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A WARNING TO THE WORLD. . . established ? No other way in honour can I protect man; for as you condemn each other for hypocrisy, so doth Satan condemn all men; and there is no way I can confound him and condemn him but by their written hand, and there is no other way I can justify man to the Devil but by their hand writing against him, and that they wish my Will to be done upon earth, by destroying that power that tempts men to , sin against ME. And now let all men look to Job; did I not justify him? but how did Satan condemn der him before I gave him power to try him? And now dismile I have given up to his words to try man the same. with the po Oh ye sons of men ! could ye suppose such trials o Dia could be given to Job to please the Malice of the Devil, if I had not wise ends in it, to shew you at the last I mean to confound Satan in his own words, and give up to his own wisdom to justify man and confound him; and now to confound bim this is done ; therefore believers are justified by faith, and they that do not believe will perish through unbelief. So let not thy heart be wounded, nor thy spirits be grieved. Shall I see the different conduct of mankind and not make different dealings with them? See the love of man on the one hand, what they are doing in love to me, while others are mocking My COMING.–Then should I now prolong the judgments,, I must wound my friends, and give place to the Devil to make their foes to rejoice. Therefore the thorn must be in their flesh; the longer and the deeper must the wound go. So if thou lovest thy Enemies, and hatest thy friends, pray for the judginents to be prolonged.-But if thou lovest thy friends, let thy heart be chearful, and know, the God of the whole eartb will do right. Do I not know what man is? Do I not know what they will be ? Do I not know the arts of Satan, how he works to blind their eyes? Therefore it is better to cut off a right hand, or to pluck out a right eye, than to have the wbole tation to perish; for Satan would soon find a way

I shall

for all to perish, if my judgments were prolonged. Therefore, the word is gone out of my mouth, and it shall not return; for my decrees are fixed. And now let reason take possession of thy heart : Dost thou wish the wicked to live to add sin to sin, and to fill up their measures the greater ? As to the righteous, if I take them, I shall take them from the evils to conie ; for I shall now do justice to all men ; and justice now demands my love to my friends, that have shewed such love to me, therefore their lamps I will trim with oil, and make them burn bright : for now the truth shall follow my words. Men have had three years to mock while I tried them with blessings; and now is coming my time to punish. For no more than they have seen the sun for these days, no more shall they see the sunshine of my countenance in the months these days allude to ; for I shall reward thein according to their doings : for now will I curse their blessings; my anger is kindled, my fury shall go forth, and my foes shall fall before me. For as the heavens have gathered blackness, so shall the months gather blackness over your land : and all lands may begin to tremble, for the day of the Lord is at hand; a day of clouds and thick darkness, a day of gloominess and heaviness, for the day of judgment is begun. Let not thy heart fail thee, nor thy hand tremble, for the nations shall drink the cup of my fury. Oh England, England, how long have I warned thee, how long have I threatened thee, how long have I invited thee to accept of offered mercies, and told thee my kingdom of peace was approaching? But how few regard my love? How few regard my honour ? How few res gard the invitation ? Are not most men like Moore, who says, if my kingdom come we cannot prevent it ;" but will not give theinselves the trouble to search out the truth, whether these things are so or not. Now I tell thee, there are tens of thousands in your land who would have acted like Moore ; therefore I told

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9 1974 thee in 1792, the ministers should weep between the o porch and the altar; and now between the porch and

3.450 the altar they shall weep. - For I have now. tried the Gentiles, and of the two they are worse than the Jews; and was I to come again in the body, like the Jews, they would put me to death. For they might as well believe I worked miracles by the Devil, as believe the Devil'is come to plead his own destruction, and remind men of the promise made in the fall; or that he is come to destroy his own kingdom, and to exalt MINE.---Oh, ye blind leaders of the blind, how will ye fall into the ditch together! Did I not warn you of all these things before ; that I should come again to judge the righteousness? Did I not give you the parable from thé Fig Tree, from the wars and tumults, from distresses and perplexities of nations, from divisions of nations, fiom divisions in houses and families, froin false prophets and false Christs? Are not all these things together? Did I not warn you of true prophets, that the Holy Ghost, which was the Comforter, the Father would send in my Name, to bring all things to your remembrance? And now all the Bible is brought to your remembrance, from the creation to your redemption: but how few- regard whether they are redeemed or not? Did I not say offences must first come ? But woe unto the land because of offences : and are not offences come strong in this land ? Now judge for yourselves, ye fallen sons of Adam, what a házard this woman hath run to follow on to know the Lord, or by what Spirit she was led. Did she not run the . hazard, in the first place, to lose all she had in the world, and to leave all to follow on to know if I had spoken by her? Did she not run the hazard of kindling the wrath of hell against her, by her dispute with Satan in the beginning, (that is, in 1792)? Did she not run the hazard of being discovered, if a wrong Spirit had led ber, by putting the letters in the hands of ministers? Did she not run the hazard

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suffer for their ingratitude 10 A WARNING TO THE WORLD. of poverty and distress by printing, when her books lay by her ? Did she go to cloak the truth from the men who came to Exeter to search out the truth ? Did she not warn them to go to the bottom of every truth, and send to her enemies to be her witnesses ? Does she try to conceal her written hand ? Does she not try to bring all to read that will learn? Did she not run the hazard of being imprisoned when I ordered her to write to the Parliament ? Did she conceal the truth of this present war before it broke out ? Did she not run another đangerous hazard in her dispute with Satan seven day's alone by herself? And did she not faithfully tell her fears when the Devil alarmed her? Did she conceal the answer that was given her when the knock came so loud on her table, that must have been a token of her death if any wrong Spirit had led her ? But was she not faithful unto death, and said, if she lived, her visitation was from the Lord, and she would obey ; and was she not faithful to obey ? Now judge for yourselves, ye sons of men, what hazards this woman hath run, believing, if there was a God, there must be a faithful Godthat will not permit her thus to be deceived, nor give my wisdom, honour, nor power, to another'; but that every good and perfect gift must come down from the Father of Light. Now I have laid before you her upright dealings with God and man. But how do you judge your God, if you judge I will deceive her? No, no I tell you I will never leave her, nor forsake her, but pour out my fury on her enemies, as she has suffered such reproach for my sake ; and so shall the land suffer for their

ingratitude. And now mark this day, the seventh md Tow How month, (17th day of January) which is for Julyan la ingratituds

Then here the mist shall bring the rust,
Upon your every grain;
If me do longer mock and jost,
The famine next shall come.
I'll jest no more, 'till all be o'er,
For now I'll make an end;

A Month

And when my labour all is o'er,
I will enjoy my friends;
For now to them I mean to come
As their desires I know;
Their labours shall not be in vain,
I'll make their joys to flow,
For if the mist be o'er the land,
My friends the light shall see,
The truth of all they shall command,
And know I've spoke by thee;
For now their love I will reward,
My Love they shall enjoy ;
But how my foes can I regard?
My honour they destroy. .
For now to reason I'll begin,
And let your thoughts go deep;
If I am Ifrael's God and King,
A guard that do pot sleep;
Then all your private ways I know,
Your public actions see;
When my Decrees were seald below,
Praises were sung to ME.
And then my Supper was set forth
In token trise of love;
And for my Coming this shall be,
For every cause I'll move,
That now is seen to stand between
My chosen friends and me;
My harvest fast I'll gather in,
And my delight shall be,
I say, with inan, as they've begun
To shew their love so clear,
Thou saidst to bear the mock of men,
To wish my Kingdom here;
Then now my Love they'll surely prove
To be more great than man's.
And froin the shadow you have here,

I tell thee so 'twill come. Twenty-first day of January, or ninth month in the year.

And then I tell thee, men may mourn like the rain, or roar like the winds, and say.--the harvest is over; the day is ended, but we are not saved : for I shall cut short the harvest, if I do not destroy it ; and I shall cut short the land also, For now my calling is like the wind, that every soul shall see and find, and will as loudly now go on. The ending of this year will come, to make my chosen call aloud, and prove the truth they have seen and heard. That is, I say my chosen men, they will say the clouds did gather in, as thou didst tell them all be


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