealous; and I now answer, it is men's jealousy of the truth of their Bibles, that makes them all jealous; for if men judged their Bibles True, they would be jealous for themselves, and not for thee: that meaneth, they would be jealous, fearing they were deceiving themselves, and their religion prove their ruin, because they build their religion on the teaching of men, and not on the teaching of My Spirit. Por oovv I tell thee, they cover with a covering, but not of My Spirit; and their fear towards Me is by the teaching of men. Now let all men grow as jealous for themselves as thou hast been for thyself; and judge for themselves, whether they would deal more faithfully with their friends than I the Lord will deal with mine; for if they, being in evil, know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more, shall I the Lord Of Heaven And Earth, give good gifts to them that ask. But thou sayest in thy heart, that many profess to be friends to Me, that are persecuting My Spirit in thee, under a mistaken notion. To this, I answer, let thy jealousy be their jealousy, lest religion proves their ruin; and let this jealousy alarm the shepherds. "Am I deceiv'*' ing my flock by a wrong judgment? Hath an "evil spirit the power over me to lead my judgment "astray? If •so, how fatal must my end be, when I"reflect how many thousands I have led into errors by "mocking the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, "setting at nought all His threatenings and warn"ings, turning the Bible upside down ; deceiving the "people th'at support me."—The day shall come upon them unawares.—So now let this jealousy arise in all their hearts, lest their religion proves their ruin; for it was I that worked that jealousy in thy heart, to warn the nation at large thereby. So now let men grow jealous for themselves, lest their self-confidence proves their ruin, as the self-confidence of the Jnvs proved theirs.

For now to al! I loud shall call:

And from thy heart appear.
This jealousy must be in all,

And all be^in to tear,
Oivwhat foundation they have built

To make their tower so strong.
Lest in the end they all shall sink,

When boisterous storms com" on.
Upon the sand if now they stand,

Their standing sure must tall.
When I do visit every land,

And come to conquer all.
Then great you'll see the fall will be.

As 1 did warn before;
And now let all men answer me,

My Gospel must appear.
And know, the fall I told you all,

It would be great to man;
WFien by that sermon* I prove the call,
'And shew the end must come;

* Our Saviour's Sermon upon the Mount- 7th chap. Matf.

A mote was in theirbrother's eye,

I said that they would see. But not their beam for to espy;

Such hypocrites would be.
Now I see clear they do appear,

And hypocrites become;
My Gospel they profess to hear,

And build their faith thereon;
But on the sand their faith must stand,

That do my Gospel hear,
But never mark my strict command,

And liow I should appear.
So now let all men silent stand,

For I shall answer here:
Religion will your ruin be.

If you do not discern
The wav the words were spoke by mr,

How 1 again should come*.
That in the clouds I should appear,

With all the heavenly train;
As I ascended from their sight,

1 should return to men. If in like manner now I come,

The likeness all must sec: I first arose to visit them

That had believed in me;
And then in glory did ascend,

And sent my angels near,
To warn my brethren and my friends.

The way I should appear;
And in like manner come again,.—

Then now the likeness see:
I first must come to visit men,

As 1 have said to thee;
And every likeness to appear,

The woman saw me firft;
And now the end to all draws near:

The woman so doth burst,
To prove I'm come again to man,

In Spirit to appear;
So if my Bible you do discern,

You see all mysteries clear.
Then let your pondering thoughts go deep.

As she hath now begun;
And then I say like her you'd weep,

Like my disciples come:
Strange things are by the woman told,

That I do now appear,
My Bible all for to unfold,

Your eyes are holden here: "We cannot see the mystery,

"And yet our hearts do burn; "The Scriptures plain we now may see, "How he again must come."

• Acts i. Luke xxii.

For some within do now begin

In love to burn for ME;
And Satan's malice plain is seen,

Then now the likeness see:
As at the first the end doth burst,

When I did first appear: ..

They brib'd the keepers f*,to.jest, M\\\ Jf*#/2l>»~

"I was not risen there; "But tity disciples kad coniriv'd

"To take me then nviay? And now they say men have conntv'd-*

The likeness is this day: They say that my disciples now

Have fbrg'd the thing that's wrong;
And 'tis by fables, they avow,

That every truth is come.
So like the first the end doth burst,

And so do all appear;
And in like manner at the last,

Will every eye see clear,
When my disciples all arewarn'd,

_ As they were warn'd at first: They'll see my glory to appear.

And in the clouds to burst.
So now see plain, ye sons of men,

What likeness doth appear;
For as the angels came to men,

The visions you see here;
Then now is come the shadows strong,

The substance will abound,
And all shall know the end's near come,

Wherein I shall be found,
In glory bright before your sight,

1 tell you, in the air;
For every truth I'll bring to light,

And prove the end is near. So now let men, 1 say, begin

To ponder deep, like thee,
Then their religion they will fear

Their ruin it will be,
If they go on to mock these men,

That now believe my word.
Self-confidence that is in man,

Always reject their Lord,
And blind their eyes, let men grow wise:

The Jews were so of old:
They said my followers did disguise,

The truth was never told:
They said by them, and now the same,

Mankind do strong appear;
They want to blind the eyes of men.

And prove the truth's not clear.
Sa now land back your every thought,

And your religion sec:

how like the Jews you all do mock,

The Likeness doth agree.
For mine do fear, I tell you here.

As my friends did fear at first;
Because all mysteries were not clear,

Their jealousy did hurst;
And now the same I see in man,

What jealousy appears,
When they all mysteries can't discern,

Like my disciples here.
The same in man they now are come.

As mine were then of old;
So in the end, mark what is penn'd,

The mysteries I'll unfold:
The likeness see doth now agree*

And so the end will come:
In perfect manner all will be,

When I return again.
The shadow's come, it must be known,

And every likeness clear;
And so the substance will go on,

Till I to all appear:
As in the clouds 1 did ascend.

Unto my Throne Above;
So to this earth I now shall bend.

To those that do me love;
To have me come and dwell with them.

To them I shall appear;
And so my angels come to wam,

My Coming now is near:
And near 'twill be, you all will see,

Though you may judge it long,
Whose hearts are wishing no* tor me,

To have my Kingdom come:
But if it comes to man unknown.

Your ruin it will be;
The foolish virgins must be known,

Ne'er cnter'din with me.
I knew them not was then their lot*

And so their lot will come;
My Gospel men have quite forgot,

The way I warned them:
That they my Coming must expect.

In triumph to appear:
These Parables you all neglect,

And ne'er discern them here: ^^^

That on this Earth must all come forth; -»$f~ "7~

In Heaven 't can never be: No foolish virgins can be there,

In triumph to reign with Me. No j all above do see my Love;

For none comes there too late; But here below mankind will know

Thousands will meet this fate:

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