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child must have an equal share of its c. 42; Stannaries Act (1869) Amendment parents' property; and he found that (50 & 51 Vict. c. 43); Lunacy Districts it had caused the destruction of pro

(Scotland) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 39); Saring,

Banks and Government Annuities (50 & 51 perty. He hoped that it might not

l'ict. c. 40); Sheriff of Lanarkshire 50 & 61 injure the Government to lose one of Vict. c. 411; Trinidad and Tobago (60 & 51 the Bills named in the Queen's Speech, Vict. c. 44); Metropolitan Police (60 & 51 as reform had been mentioned in 1852,

Virt. c. 45); Labourers' Allotments (50 & 51

Vict. c. 48]; Charity Commissioners (Ofi. 1858, 1859, 1860, and again in 186,

cers) {50 & 51 Vict. c. 49]; Tramways (War when the then Chancellor of the Exche

Department) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 65); Trustee quer, on Lord John Manners quoting Savings Banks (50 & 51 Vict. c. 47]; Mer. from Lord Tennyson's A Land of

chant Shipping (Miscellaneous) (50 & ól Seliled Government, said the noble Lord

Vict. c. 62]; Valuation of Lands (Scotland)

Amendment (50 & 51 Vict. c. 51]; Friendly ought to have gone on, and quoted, Societies Act (1875) Amendment (No. 3) from the epistle dedicatory to the (50 & 51 Vict. c. 56); Bankruptcy (Dis. Queen, verses in praise of the measures charge and Closure) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 66); of reform. The words that really fol

Expiring Laws Continuance (50 & 51 Viet. lowed were –

c. 63); Local Government (Boundaries) (50 &

51 l'ict. c. :61); Prisons (Officers' Super“Where Faction seldom gathers head.” annuation) (Scotland) (50 & 5l l'ict. c. 60);

Superannuation Acts Amendment (50 & 61 The Chief Rabbi, Dr. Adler, had quoted Vict. c. 67); Technical Schools (Scotland) the words before

[50 & 51 Vict, c. 647; British Settlements

(50 & 51 Vict. c. 54]: Deeds of Arrangement “Where, begirt by friends or foes,

(No. 2) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 57); Escheat (ProA man may speak the thing he will ;

cedure) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 53); Secretary for but the words before those words were Scotland Act (1885) Amendment (50 & 51 applicable still

Vict. c. 52); Truck (50 & 51 Vict. c. 46):

Sheriffs (Consolidation) (50 & 51 Vict. c. 55); "It is a land which freemen till,

Appellate Jurisdiction (50 & 51 Vict. c. 70); Which sober-suited Freedom chose."

Coroners (50 & 51 Vict. c. 71]; Local Au. It is true now, as it was then. He had

thorities (Expenses) [50 & 51 Vict. c. 72);

Pluralities Act Amendment (50 & 51 Vid. great confidence in the present Govern- c. 681; Statute Law Revision (50 & 51 Vict. ment; and he hoped that such measures c. 59); Coal Mines Regulation (50 & 51 as the Law of Evidence-so called -- Vict. c. 58); Conveyancing (Scotland) Acts Amendment Bill would not again be

Amendment (50 & 51 lict. c. 69); Copyhold

Enfranchisement (50 & 58 Vict. c. 73). supported, and part of the Land Transfer Bill might not again be brought forward, although partly alluded to in the PROROGATION OF THE PARLIAMENTQueen's Speech.

Committee nogatived ; (Standing Order

THE PARLIAMENT was this day
No. XXXV. having been dispensed prorogued by Commission.
with for the remainder of the Session), THE LORD CHANCELLOR (Lord
Bill read 34, and passed.

HALSBURY) acquainted the House that
House adjourned at a quarter past

Her Majesty had been pleased to grant
Two o'clock, to Friday next, two several Commissions ; one for de-

Two o'clook. claring Her Royal Assent to several

Bills agreed to by both Houses of Par-
liament, and the other for proroguing

the Parliament:-And the LORDS ComHOUSE OF LORDS,


CELLOR; The Viscount Cross (Secretary
Friday, 16th September, 1887. of State for India); The LORD STANLEY

of PRESTON (President of the Board of

Trade); The EARL BROWNLOW (PayMINUTES.1–Public Bills -- Royal Assent

master General); and The MARQUESS of Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (60 & 51 LOTHIAN (Secretary for Scotland)—being Vict. c. 60); Criminal Law (Scotland) Proce- in their Robes, and seated on a Form dure) (No. 2)(50 & 51 Vict. c. 35): Lieutenancy between the Throne and the Woolsack; Clerks Allowances (60 & 51 Vict. c. 36): and the Commons being come, with their Public Works Loans (50 & 51 Pict. c. 37): Speaker, and the Commission for that Licensed Premises (Earlier Closing) (Scot. land) 150 & ól Vict. c. 38); Public Libraries purpose being read, the ROYAL ASSENT (Scotland) Acts Amendment (50 & 51 Tict. was given to several Bills.

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Then The LORD CHANCELLOR, “ I have agreed with the President pursuant to Her Majesty's Command, of the United States to refer to a delivered Her Majesty's Speech, as

Joint Commission the difficult quesfollows: "My Lords, and Gentlemen,

tions respecting the North American “My relations with other Powers Fisheries which have recently been

under discussion between the two continue to be friendly.

Nations. "The protracted Negotiations which have taken place between the Emperor

"It is with singular satisfaction of Russia and Myself in regard to the that I mention the assemblage of the Line of Frontier, which we should first Conference of the Representatives agree to recognise as forming the of My Colonies that has cver been Northern Limit of Afghanistan, have held in this Capital. Their deliberabeen brought to a satisfactory termi- tions, directed to many matters of nation ; and the Ameer has readily deep practical interest to their reaccepted the boundary which the two spective communities, and conducted Powers have laid down. I hope that in a spirit of hearty co-operation, will, this Convention will conduce power

I doubt not, add strength to the affecfully to the maintenance of a durable tion by which the various parts of My peace in Central Asia.

Empire are bound together. "The Treaty between Great Britain

Gentlemen of the House of Comand China in reference to the relations

mons, of that Country with Burmah has

“I thank you for the liberal probeen ratified. The confident hope vision which you have made for the which I expressed that the general wants of the public service. pacification of the latter Country would be effected during the present year has My Lords, and Gentlemen, been fully realised, and a settled Go- “There are some grounds for hoping vernment is being gradually introduced that the grave depression under which into its more remote districts.

all commercial and industrial interests "A Convention was concluded be- in this country have lain for so long tween the Sultan of Turkey and My- is assuming a less severe character. self for the purpose of defining the I deeply grieve to add, however, that conditions under which it would be there is no mitigation of the suffering possible for Me to undertake the under which large portions of the withdrawal of My troops from Egypt agricultural community continue to at a fixed date. It has, however, not labour. been ratified by the Sultan, and the "The wants and difficulties of Irecourse of action imposed upon Me by land have occupied your close attenMy obligations to the Ruler and tion during a protracted Session. I People of Egypt remains unchanged. trust that the remedies which your The presence of My Forces has secured wisdom has provided will gradually to that Country the blessings of tran- effect the complete restoration of order quillity, and has enabled Me effectually in that Country, and will give a to support the Khedive in his efforts renewed encouragement to peaceful to promote the good government and industry. In order to pass them, it prosperity of his people.

has been necessary to postpone the

consideration of many important mea- | Thirtieth day of November next, to be sures affecting other parts of the then here holden ; and this Parliament United Kingdom, which, I doubt not, the Thirtieth day of November next.

is accordingly prorogued to Wednesday you will be able to resume without hindrance in the coming Session.

“I have, however, gladly given my assent to legislation by which I hope HOUSE OF COMMONS, the provision of allotments in districts where they are required will be facili- Friday, 16th September, 1887. tated; the safety and prosperity of the large and industrious population engaged in mining operations will be

The House met at a quarter beforə more fully secured ; and fraudulent Two of the clock. practices in the marking of merchan

CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE dise, highly injurious to the trade and

(IRELAND) ACT-IMPRISONMENT OF commercial reputation of this Country, MR. O'BRIEN, M.P. will be prevented; while, with regard

MR. SPEAKER informed the House to Scotland, the Law of Criminal Pro- that he had received a letter from Mr.

Richard Eaton, Resident Magistrate, accedure will be simplified and improved, quainting him of the arrest and imand the high office of Secretary for prisonment of Mr. William O'Brien, Scotland will acquire additional im- Member for the North Eastern Division

of the County of Cork, which he read to portance and efficiency.

the House, as followeth : This year, as the Fiftieth Anni

Cork, September 12th, 1887. versary of My Reign, has been the Sir, occasion for the expression of a fervent O'Brien, esquiro, a Member of the House of

I have the honour to inform you that William loyalty on the part of My subjects Commons, was this day brought before me, on throughout the Empire which has section 2 of the Criminal Law and Procedure

a Warrant, charging him with an offence under deeply touched Me. I am indeed Act, 50 and 51 Vic. c. 20, namely, inciting

divers persons to assault, obstruct, and intimitruly grateful for the warm and hearty date sundry persons, being Sheriff's officers

, proofs of affection which have reached bailiffs, constables, and other Ministers of the

Law, in the execution of their duties; and that Me from all classes ; and in thanking he has been committed by me to the County

Prison, at Cork, to await his trial on the said God for the blessings He has vouch- charge, on the 23rd of September instant, at safed to Me and to My Country, I Mitchelstown, in said county, before & Court

duly constituted under said Act, and that he is trust I

may be spared to continue to now in Cork County Prison. reign over a loving, faithful, and I have the honour to be, united people.”

Your most obedient Servant, Then a Commission for proroguing

Richard Eaton, the Parliament was read.

Resident Magistrate.

To the Right Honble. After which,

The Speaker of THE LORD CHANCELLOR said

The House of Commons. My Lords, and Gentlemen,

MR. J. O'CONNOR (Tipperary, S.): By virtue of Her Majesty's Commis- May I ask the Chief Secretary to the sion, under the Great Seal, to us and Lord Lieutenant a question arising out other Lords directed, and now read, we of that letter? do, in Her Majesty's Name, and in Mr. SPEAKER assented. obedience to Her Commands, prorogue

MR. J. O'CONNOR: I wish to ask this Parliament to Wednesday the the right hon. Gentleman whether he


burials can

will givo us any assurance that this, the Commissioners have been appointed definite appointment of the day of trial from the 1st of July last. will not be anticipated by the action of the authorities in Ireland ?



The O'GORMAN MAHON (Carlow) Westminster) (who replied) said: I have received no information from the Postmaster General, Whether it is true

(for Mr. Cox) (Clare, E.) asked the Irish Government on the subject. I

that the accounts of the Killaloe Post cannot believe that any other than the Office have been falsified and monies regular and formal course will be embezzled; whether the Postmistress adopted in this case as in all other cases. has been dismissed in consequence ;

and, whether there is any foundation BURIALS ACT (ENGLAND AND WALES) for the rumour that it is intended to - BOLTON-ON-DEARNE BURIAL

appoint a near relative of the dismissed GROUND.

official to the vacant position ? MR. SHIRLEY (Yorkshire, W. R., SIR HERBERT MAXWELL (A Doncaster) asked the Secretary of State LORD of the TREASURY) (Wigton) (who for the Home Department, Whether replied) said : The Postmistress of

now take place without Killaloe Post Office has been arrested scandal or indecency in the Bolton-on-on a charge of larceny and embezzleDearne Churchyard; why the coming ment. The matter is now the subject into operation of the order for closing of a magisterial investigation. The the said churchyard has been postponed; question of dismissal would not come and, whether the said churchyard cannot before the Postmaster General until tho be enlarged, or a new burial ground ac- magisterial investigation had been comquired ?

pleted. No vacancy had yet arisen in THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. the office of sub-Postmistress. MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.), in reply, said, that he had been informed by the CHURCH OF ENGLAND-APPROPRIAInspector that burials could take place TION OF GLEBE LAND FOR A in certain parts of the churchyard of BURIAL GROUND AT GREAT HARBolton-on-Dearne without scandal or WOOD, LANCASHIRE. indecency. The Order in Council

MR. J. ROWLANDS (Finsbury, E.) closing the churchyard had been post-(for Mr. H. J. WILSON) (York, W.R., poned until March next, in order to Holmfirth) asked the Secretary of State enable the parishioners to take steps to for the Home Department, Whether he obtain a burial ground. His

has been asked to sanction the approapproval had been asked for a site a priation by the Vicar of Great Harwood, short distance from the church.

Lancashire, of a part of the globe for

an addition to the churchyard, such land NATIONAL SCHOOLS (IRELAND)

being at a great distance from the APPOINTMENT OF PUPILS AS

churchyard; whether he is aware that MONITORS.

the Sanitary Authority of the district MR. W. ABRAHAM (Limerick, W.) have provided, under Marten's Act, a asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord cemetery adjoining the glehe land proLieutenant of Ireland, When will those posed to be so appropriated, and divided pupils who have been recommended by it into Episcopal, Nonconformist, and the District Inspectors of National Roman Catholic portions, with a separate Schools in Ireland in July last, be chapel for each ; whether the fact that appointed monitors in the schools for the Sanitary Authority, in the exercise which they have been so recommended ? of the discretion vested in them by the

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER Act, have not obtained the consecration SECRETARY (Colonel KING- HARMAN) of the Episcopal portion of the cemetery, (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) justifies the appropriation of glebe land said : The Commissioners of National for providing a second cemetery, to the Education inform me that such of the detriment of that already provided by candidate monitors recommended by the the inhabitants; and, whether, before Inspectors as have been approved by giving the required sanction, he will


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cause an inquiry into the facts of the Captain Leslie, of Tarbert, succeeded in case to be made ?

preventing the promotion of several THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. schemes for the erection of labourers' MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.), in reply, cottages, under the Labourers (Ireland) said that his approval had been Act, in the Tarbert Division, by his asked for the establishment of a undertaking to erect whatever cottages burial-ground at Great Harwood, and, might be required; whether it is a fact in accordance with the usual practice, that no cottage has ever since been built; the Burial Inspector had reported to whether the Guardian for the said him with regard to the suitableness of Division, who was responsible for acthe proposed site. He was informed cepting the said compromise, is a paid that a cemetery had been established servant of Captain Leslie, and holds the under the provisions of Marten's Act. position of Guardian through the proxy The appropriation of glebe land was votes given by Captain Leslie and his lawful under certain conditions required friends; whether the labourers in the by law to be observed. The appropria- said Division are as a consequence, comtion did not require his sanction. It pelled to inhabit huts condemned by the was for the Bishop, incumbent, and Sanitary Authorities in March, 1882; patron to decide whether the absence of and, whether any steps will be taken by a consecrated burial-ground for the in- | the Executive Government in Ireland to terment of members of the Church of remedy the present state of affairs in England in Great Harwood justified the Division referred to ? euch appropriation.


SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN) LAW AND JUSTICE (ENGLAND AND (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) WALES)—THE SENTENCE ON MIRIAM said: I understand that at a meeting of JONES, FOR ATTEMPTED CHILD the Board of Guardians of Glin Union MURDER.

Captain Leslie stated that he was preMR. W. ABRAHAM (Glamorgan Electoral Division of Tarbert at his own

pared to build eight houses in the Rhondda) asked the Secretary of State

expense; for the Home Department, Whether, Hamilton, the elected Guardian of the

and it was agreed to by Mr. after considering the Petitions sent to Division, that six houses would meet the him respecting the case of the unfor requirements of that Division. The tunate girl Miriam Jones, who was sen- clerk of Glin Union states that Mr. tenced at the Swansea Assizes to eight Hamilton was never a paid servant of years' penal servitude for an alleged Captain Leslie. It is the case that no attempt to murder her child, and in view of the fact that the child is now Medical Officer of Health appears to

co has since been built. The alive and uninjured, he will consider have reported, in June, 1882, that in whether the severity of that sentence his dispensary district, which includes might be mitigated ? THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. houses unfit for human habitation. The

Tarbert Division, there were certain MATTHEWs) (Birmingham, E.): The Guardians presented, on the 30th of learned Judge who passed sentence upon August, petitions for the confirmation of Miriam Jones is still absent from Eng: improvement schemes in the Union, inland. Upon his return I shall consult cluding the erection of 10 cottages in the him upon all the facts of the case and Tarbert Division ; and the Local Govern. upon å mitigation of sentence. It would ment Board have directed a local inquiry be contrary to usage if I dealt with the to be held into the application on the sentence without reference to the learned

21st of this month. Judge who passed it.




MR. CAREW (Kildare, N. (for Dr. MR. ATKINSON (Boston) asked the
TANNER) (Cork Co., Mid) asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If his atten:
Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant tion has been called to the fact that
of Ireland, whether it is a fact that owing to the high charges for attend-

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