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Α. D. 33.

JOHN XIX. 37-42. --Xx, 1.-3.

Α. D. 33.

closed me: they pierced my hands fortieth year of his reign. And they and my feet, Psal. xxii. 16. And I buried him in his own sepulchres, will pour upon the house of David, which he had made for himself in the and upon the inhabitants of Jerusa- city of David, and laid him in the lem, the spirit of grace and of suppli- bed which was filled with sweet cations; and they sball look upon me odours and divers kinds of spices prewhom they have pierced, and they pared by the apothecaries' art; and shall mourn for him, as one mourneth they made a very great burning for for his only son, and shall be in bitter- him, 2 Chron. xvi. 13, 14. And when ness for him, as one that is in bitter. Joseph had taken the body, and ness for his first-born, Zech. xii. 10. wrapped it in a clean linen cloth,

Matt. xxvii. 59.
VER. 38.

VER. 41.
Μετά δε ταύτα ήρώτησε τον Πιλάτον και
Ιωσήφ και από 'Αριμαθαίας, (ών μαθητής

"Ην δε εν τω τόπω όπου εσταυρώθη του Ιησού, κεκρυμμένος δε διά τον φόβον κήπος, και εν τω κήπο μνημείον καινόν, έν των Ιουδαίων,) ένα άρη το σώμα του

ώ ουδέπω ουδείς ετέθη: Ιησού και επέτρεψεν ο Πιλάτος. "Ηλθεν Now in the place where he was cruούν και ήρε το σώμα του Ιησού.

cified there was a garden ; and in the And after this, a Joseph of Arimathæa gurden a new sepulchre, wherein was being n disciple of Jesus, but secretly never man yet laid. for fear of the Jews, besought Pilate that

VER. 49. he might take away the body of Jesus : and Pilate gave him leave. He came

'Εκεί ούν, διά την παρασκευής των Ιουtherefore, and took the body of Jesus.

δαίων, ότι εγγύς ήν το μνημείον, έθεκαν

τον Ιησούν. a See on Matt. xxvii. ver. 57-59.

a There laid they Jesus therefore, beVER. 39.

cause of the Jews' preparation day; for "Ηλθε δε και Νικόδημος (ο ελθών προς | the sepulchre was nigh at hand. τον Ιησούν νυκτος το πρώτον) φέρων μίγ a See on Matt. xxvii. ver. 60. μα σμύρνης και αλόης ωσεί λίτρας εκατόν.

And there came also a Nicodemus, CHAP. XX.-VER. I. which at the first came to Jesus by night, Τη δε μιά των σαββάτων Μαρία και and brought a mixture of myrrh and Μαγδαληνή έρχεται πρωί, σκοτίας έτι ούaloes, about an hundred pound weight. Η σης, εις το μνημείου και Ελέπει τον λίθον

bThere was a man of the Phari- ήρμένον εκ του μνημείου. sees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews : the same came to Jesus

The first day of the week cometh Mary by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone

Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, we know that thou art a teacher come from God; for no man can do these

taken away from the sepulchre. miracles that thou doest, except God

VER. 2. be with him, John iii. 1,2.

Τρέχει ούν και έρχεται προς Σίματα VER. 40.

Πέτρον, και προς τον άλλον μαθητής δεν "Έλαβον ούν το σώμα του Ιησού, και έφίλει ο Ιησούς, και λέγει αυτούς“Ήραν έδησαν αυτό οθονίοις μετά των αρωμάτων, τον Κύριον εκ του μνημείου, και ουκ οίδαμεν καθώς έθος έστι τοϊς Ιουδαίοις ενταφιά- που έθηκαν αυτόν. ζειν.

Then she runneth, and cometh to Si

mon Peter, and to a the other discipk, a Then took they the body of Jesus, whom Jesus loved, and suith unto them, and wound it in linen clothes with the They have taken away the Lord out of spices, as the manner of the Jews is to the sepulchre, and we know not where bury.

they have laid him. a And Joseph commanded his ser * See on chap. xiii.ver. 23. clause 9. vants the physicians to embalm his father; and the physicians embalmed

VER. 3. Israel, Gen. 1. 2. And Asa slept with 'Εξήλθεν ούν ο Πέτρος, και ο άλλος μαhis fathers, and died in the one and | 9ητής, και ήρχοντο εις το μνημείον.

Α. D. 33.

JOHN XX. 3-16.

Α. D. 33.

Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple, and came to the sepulchre.

VER. 11.

Μαρία δε ειστήκει προς το μνημείον VER. 4.

κλαίουσα έξω. Ως ούν έκλαιε, σαρίκυψεν "Έτρεχον δε οι δύο ομού, και ο άλλος μα· | εις το μνημείον: θητής προέδραμε τάχιον του Πέτρου, και ήλθε πρώτος εις το μνημείον.

But Mary stood without at the se

pulchre weeping: and as she wept, she So they ran both together: and the stooped down, and looked into the seother disciple did outrun Peter, and pulchre, came first to the sepulchre.

VER. 12.
VER. 5.

Και θεωρεί δύο αγγέλους έν λευκούς, Και παρακύψας βλέπει κείμενα τα ένα προς τοις ποσίν, όπου έκειτο το σώμα

καθεζομένους, ένα προς τη κεφαλή, και οθονια· ου μέντοι εισήλθεν.

του Ιησού. And he stooping down, and looking And seeth two angels in white sitting, in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went the one at the head, and the other at the he not in.

feet, where the body of Jesus had lain. VER. 6.

VER. 13. "Έρχεται ούν Σίμων Πέτρος ακολουθών Και λέγουσιν αυτή εκείνος: Γύναι, τι αυτώ, και εισήλθεν εις το μνημείον, και κλαίεις; Λέγει αυτούς: Οτι ήραν τον Κύριόν θεωρεί τα οθόνια κείμενα,

μου, και ουκ οίδα που έθηκαν αυτόν. Then cometh Simon Peter following And they say unto her, Woman, why him, and went into the sepulchre, and weepest thou? She saith unto them, Beseeth the linen clothes lie,

cause they have taken away my Lord,

and I know not where they huve laid VER. 7.

him. Και το σουδάριον, και ήν επί της κεφαλής

VER. 14. αυτού, ου μετά των οθονίων κείμενον, αλλά Και ταύτα ειπούσα, εστράφη εις τα χωρίς, εντετυλιγμένον εις ένα τόσον.

οπίσω, και θεωρεί τον Ιησούν εστώτα" και And the napkin, that was about his cix idei őri o 'Incoûç lor. head, not lying with the linen clothes, And when she had thus said, she but wrapped together in a place by itself. turned herself back, and saw Jesus stand

ing, and knew not that it was Jesus. VER. 8.

a Now wben Jesus was risen early Τότε ούν εισήλθε και ο άλλος μαθητής | the first day of the week, he appeared ο ελθών πρώτος εις το μνημείον, και είδε, | firstto Mary Magdalene, out of whom και επίστευσεν.

he had cast seven devils, Mark xvi. 9. Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulchre, and

VER. 15. he saw, and believed.

Λέγει αυτή ο Ιησούς: Γύναι, τί κλαίεις;

τίνα ζητείς; Εκείνη, δοκούσα ότι ο κηπουVER. 9.

ρός έστι, λέγει αυτώ· Κύριε, ει συ εβάσταΟυδέπω γαρ ήδεισαν την γραφήν, ότι σας αυτόν, είπέ μοι που αυτόν έθηκας, δεί αυτόν εκ νεκρών αναστήναι.

καγώ αυτόν αρώ. For as yet they knew not a the Scrip Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why ture, that he must rise again from the weepest thou? whom seekest thou i She, dead.

supposing him to be the gardener, saith a See on Matt. xvi. ver. 21.

unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him

hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, VER. 10.

and I will take him away. 'Απήλθον ούν πάλιν προς εαυτούς οι

VER. 16. μαθηταί.

Λέγει αυτή ο Ιησούς: Μαρία. ΣτραThen the disciples, went αιcay again | φείσα εκείνη λέγει αυτά: Ραζόουνί, δ λέ unto their own home.

γεται, διδάσκαλε. VOL. II.


JOHN XX. 16-19.

A. D. 33.

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Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She pass, that in all the land, saith the turned herself, and saith unto him, Rab- LORD, two parts therein shall be cut boni; which is to say, Master.

off, and die; but the third shall be VER. 17.

left therein. And I will bring the Λέγει αυτή ο Ιησούς: Μή μου άπτου» | third part through the fire, and will vera yaip kvacilona spos tò series refine them as silver is refined, and peor propese di sagès tous adapous

pou shall call on my name, and I will

will try them as gold is tried; they και είπε αυτούς 'Αναβαίνω προς τον πα

hear them ; τέρα μου και πατέρα υμών, και Θεόν

I will say, It is my

prou και Θεόν υμών.

people; and they shall say, The Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not ; But now they desire a better country,

LORD is my God, Zech. xüi. 7-9. for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to a my brethren, and say unto

that is, an heavenly : wherefore God them, l'ascend unto e my Father, a and is not ashamed to be called their your Father; and to my God, and God; for he hath prepared for them your God.

a city, Heb. xi. 16. a See on Matt. vi. ver. 50. clause 2.

VER. 18. See on chap. vii. ver. 33.

"Ερχεται Μαρία η Μαγδαληνή άσεγSee on Matt. vij.ver. 21. clause 4. perdoura tots igentais öts i bicams to See on Matt. v. ver. 16. clause 3. Kúgsov, xai taūta elnev air. e Blessed be the God and Father of a Mary Magdalene came and told the our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath bles- disciples that she had seen the Lord, and sed us with all spiritual blessings in that he had spoken these things unto heavenly places in Christ, Eph. i. 3. her. The God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the * Now when Jesus was risen early Father of glory, 17. Thou hast loved the first day of the week, he appeared righteousness, and hated iniquity; first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom therefore God, even thy God, hath he had cast seven deviļs. And she anointed thee with the oil of glad went and told them that had been ness above thy fellows, Heb. i. 9. with him, as they mourned and wept, Then said I, Lo, I come (in the vo- Mark xvi. 9, 10. lume of the book it is written of me)

VER. 19. to do thy will, O God, x. 7. Fear thou pot; for I am with thee;

Ούσης ούν οψίας, τη ημέρα εκείνη τη μια be not dismayed, for I am thy God: 1 Tãy salátar, xai Tây Dupão REX REEDS will strengthen thee ; yea, I will help μένων όπου ήσαν οι μαθηταί συνηγμένοι διά thee; yea, I will uphold thee with rör póßoy Târ 'lovdalar, 52.98 Incois the right hand of my righteousness, και έστη είς το μέσον, και λέγει αυτούς Isa. xli. 10. But this shall be the co

Eipur . venant that I will make with the a Then the same day at evening, being house of Israel; after those days, the first day of the week, when the doors saith the LORD, I will put my law in

were shut where the disciples were astheir inward parts, and write it in sembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus their hearts ; and will be their God, and stood in the midst, and saith unto and they shall be my people, Jer. xxxi. them, 6 Peace be unto you. $3. and Heb. viï. 10. And they shall a And they rose up the same hour, be my people, and I will be their and returned to Jerusalem, and found God, xxxii. 38. And ye shall dwell the eleven gathered together, and in the land that I gave to your fa- them that were with them, Saying, thers; and ye shall be my people, The Lord is risen indeed, and hath and I will be your God, Ezek. xxxvi. appeared to Simon. And they told 28. and xxxvii. 27. Awake, O sword, what things were done in the way, and against my Shepherd, and against how he was known of them in breakthe man that is my fellow, saith the ing of bread. And as they thus spake, LORD of hosts : smite the Shepherd, Jesus himself stood in the midst of and the sheep shall be scattered; them, and saith unto them, Peace be and I will turn mine band upon the unto you, Luke xxiv. 33–56. little ones. And it shall come to b See on chap. xiv. ver. 97.

Α. D. 33.

JOHN Xx. 20-28.

Α. D. 33.


VER. 20.

But Thomas, one of the twelve, called Και τούτο εισών, έδειξεν αυτοίς τας

Didymus, was not with them when Jesus χείρας και την πλευράν αυτού. Έχάρησαν

VER. 25. ούν οι μαθηται ιδόντες τον Κύριον.

"Έλεγον ούν αυτώ οι άλλοι μαθηταί και And when he had s0 said, he shened | Εωράκαμεν τον Κύριον. ο δε είπεν αυunto them his hands and his side. Then τουςΕάν μη ίδω εν ταϊς χερσίν αυτού του were the disciples glad when they saw | τύπον των ήλων, και βάλω τον δάκτυλόν μου the Lord.

εις τον τύπον των ήλων, και βάλω την χείρά • And when he had thus spoken, he | μου εις την πλευράς αυτού, ου μή πιστεύσω. shewed them his hands and his feet. And while they yet believed not for

The other disciples therefore said unto joy, and wondered, Luke xxiv. 40, 41. him, We have seen a the Lord. But he Verily, verily, I say unto you: hands the print of the nails, and put my

said unto them, Except I shall see in his That


and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall finger into the print of the nails, and be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall thrust my hand into his side, I will not

believe. be turned into joy. A woman when she is in travail hath Borrow, because a See on Luke ii. ver. 11. clause 3. her hour is come : but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remem

VER. 26. bereth no more the anguish, for joy Και μεθ' ημέρας οκτώ πάλιν ήσαν έσω that a man is born into the world. | οι μαθηταί αυτού, και Θώμας μετ' αυτών: And ye now therefore have sorrow: έρχεται ο Ιησούς, των θυρών κεκλεισμένων, but I will see you again, and your και έστη εις το μέσον, και είπεν: Ειρήνη heart shall rejoice, and your joy | υμίν. no man taketh from you, John xvi. 20-22.

a And after eight days again his disVER. 21.

ciples were within, and Thomas with Είπεν ούν αυτοίς ο Ιησούς πάλιν: Ειρήνη | shut, and stood in the midst, and said,

them: then came Jesus, the doors being υμίν» καθώς απέσταλκέ με ο πατής, b Peace be unto you. κάγώ πέμπω υμάς. Then said Jesus to them again, Peace eleven as they sat at meat, and up;

a Afterward be appeared unto the be unto you : a as my Father hath sent braided them with their unbelief and me, b even so send I you. a See on chap. viii. ver. 42. clause 3. lieved not them which had seen him

hardness of heart, because they beSee on Matt. xxiii.ver. 34.clause 1. after he was risen, Mark xvi. 14. VER. 22.

b See on chap. xiv. ver. 27. Και τούτο είπών, ενεφύσησε, και λέγει

VER. 97. αυτούς: Λάβετε Πνεύμα άγιον: And when he had said this, he breath

Είτα λέγει τω Θωμά: Φέρε τον δακτυed on them, and saith unto them, 2 Re- λόν σου ώδε, και ίδε τας χείρας μου και ceive ye the Holy Ghost :

φέρε την χείρά σου, και βάλε εις την

πλευράν μου και μη γίνου άπιστος, αλλά 1 See on chap. xiv. ver. 26. clause 2. πιστός. VER. 23.

Then said he to Thomas, Reach hither "Αν τινων αφήτε τας αμαρτίας, αφίενται | thy finger, and behold my hands ; and αυτοϊς: άν τινων κρατήτε, κεκράτηνται. reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into

a Whose soever sins ye remit, they are my side : and be not faithless, but beremitted unto them; and whose soever | lieving. sins ye retain, they are retained.

VER. 98. a See on Matt. xviii. ver. 18.

Και απεκρίθη ο Θωμάς, και είπεν αυτώ

ο Κύριός μου και ο Θεός μου. VER. 24.

And Thomus answered and said unto Θωμάς δε, είς εκ των δώδεκα, ο λεγόμενος Δίδυμος, ουκ ήν μετ' αυτών ότι | him, a My Lord and my God. ήλθεν ο Ιησούς.

a See on chap. i. ver. 1. clause 4.

Α. D. 33.

JOHN Xxx. 29-31.-ΧΧΙ. ]-5.

Α. D. 33.

ther, and was manifested unto us ;) VER. 29.

That which we have seen and heard Λέγει αυτά ο Ιησούς: "Οτι εώρακάς με, | declare we unto you, that ye also Θώμα, πιπίστευκας; μακάριοι οι μη may have fellowship with us ; and ιδόντες, και πιστεύσαντες.

truly our fellowship is with the Fa. Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, be- ther, and with his Son Jesus Christ. cause thou hast seen me, thou hast be. And these things write we unto you, lieved : blessed are they that have not that your joy may be full, 1 John i.

2-4. seen, and yet have believed.

b See on Luke iv. ver. 18. clause 2. VER. 30.

c See on Matt. xiv. ver. 33. clause 2.

d See on Mark xvi. ver. 16. clause 1. Πολλά μέν ούν και άλλα σημεία εποίησεν ο Ιησούς ενώπιον των μαθητών αυτού,

e See on chap. vi. ver. 51. clause 5. και ουκ έστι γεγραμμένα εν τω βιβλίων CHAP. XXI.-VER 1. τούτω

Μετά ταύτα εφανέρωσεν εαυτόν πάλιν ο * And many other signs truly did | Ιησούς τους μαθηταίς επί της θαλάσσης Jesus in the presence of his disciples, της Τιβεριάδος: εφανέρωσε δε ούτως which are not written in this book :

After these things Jesus shewed hima And there are also many other self again to the disciples a at the sea of things which Jesus did, the which if Tiberius ; and on this wise shewed he they should be written every one, I himself. suppose that even the world itself

a But after I am risen again, I will could not contain the books that should

go before you into Galilee, Matt. be written. Amen, John xxi. 25.

xxvi. 32. VER. 31.

VER. 2.

"Ησαν ομού Σίμων Πέτρος, και Θωμάς Ταύτα δε γέγραπται, ένα πιστεύσητε | ο λεγόμενος Δίδυμος, και Ναθαναήλ ο από ότι ο Ιησούς έστιν ο Χριστός, ο υιός του

Κανα της Γαλιλαίας, και οι του Ζεβεδαίου, Θεού, και ένα πιστεύοντες ζωήν έχητε εν και άλλοι εκ των μαθητών αυτού δύο. του ονόματι αυτού.

There were together Simon Peter, and a But these are written, that ye might Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael helieve bthat Jesus is the Christ, the of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of ZeSon of God; dand that believing ye bedee, and two other of his disciples. might e have life through his name.

VER. 3. a For whatsoever things were writ. ten aforetime were written for our | αλιεύειν. Λέγουσιν αυτώ: 'Ερχόμεθα και

Λέγει αυτοϊς Σίμων Πέτρος Υμάγο learning, that we through patience ήμεϊς συν σοί. Εξήλθον, και ανέβησαν εις and comfort of the Scriptures might | το πλοίον ευθύς, και εν εκείνη τη νυκτί have hope, Rom. xv. 4. Now all

επίασαν ουδέν.
these things happened unto them for
ensamples : and they are written for

Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a
our admonition, upon whom the ends fishing. They say unto him, We alsu
of the world are come, 1 Cor. x. 11. go with thee. They went forth, and
And that from a child thou hast entered into a ship immediately; and
known the holy Scriptures, which are thut night they cuught nothing.
able to make thee wise unto salvation

VER. 4. through faith that is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is given by Inspiration | εις τον αιγιαλόν· ου μέντοι ήδεισαν οι μα.

Πρωίας δε ήδη γενομένης έστη ο Ιησούς of God, and is proitable for doctrine, θήται ότι Ιησούς έστι. for reproof, for correction, for instruc

But when the morning was now come, tion in righteousness; That the man Jesus stood on the shore: but the disof God inay be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works, 2 Tim. ciples knew not that it was Jesus. iii. 15–17. (For the Life was ma

VER. 5. nifested, and we have seen it, and Λέγει ούν αυτοίς ο Ιησούς: Παιδία, με bear witness, and shew unto you that τι προσφέ-ιον έχετε ; 'Απεκρίθησαν αυeternal Life, which was with the Fa. Tam Ou.

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