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Pastor of the first Universalist Society in Portland, Me.

Portland :


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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1837, by S. H. COLESWORTHY, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Maine.


The lectures comprising this volume, with the exception of the last two, were prepared, and delivered before the First Univarsalist Society of this City, in the winter of 1836; and they are now given to the public, through the press, at the request of those who heard them.

They were hastily written, in the midst of weekly parochial engagements, and preparations for the Sabbath. And they are published as they were originally delivered, with the exception of the correction of a few errors. As to the style, the only thing attempted, was, to make it as familiar, plain, and conversational as possible. It was not my intention to please critics — but to make the meaning obvious to common readers, for whom the book is intended. Therefore, those who criticise, will fight a'man of straw,' because nothing like elegance of style has been studied.

The subjects of the first two lectures, were suggested, by a question which was discussed in the Universalist Institute of this City, involving the utility of marriage, and the expedienency of early marriages. The discussion of this question attrac

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