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eclines the state
st in the

made of the Commissioners in the


BOUNTIES – THE INTERNATIONAL the Secretary of State for the Homo De-
CONFERENCE-APPOINTMENT OF A partment, Whether he will order the

publication of Captain Shaw's Report

on London Theatres ?
MR. CONWAY (Leitrim, N) asked
the Secretary to the Board of Trade, Matthews) (Birmingham, E.), in reply,


Whether the Government has appointed said, the Report was confidential, and
a Delegato to represent Great Britain he would consult with the Lord Cham-
and Ireland at the forthcoming Confer- berlain and the Metropolitan Board of
ence on Sugar Bounties; and, whether Works as to whether it could be pub-

such Delegate will be armed with lished with public advantage.
Che Secretary

powers calculated to neutralize the

ects of the bounties of any nati
fusing to abolish the same ?

JAMES FERGUSSON) (Manchester, N. E.)

MR. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.) asked
(who replied) said: No Delegato has the Secretary of State for the Home De-
yet been appointed, and his instructions partment, Whether his attention hias
have not yet been drawn up. The been directed to the reports in The Wes-
object of the Conferenco is to arrivo at tern Morning News of 28th July, and in
a common agreement, and the proposed | The Dartmouth Chronicle of 29th July
basis of negotiation is wide. It is un- last, of an action for assault (Cleland v.
necessary at present to anticipate the Owen) tried at the Assizes at Eseter,
event of disagreement.

from which it appears that on a Sunday

afternoon two Justices of the Peace of
LAW AND POLICE (IRELAND)-AL- the Borough of Dartınouth and County
LEGED MISCONDUCT IN THE of Davon engaged in a personal en-

counter on a public road, near Dart-
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid) asked mouth, and gave each other black eyes;
the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu- whether the Lord Chief Justice, whó

tenant of Ireland, Whether any further presided at the trial, observed, with re-
ned great is steps have been taken by the police gard to the sworn evidence of one of the
7 being an authorities in the City of Cork to bring parties, that he " could not be depended

to justice the men who were guilty of on in a question of fact;" and, what
gross misconduct and drunkenniess on a

action the Lord Chancellor proposes
recent occasion in the Cork Theatre;

take in the matter?
whether their respective names were marriews) (Birmingham, E.), in reply,

Fitzgerald, son of the Knight of Glynn,
and Hussey, son of Samuel Hussey, thó said, the Lord Chancellor had made in-
well known land agent; and, whether quiries with reference to the subject-
their statement that thoy wore magis matter of this Question ; but he had not
trates, and if the address given by them, yet been able to arrive at a decision.
the County Cork Club, is correct ?

Balroue) (Nianchester, E.): I am afraid MR. FISHER (Fulham) asked the
I have no information to give the hon. Secretary of Stato for War, Whether

he has yet come to a decision as to the
DR. TANNER: When am I to get Memorial for the opening of the Tower
an answer? Is it in consequence of Gardens to the public?
these gentlemen being friends of the THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr.
right hon. Gentleinan, and of high social E. STANHOPE)(Lincolnshire, Horncastle):
position, that he will not inquire into I am glad to say that Her Majesty has
the matter ?

approved of the opeuing, as an experi-
MR. SPEAKER: Order, order! ment, of the gardens of the covered way


lon was

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of the Tower of London, under Rules, he is aware that William Delany bas now being framed.

no residence at Cardiff, and no source

of income there or in any part of Eng. CIVIL SERVICE WRITERS-CENSUS land; that he is in the employment, at OF 1881.

a small salary, of cattle shippers, in the MR. TUITE (Westmeath, N.) asked City of Cork, who send him with their the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether live stock to Cardiff; whether it is on he can state the cause of the delay of the assumption of his being the owner the Civil Service Commission in carry of these live stock that he has been ing out the decision of the Treasury assessed with payment of Income Tax, with regard to the bonuses of those Civil which assessment should be made against Service Writers who served as temporary his employers, if at all; and, under the clerks on the Census of 1881 ?

circumstances, how long it is intended THE SECRETARY (Mr. Jackson) to keep him in prison ? (Leeds, N.): There are some points of

THE SECRETARY (Mr. JACKSON detail connected with this matter upon (Leeds N.): Yes, Sir; William Delany which the Civil Service Commissioners has been arrested for non-payment of are in correspondence with the Trea- Income Tax due for the last three

years, sury; but as soon as these points are and is liable to be kept in prison, withsettled payments will be made.

out bail, until he pays the duty in arrear

with costs, or gives security for payment. “ BOYCOTTING” (IRELAND), THE REV. As to the additional points which the

hon. Member has added to the Question H. DOLAMORE. MR. H. J. WILSON (York, W.R., inform myself; but I presume that

to-day, time has not permitted me to Holmfirth) asked the Chief Secretary Delany has bad the same opportunity of to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, appeal as anyone else against the assess. Whether it bas been reported to him ment to Income Tax. that the Reverend H. Dolamore has

DR. TANNER: Am I to understand been “ Boycotted” by the members of from the hon. Gentleman that though the Methodist New Connection, of Priest- he has got no money to pay he is to be hill, near Hillsborough, County Down, kept in prison for an unlimited time? on account of his opinions as a Liberal

MR. JACKSON: I hope he will not and Home Ruler; whether he is aware be kept in prison for an unlimited ticie

. that Mr. Dolamore has been obliged to It is quite open to any of his friends resign his position ; and, what steps he to take him out on bail. I had better proposes to take in this case ? CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. is some difference of opinion as to

not go into the case; but I think there TI A. J. Balfour) (Manchester, E.): I whether he is able to pay or not. understand that the rev. gentleman re

DR. TANNER said, there was some ferred to, who was appointed to the

misunderstanding about this man. His charge of a Methodist church near employer was a large cattle dealer; but Hillsborough, County Down, in June he was not himself at all a wealthy man. last, had dealt with political opinions in the pulpit which were objectionable to

GREENWICH HOSPITAL-AGE his congregation, the large majority of

PENSIONS. whom ceased to attend the church, and

MR. GENT-DAVIS (Lambeth, Kenthat he has in consequence resigned his nington) asked the Civil Lord of the position. The Government do not see Admiralty, whether the Board of Adanything in the matter calling for inter- miralty is prepared to increase the ference on their part.

amount given from the funds of Green.

wich Hospital for age pensions; and INLAND REVENUE-ARREST OF W: DELANY, OF CORK, FOR NON-PAY-vestments of the Greenwich Hospital

whether it proposes to improve the in: MENT OF INCOME TAX.

Fund ? DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid) asked MR. ASHMEAD-BARTLETT (A the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether Lord of the ADMIRALTY) (Sheffield, he is aware that William Delany, of Ecclesall): Under the present AdmiCork, has been arrested at Cardiff for nistration the amount distributed in non-payment of Income Tax; whether Greenwich Age Pensions has been in

48; Acts of Parliament- SEPTEMBER 13, 1887} Printing and Publication. 486 creased from £71,256 to £78,650, an right of entry to the prisons now increase of over £7,000. The expendi- possessed by the Sheriff was in connecture on special pensions has also been tion with the execution of the sentence of largely increased. Within the past year death. Perhaps he should add that a the income of Greenwich Hospital has High Sheriff could not act as a Justice been increased by £4,000 a-year by the of the Peace during his year of office. re-investment of £580,000.



WEEKLY NEWS." (Carlow) asked the Postmaster General, MR. KIMBER (Wandsworth) asked Whether his attention has been directed the First Lord of the Treasury, Wheto the character and condition of the ther the attention of the Government post office in the town of Carlow; whe- has been drawn to a statement in The ther representations have been made by Weekly News, a newspaper alleged to be the Town Commissioners and by the the property of the Lord Mayor of traders of Carlow to the effect that the Dublin, who is a Member of this House, present post office building there is which, after referring to the 7th and totally unsuited to the requirements of 11th sections of the Crimes Act, which the district; and whether the Inspector enable the Lord Lieutenant to ordain it of the post office has expressed his con- to be unlawful to publish the proceedcurrence in those representations; and, ings of certain Associations, and that if so, whether steps will be taken to pro- any person publishing such proceedings vide, without delay, the increased ac- renders himself liable to six months' commodation necessary ?

imprisonment, proceeds to give the folTHE POSTMASTER GENERAL lowing notice :(Mr. Raices) (Cambridge University): “We, therefore, give notice to all whom it Better accommodation is required for may concern that if any branch of the Nathe Post Office business at Carlow. For tional League be ordered out of existence by

the Viceroy, and if its Committee or Members some time past the Postmaster has been continue to meet

, as we are satisfied they ought looking out for other premises, but, to do, we shall publish reports from them sent hitherto, without success. It is now to us by their secretaries or other authorized under consideration whether the present officers, precisely as if no Coercion Act over

existed; office cannot be adequately enlarged and improved at a moderate expense.

and, whether, since the proprietor of MR. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.): Is this paper is a Justice of the Peace, the right hon. Gentleman aware that Her Majesty's Government intend to the Postmaster has only to cross to the take any steps in the matter? opposite side of the street to find ample

THE FIRST LORD (Mr. W. H. accommodation ?

SMITH) (Strand, Westminster) : The atMR. RAIKES: I understand

tention of the Government has been accommodation may be obtained in called to the notice referred to by my Carlow, but at a price entirely out of hon. Friend. It is believed that the the question for the Post Office to agree

Weekly News belongs to Mr. T. D. Sulliwith.


who is a Member of this House,

and who is, as Lord Mayor of Dublin, LAW AND JUSTICE-HIGH an ex officio Justice of the Peace. If any SHERIFFS.

such action as is referred to in the notice MR. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.) (for is taken, the Government will take such Mr. Sexton) (Belfast, W.) asked Mr. steps as are necessary to vindicate the Attorney General, Whether a High law. Sheriff has the right to enter prisons and visit prisoners within his baili. ACTS OF PARLIAMENT PRINTING wick ?

AND PUBLICATION. THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir MR. HOBHOUSE(Somerset, E.) asked RICHARD WEBSTER) (Isle of Wight), in the First Lord of the Treasury, If he is reply, said, that a High Sheriff had no aware that it is generally impossible for right to enter prisons, or visit prisoners, the public to obtain printed copies of an within his county or shire. The only Act of Parliament for weeks after it has


received the Royal Assent; and, if, in Circular to the provisions of the Truck order to avoid this inconvenienco, ho Act. will be good enough to give directions that the Acts passed this Session shall COAL MINES REGULATION ACT, be printed and published with as little MR. BRADLAUGH (Northampton) delay as possible?

asked the Secretary of State for the THE FIRST LORD (Mr. W. H. Home Department, Whether, in view of SMITI) (Strand, Westminster): We are the new duties imposed upon Inspectors fully alive to the importance of placing of Mines by the Coal Mines RegulaActs of Parliament as cheaply and as tion Act, and on Inspectors of Factories quickly as possible in the hands of the by the Truck Act, be would communicate public. The price has this year been to them a summary of the two Acts ? much reduced, and if anything can be THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. done to hasten delivery I will do all MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.): Cerin my power to insure it; but it does tainly; I shall be reconsidering the in: not appear, on inquiry, that any undue structions given to the Inspectors of delay has occurred recently.

Mines in consequence of the change in

the law; and I shall take care that tho LAW AND JUSTICE (ENGLAND AND matters referred to by the hon. Member

WALES) — CURRENT PROCEEDINGS are brought under their notice.


TION OF LOCH LOMOND. MR. HOBHOUSE (Somerset, E.) asked the First Lord of the Treasury, asked the Lord Advocate, Whether he

MR. BRADLAUGH Northampton) If, in view of the discussions that have taken place this Session on legal pro- to the House with reference to the

ro- had any further communication to make ceedings actually pending in the Courts of Law, and of tho recenť ruling of the pollution of Loch Lomond ? Chairman of Ways and Means that he

Tue LORD ADVOCATE(Mr.J.H.A. has no power to stop such discussions, MACDONALD) (Edinburgh and St. Adthe Government will propose a Rule of drew's Universities): Just before coming Procedure next Session to prohibit such down to the House I received a letter discussions on ponding proceedings, ex

from Dr. Littlejohn, who was sent to cept where the Privileges of the House tions that his Roport is now on its way

make special investigation. He men are affected thereby ?

The FIRST LORD (Mr. W. H. to London. I have no reason to supSMITH) (Strand, Westminster): The pose that tho Report will have any other question raised by the hon. Member tendency than what I stated before in will be carefully considered during the answer to the hon. Member. Recess by Her Majesty's Government, in conjunction with the authorities of | BOARD OF TRADE (RAILWAY DEPART. the House.


MR. CHANNING (Northampton, E.) TRUCK ACT.

asked the Secretary to the Board of MR. BRADLAUGH (Northampton) Trade, Whether, having regard to the asked the Lord Advocate, Whether lié practical difficulties of complying with would direct the special attention of the the Circular as to separate oarriages for Procurators Fiscal to the provisions of ladies, and to the dangers to passengers the Truck Act, with a view to their generally in the present system, he being properly carried out ?

would urge on the Railway Companies Tue LORD ADVOCATE (Mr. J. H. A. the advisability of their voluntarily proMACDONALD) (Edinburgh and St. Au- viding for all passenger trains eficient drow's Universities): It is not, as a moans of communication between the general rule, necessary to call the special passengers and the servants of the attention of Procurators Fiscal to their Company in charge of the train, such as dutios. I shall, however, be issuing a they were now compelled, under Section Circular in connection with the Criminal 22 of the Act of 1868, to provide for Procedure (Scotland) Act, and I shall be trains which travelled more than 20 miles very glad to call their attention in the without stopping ?

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489 Criminal Law and {SEPTEMBER 13, 1887} Procedure (Irelund) Act. 490

THE SECRETARY (Baron HENRY |tion has not been called to the state-
DE WORMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth), ment, nor am I aware of the fact stated
in reply, said, he had only just received by the hou. and gallant Gentleman.
the Question of the hon. Member. He COLONEL NOLAN: If the right hon.
was not prepared to admit the accuracy Gentleman finds the statement is true,
of the first part of the Question will he see that the hon. Member for
namely, that there were practical diffi - North-East Cork receives proper treat-
culties in complying with the Circular ment ?
issued by the Board of Trade to Railway

MR. A. J. BALFOUR: Of course,
Companies as to separate carriages. Sir. So far as I can I will see that any
He had no information to that effect. untried prisoner is properly treated.
With regard to the suggestion in the COLONEL NOLAN : But will the right
second part of the Question, he thought, hon. Gentleman exert himself a little
in the absence of the receipt by the for the sake of a Member of this House ?
Board of Trade of the answers to the
Circular, it would be premature on the

[No reply.]
part of the Department to suggest at IMPORTATION OF DESTITUTE ALIENS.
prosent any further means for the safety
of passengers.

In reply to Captain COLOMB (Tower

Hamlets, Bow, &c.), BOARD OF TRADE (RAILWAY DEPART- THE FIRST LORD OF THE TREAMENT)–FATAL ACCIDENTS AT THE SURY (Mr. W. H. SMITH) (Strand, LEVEL CROSSING AT BROMLEY. Westminster) said, that Her Majesty's MR. WOOTTON ISAACSON (Tower Government was fully alive to the imHamlets, Stepney) asked the Secretary portance of placing some restriction on to the Board of Trade, Whether he the importation of destitute foreigners would lay on the Table the Reports of into this country; but there were many Major General Hutchinson regarding serious difficulties in the way of dealing the three fatal accidents which had with it, among them the right of asylum taken place on the railway near Brom- in this country. It would be unwise ley?

for him to say more than that the GoTHE SECRETARY (Baron Henry vernment would give the matter their De WORMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth), most serious consideration. in reply, said, the Reports of the Board

PRISONERS UNDER THE CRIMINAL of Trade Inspector had not yet been received, and he was unable to


ther they would be in his hands before

ACT, 1887–TREATMENT, &c. Parliament was prorogued. In the MR. W. A. MACDONALD (Queen's event of the House being prorogued he Co., Ossory) asked the Chief Secretary would show the Reports to the hon. to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland a Member if he called at the Board of Question of which he had given him Trade Offices.

private Notice, Whether in view of the

answer which he gave yesterday, that CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE

persons who might be imprisoned under (IRELAND) ACT, 1887 - IMPRISON- the Crimes Act would not be allowed to MENT OF MR. W. O'BRIEN, M.P. see their friends for three months,

COLONEL NOLAN (Galway, N.) asked special care would be taken that persons the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu- so imprisoned should not seriously suffer tenant of Ireland, Íf his attention had | in health ; and, whether the precedent been called to the statement quoted in set by the late Mr. Forster would be The St. James's Gazette, to the effect that followed, in accordance with which the hon. Member for North-East Cork prisoners who liad so suffered were re(Mr. W. O'Brien) was lodged in a cell leased from prison ? 9 feet by 4 only, and badly lighted; and THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. if he would take steps to see that a Mem- BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.): The Prison ber of that House, as an untried pri- Rules, under which sentences will be soner, should, at any rate, get reason- carried out under the Crimes Act, will able accommodation ?

be precisely identical with the Prison THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. Rules used under other circumstances. BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.): My atten- No special system of release for prisoners

burgh ais ): Jus:bel za se I received 11, who are o.igation. 1. IS NOT A Te no ress: rt will band at I stated the Vember.

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