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fore. The truth of all they will see and hear, before the elventh month doth co:ne. So they might mourn if thou art gone

Because the famine then they'll fear,
To see it in the following year,
If men don't hasty then repent;
Because iny mind is fully bent,
If England will not turn to me,..
The famine they shall surely see;
When I have stop'd the raging war,
For short and sharp it shall now appear.
The clouds will gather fast at first,
That in your land they strong will burst;
And if your foes I conquer here,
It is for those that wish me here,
Their King and Conqueror for to be,
Then I must wound your enemy; .
If they invade this very land,
My Sealed People they shall stand,
I say to see their foes to fall;
He cannot come to conquer all,
Tho' havoc great I know be'll make,
But, oh, my friends shall I forsake?
No! I will not Icayo them at that time.
But now within I know thy mind.
“ If all these things should so appear,
The sword and plague come in one year;
Or any fatal like disease,
So perfect come like my decrees, i
Can unbelief abound in man?
The truth so plain they must discern;
Withall the truths that are past before :
Can unbelief in man appear
l'nto thy thoughts I answer thee,
The thing is possible to be,

: The 23d of January, Joanna was ordered to go out at 10 o'clock to mark the night. A great change had taken place from the day to the night. As great as the change has taken place this day, so will the change come over your land ; the mist will gather fast upon them---a bright morning will bring in a cloudy and misty evening. For as the clouds covered both moon and stars last night, so will all be cloudy at the end of this year ; for all hearts will be as heavy as thine hath been this day; for I tell thee, this year will end in a mist to mankind. Believers will see the light of the morning ; but on the

others the mist will cover them; though thou sayest, if all come true this year, how can unbelief abound? To this I answer, will men read and judge for themselves? Thou answerest, no. . Then how can men be convinced by the judgments? I tell thee, no:The sheep will perish for want of shepherds. For if all the judgments I have threatened shall come upon the land this year, and a year of sorrows, as you have never yet seen, yet it will end as a mist over your land. The stars will be sealed in sorrow, and the clouds will keep: . .

The following communication was given to me concerning my friends, who I believed were ill, by their long silence; and as I was going to send a letter about my fears, I was ordered to enquire for a letter, before I dropped mine in the post; which my friend did, who returned rejoicing to find a letter, which dismissed all my fears ; and then I cast my former letter in the fire. Simple as it may appear to mankind, it was answered to me, as a type for me and the nation, in the following manner :

It was I that worked within thee to make an enquiry before the letter was put in the post, as I knew there was a letter there to dismiss thy fears; the letter came, and thy fears vanished, and was consumed in the fire at the end of the day, as thou little thoughtest of, and in an hour unaware *; for while thy fears were writing, the letter that dismissed them was coming. Now here stands the type deep for your land, and for thee, and all true believers; for when your fears are inost alarmed, and thou beginnest most to fear; in that very day and hour thou art ready to sink ; like the letter that was ready to sink, or be dropped in the post, thy deliverance will come, and thy friends and believers will rejoice, as Turner did when he came home with the letter; for I tell thee, that is but the shadow, the substance will be great to a!). So let this shadow be kept in remembrance to you all, for every type and shadow goes deep, and as thy fears were consumed in the fire, so they shall be consumed and vanished, by the fire of my love, and the fire of men's anger ; for, as the fire is good to warm you, so shall my love warm you, and dismiss all your fears ; and as a fire that is furious kindles Aames, so will the fire of Satan's malice kindle flames in men also ; and then all thy fears will be dismissed, and my truth will stand before thee, like the Jetter ; to shew thee thou hast feared a fear where no fear was : for all thy fears have been as fruitless and as wrong as it was to fear thy friends' illness, when thou sawest his hand writing before thee; and just the same thou shalt see it is MY HAND WRITING that is before thee. And now I shall come to the nation : for in like manner it will coine upon them in a day they do not think of, and in an hour unaware; the news will come to them that their dangers are great ; as the truth is to thee, so are the dangers to your land; for know, I told thee thy fears must come first, and the land must first boast; but thy fears shall vanish, and the land shall fear : for when the news is brought to thee that thy fears are vanished, the fears of the nation will be on fire, burning like thy letter; and the fire of mine anger shall burn them up; for their faith or fear is, it will not come ; but when they begin to fear dangers, they will find them kindled like the flames of thy letter; for their fears will be kindled to a flame to consume them. For now I shall come to the purpose with all men, I said in the beginning I only meant to mock those that said, unless they saw signs and wonders they would not believe. Now thou sayest in thy heart, that believers are stumbled thereby. To this I answer, how could I try their faith without fojling them, for they have not weighed the whole together ; neither have they discerned; what was said was not to be understood by the world at large. Do men simply suppose I meant to set signs, like the wisdom

* Joanna did not think the post had come in.


of men, to tell them in a straight line what should happen, and what shall come on *, as your simple wisdom is ? Thou knowest I told thee it was not for the unbelieving world to know the times nor seasons when it would come on, but only given to believers; but your wisdom hath been to act contrary to my words; and ye have inade it public amongst man. kind : what I said was for believers only; therefore ye have foiled yourselves and seen the truth of my words, that judgments deferred to another March and Aprilwould only place thorns inbelievers' breasts, and add to their sorrows; for my wisdom is, first to let believers feel the mockery of mankind, and heighten their sorrows, before I heightened their deliverance ; and gave the land room to boast, as Pharoah did. For thou knowest what I said of the Egyptian host, in the 1800th. I tell thee thou must look to the past, to know the events of this year; and the fatal dangers that are threatened, they may expect another; but I tell thee, the shadow of all will come this year; and the preparation that is making, will bring in the dangers that are threatened ; but mark, I told thee they would not come all at once; and yet all at once, they that are believers are looking for them, contrary to what was said. I told thee, that unbelievers should have no knowledge of the time, day, nor hour : now ye have told them of a time, day, and hour, when they are to expect it; and so your wisdom would make MY WORDS false, if the substance of what was said of March and April, was to roll on this March and April; but if you weigh every shadow, I tell thee every shadow hath appeared ; and every shadow of what I said will follow this year ; but the aweful substance will not come, until the following year; then cometh the substance of every shadow. For as I have told thee,


• Many believers at Leeds and other parts, did from their own judgments inform unbelievers of what was to take place, when it was declared it was hid from the understanding of the world.

16 À WARNING TO THE WORLD. all these evils shall not come in thy, days, and thou tremblest to pen them; thou wilt not see the fatal end that will bring deliverance to your land; and what that is I shall conceal from thee, as tliou makest all things known to mankind. Now I'lave seen the wisdom of men ; and yet; I do not blame their wisdom, for it is upright dealings as men. But know, I am a God that will not be mocked by man; and as men have mocked my warnings, mocked my invitation, heard of my kingdom approaching, and will not lay it to heart, nor regard my coming only enquire if the enemy is coming! That curiosity is not consistent with my wisdom, to let them know when dangers will come upon them ; for then the unbelieving world will have as much knowledge as my friends, who are desirous for my coming to establish my kingdom. And what would the wite' uiderstand more than the foolish and the wicked, if I should act to the wisdom of men, to bring all things in a straight line before them? This way is never my Wisdom ; for then my Wisdom must fall like the Wisdom of Man and never lead men to the depth of my Wisdom ; neither would they trace my footsteps to discern my ways, or decrees ; for I now tell thee, if I was to order thee to publish to the world the events of this year and the two following, and all' was to come in a straight line'; as many Thousands of Books, as thou hast published already, would not be enough to supply their curiosity, to have this Book; and all thy other Books would be disregarded by Man-what need say they of the others, to know the Wisdom of God in creation, or in preservation, as long as we know what is before us; whether we shall escape the dangers or not. But this was not the intent of my Visitation to thee : my Visitation to thee was to bring men'to the Knowledge of the Good, as Satan brought them to the Knowledge of the Evil; and for Men to read my words and judge of my ways, that I might search their hearts

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