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sisters, but after thy spirit. Now I tell thee, this parable of thee and thy sister goes deep for all mankind; for I now tell thee, I have many professed Christians who believe in ME after the manner of my Coming in the Flesh ; and they, like thy sister's love to thee, they love me after the manner of my first Coming; and I love them; and so they were joined with me in the flesh, because I suffered in the flesh for them ; and I loved them as my life, to die for them : but now I am come in the SPIRIT, they have departed from me, as thy sister is from thee; and they are blaining Meas thy sister blames thee ; then they must know, as thy sister's unbelief hath lessened thy love for her, their unbelief hath Jessened mine also ; because they have judged my wisdom foolishness. Then how can I have any more delight to dwell with them, than thou hast to dwell with thy sister ? I tell thee no: the parable is deep for all men. But thou sayest in thy heart, thou hast still a love for thy sister, and wishest her to be happy both in time and eternity ; yet thou canst find no comfort with her, because of her blaming thee through her unbelief. Just so it is with me and these Christians that are now full of unbelief, calling all my visitation to thee foolishness. I tell thee, like thy sister, they have lessened my esteem for them; and I have no more delight with them, than thou hast with thy sister, and thy sister with thee ; vet like thy love for thy sister, I wish thein to be happy, though apart from ME : and for their sakes, I shall not kill and destroy the nation at once! that the judgments coming one after the other may give them time to turn unto me, and be joined with ME: for know, I told thee in the beginning, THY SISTER AND THEE WAS A DEEP TYPE OF THE NATION.

For here the type stands deep for all,
And let the land behold this call.

Between thy sister here and thee,
The type goes deep of man and ME.
So let these parables appear,
And let men's conscience answer here,
To see the parables are penn'd,
And then you all may judge the end;
The way that I asham'd shall be,
Of those that now despiseth ME,
Though they like sisters may appear, i
To say " our ELDER BROTHER here,
If He is come to change the sound,
That on this earth he may be found,
We will not now promote His REIGN,
We cannot sec his WISDOM plain;
To cast the ferpent in his stead,
Though well we know he made him blocd,
And now in SPIRIT CHRIST is come,
To cast the serpent in his room;
Which is but folly now to we."

WI Wisdom of Solomon
Then how with such can I agree
That in this manner do contend ?
No, you two sisters shew the end,
How unto others I shall join,
That now in spirit do combine,
To vindicate my just decrees;
These are my friends, judye as you please,
And shall be with me in the end,
As thou art How join'd with my friends.
So here I'll end it with the man
'That did condemn thy written hand;
And let all your hands appear
For to condemn such folly here,
For I shall cast such Men from ME,
As then they cast the man that day;
It was a Wisdom deep in man,
To tell them to lift up their hands,
That did against the man appear;
And perfect so I tell you here,
I'll cast the serpent by the hand,
As in that day they cast the man;
And by their hands I'll make him go-
The type is deep, you all shall know.

· And deep is the parable and the ponderings of thy heart that thou drawest of the father and the chil. dren; of thyself and thy sister; of the man that was put out of the room by the men's holding up their hands against him--for these three types, or parables, are deep for the end. So put the whole in print together, and let the world judge as they please--for when every man's hand is lifted up against Satan, I shall put him out of the society of inen, as that man was put

out of the society of thy friends; and until that is done, my friends cannot enjoy perfect peace and happiness together. For, like that man, Satan gets in aanongst my friends to disturb their peace, as that man got in amongst thy friends to disturb them. Thou sayest in thy heart he was a friend to the Devil : and I now tell thee, the Devil was pleading in him."

Here my readers may judge my senses are weak, or my faith is strong, to put in print the events of years, when I am mocked by the unbelieving world, that the truths do not follow as predicted ; and my friends have drawn a wrong judgment, as well as my foes ; so that the predictions are looked upon as false, which I am now ordered to publish to the world. As to my own judgment it cannot foil me now, as I never drew a right judgment from my writings in my life; therefore I rely entirely on the explanation given me by the Spirit, and not from my own, as all have come true contrary to any judgment I have formed. Now I shall lay before my readers in what manner all have come, that foiled me at first, and strengthened me at last.

After the war was broke out in 1793, that was foretold in 1792, with many other truths too tedious to mention, I was ordered to write to a methodist preacher; and before he caine to me I was ordered to open my Bible : it was at the three first chapters of Ezekiel. I was then answeredas it was in those chapters, so it would be with me, and them. But when he came and told me my writings were from the Devil, as an angel of light; and he said we knew not one Spirit from another ; the war was all I had in my favour, and that would be over before Christmas; and not one thing else that I had prophesied would take place; his arguments-greatly stumbled me. Tears and prayers were my private companions the following day ; I thought if my calling was of God, he would not have directed ine to such a man

A WARNING TO THE WORLD. 25 as he, who said it was from the Devil ; for I did not understand the meaning of the chapters, before they were explained to the strengthening of my faith, and I was answered" He had erred in judgment and stumbled in visions, for all that was revealed to me would follow, and the war would not end, as he had predicted, at the end of that year (viz. 1793). In 1794 I saw the truth of the words given to me, and how wrong his judgment was, for then the truth of the dearth began to appear. I then was ordered to write to him again ; and he wrote to me for answer, He was of, opinion with many, we were going to sce good days, as he then thought all would soon be over.” Here I was again stumbled by his letter ; and then another sign was set before me : a kinsman of mine was taken dangerously ill in a fever, and was given over by the apothecary. They sent to me to get a physician; I went to see him, and judged he was dying, and that it was fruitless to go for a physician. But I was answered by the Spirit, “ this sickness is not unto death; thou shalt go for the physician ; and as thou findest his judgment concerning thy kinsman, so is Leach's judgment concerning thy writings." The physician came and pronounced him a dying man, and said he could not recoyer; (this was the sixth day of the fever). I then was answered as before, “ this sickness is not: unto death; his fever shall turn on the gth day (which was on a Friday); . he shall go in the country and change the air in the following week; he shall be perfectly restored to health, and to his labour ; but his life is not of long duration.” This I told Mrs. Taylor and my friends, who knew of my prophecies at the very time the physician gave himn over for death* ; the seventh day of the fever, he was judged by all around him he could not live to see the morning, as they then thought him dying; and further said he would never come

* The world must know that this woman would be detected by these people if what she said was false.

out of bed until he was taken out; but I was again answered as before ; and I reproved them, saying: “ if his fever was encreased on the 7th day it might turn on the gth.” The gih day his fever iurned, as he was able to take some subsistence, and was out of bed, and sat up some time while his bed was making and after. On Saturday he was up some hours ; the latter end of the week following he rode five miles into the country to his aunt, to change the air ; and was after perfectly restored to his health and labour; and lived to be set as anuther sign before me in 1797 ; and then he was again taken ill, and died at the age of nearly 24. This wondrous work of the LORD strengthened my faith against every opposition of man, as I was well convinced none but a God could have set such signs before me. In 1795, there was a tumult in Exeter Castle between the Irish soldiers and the English officers; their swords were drawn and many wounded, and the city was in great confusion that day; and I trembled greatly to see the officers and the soldiers, with their naked swords running one afier the other in the streets. I then was answered by the Spirit, was the shadow began that day in England, so the substance would break out in Ireland, between the Irish and the English, and that dreadful tumults and rebellion would be there ;" I then simply thought it must take place immediately, but it did not until 1798. These reflections shew me how wrong is my judgment, and the truth of my prophecies not coming so soon as I expected ; and some came sooner than I expected, as the mutiny on the seas in 1797 took place in three months after it was revealed to me, from & fire breaking out in a chandler's shop, that caught the wick yarn and set the candles on fire, that run from one to the other until they were all in a blaze and the house would have been burnt down if I had not þeen warned in a dream that the house was on fire ; when I awoke and called the family up, who de

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