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DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid): IIer Majesty's Government will do all they Might I ask the right hon. Gentleman properly can to obtain compensation for what he considers an inflammatory British fishermen who suffered damage speech? Was the speech of the right through the default of a Foreign Gohon. Gentleman last night an inflam- vernment. But I must remind my hon. matory speech ?

Friend that where there are means of MR. SPEAKER: Order, order! obtaining redress, it is not right for Her

Majesty's Government to ask for com.
NORTH SEA FISHERIES-AFFRAY BE pensation by direct diplomatic means.

TWEEN FRENCH AND ENGLISH | Her Majesty's Government have ascer-
FISHERMEN AT RAMSGATE – COM- tained from the Belgian Government

that a remedy does exist, and that an Sir_EDWARD BIRKBECK (Nor. action should be brought for damages folk, E.): asked the Secretary to the sustained, by an action against the Board of Trade, Whether any, and, if Local Authorities at Ostend. That has 80, what amount of compensation was been pointed out to the parties con paid by Her Majesty's Government in cerned; and I understand that one of respect of the fray between French them has taken proceedings against the fishermen belonging to Gravelines, and Local Authorities. Should there be any some English fishermen, &c., at Rams- failure to obtain a remedy in due course gate Harbour on 7th October last year? by law, which I have no reason to doubt,

THE SECRETARY (Baron HENRY DE Her Majesty's Government will do all Worms) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): Her in their power to obtain it. Majesty's Government paid to the French Ambassador in London, the sum ARMY ESTIMATES-AN EXPLANATORY of £42 138. 81., as compensation to

MEMORANDUM. fishermen of Gravelines, for injuries

CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, sustained during the disturbances at Bow, &c.,) asked the Secretary of S:ate Ramsgate on the 4th and 7th of October for War, Whether, in his Memorandum last.

accompanying next year's Army EstiIn reply to a further Question, mates, or in some other form, he will BARON HENRY DE WORMS said: endeavour to furnish information as to The only other expenditure in connec- the approximate total annual charges tion with this matter was a small sum, for the transport of troops, for the supply as travelling and subsistence allowance and conveyance of purely military stores, to one of the Inspectors of Fisheries, and for the maintenance of garrisons who was directed to proceed to Rams. , at each of our naval coal depôts abroad? gate for the purpose of elucidating the

THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. circumstances.

E. STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horncastle):

Before the next Army Estimates are preNORTH SEA FISHERIES:- THE LATE pared, I will see how far it may be prac

RIOTS AT OSTEND-COMPENSATION ticable to give the information referred FOR LOSS SUSTAINED BY ENGLISH to in my hon. and gallant Friend's QuesFISHERMEN.

tion, either in a Memorandum attached Sir EDWARD BIRKBECK (Nor- to them, or in some other form. folk, E.): I beg to ask my right hon. Friend the Under Secretary of State for NAVY ESTIMATES-AN EXPLANATORI Foreign Affairs, Whether Her Majesty's

MEMORANDUM. Government will use their utmost en- CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, deavours to obtain compongation for Bow, &c.,) asked the First Lord of the the loss sustainod by English fishermen Admiralty, whether, in his Memoranin the lato riots at Ostend, in the same dum accompanying the next Naval Estimanner as the French Government have mates, or in some other way, he will obtained compensation from the English endeavour to give information correGovernment on account of the slight sponding to that on page 3 of the Memoaffray at Ramsgate in October last ? randum which was furnished with this

THE UNDER SECRETARY of year's Army Estimates, so as to show STATE (Sir JAMES FERGUSSON) (Man- approximately the estimated total annual chester, N.E.): I am safe in saying that cost, under all heads, of each of the

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į at Osteni I

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obtain it


TECIDO several branches of the personnel of the quired for the Public Services in India,

Naval Services, and of the adminis- the Secretary of State for India will be η πίο και να

tration, as distinguished from other glad to let him have the Papers as an al: 21 charges?

unopposed Return. As regards the I mistres.

Lord CHARLES BERESFORD (A Correspondence asked for, Viscount Cross re there are Lord of the ADMIRALTY) (Marylebone, does not think it necessary to give it, 8.8 s, it is no: rica E.) (who replied) said, it is intended to it is long and somewhat controversial, 2ent to as: make a somewhat similar statement in and contains nothing which is not in iect diploma next year's Naval Estimates to that the Resolution.

which appeared in this year's Army



1 action 1795

Mr. W. A. MACDONALD (Queen's
it to the para

Co., Ossory) asked the Chief Secretary MR. ADDISON (Ashton-under-Lyne) to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, asked the Secretary to the Board of Whether it is true that on the 16th of Trade, If any replies have been received August last, at Maryborough Prison, by that Department, from the Railway three warders were sent out in charge Companies, with reference to the Circular of 16 prisoners to work at the new recently addressed to them on the ques. cottages; thut, later in the day, the tion of providing additional accommo- Governor sont one of the three warders dation in railway trains for the exclusive and seven of the convicts away into the use of females; and, if so, whether he country to work, leaving the two rewill communicate to the House the maining warders in charge of the nine nature of the replies ? THE SECRETARY (Baron HenrY DE these nine convicts-namely, Thomas

convicts; whether it is true that four of Worms) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): The Manning, undergoing 10 years' imBoard of Trade have received promises prisonment, Morgan O'Brien, 10 years, of replies from a large number of Rail Patrick Daly, way Companies; but the Papers are not Murphy, seven years, belonged to the yet in a condition to be laid before class of convicts who ought not to be Parliament.

allowed outside the gate of the prison

without an armed guard; whether, INDIA-PURCHASE OF STORES

about 5 o'clock on the same day, conRESOLUTIONS OF THE GOVERNMENT viet James Murphy ran away and OF INDIA. escaped; whether, in

consequence, Sir LEWIS PELLY (Hackney, N.) Warder O'Brien was called on to resign coloshire, I asked the Under Secretary of State for his post, on pain of dismissal, and this mp Estics India, If he will place upon the Table without any sworn inquiry being made ; of the House any Resolutions of the whether in other convict prisons a

, ; e informes Government of India, with connected Military guard is employed; and,

Correspondence between the Govern- whether, taking into consideration the ment of India and the subordinate number of convicts who have escaped Local Governments and between the from Maryborough Prison since 1879, Government of India and the Secre- and the number of warders who in tary of State for India, the consequence have been dismissed or question of the purchase of stores and reduced in rank and pay, the Governarticles for the use of Government in ment will institute a sworn inquiry into England and in India respectively ? the circumstances of the escape of

THE UNDER SECRETARY OF Murphy and the virtual dismissal of STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Sir Warder O'Brien ? James FERGUSSON) (Manchester, N.E.) THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. (who replied) said: If the hon. Member A. J. BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.): It is will move for the Resolution of the not possible to deal with the details Government of India of the 10th of involved in this Question for some days, January, 1883, which contains the Rules as it will be necessary to communicate now in force regarding the supply of with the Inspector who held the inquiry articles of European manufacture re- and with the Governor of the prison.


years, James

er, in his las ext year's de other toz nish informats

to al angalia of troops, í sa

pure/ ntenance of al coal dari IRI OF STIL

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Gallant Fried demanda ne other turs


5-1 VETPELO RANDIT. HB Tore the First L

ter, in his g the pers.) 9 other mat e inforzez

o pago Botani s farastat mates : estimade eade, oft

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So far as the Question relates to Warder | Hanover Square): In answer to the O'Brien, the decision of the Prison hon. Gentleman's Question, I can ouly Board was arrived aton his own evidence, repeat what has already been stated in which showed that the escape of convict this House. A sum of rather over Murphy arose from culpable and ad- £3,000 per annum has hitherto been mitted neglect on the part of Warder given by Her Majesty out of her Civil O'Brien. A statement of the whole List to Queen's Plates. The object of case, with the ninutes of evidence taken the gift was to encourage the breed of at the inquiry, was laid before the Go horses. Her Majesty has been pleased vernment, and the Lord Lieutenant to signify her intention to give the bulk confirmed the action of the Prison of this money in future not in plates to Board.

be raced for, but in prizes to be com

peted for at agricultural shows, this CRIME AND OUTRAGE (IRELAND)– being regarded as a better means of

OUTRAGES IN CLARE COUNTY. promoting the avowed object—the en. MR. KIMBER (Wandsworth) asked couragement of horse breeding; and the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu: the Government have undertaken to tenant of Ireland, Whether the

contribute out of the Estimates the com

perpe. trators of the 10 several outrages in paratively small sum necessary to make County_Clare, reported in the Dublin up Her Majesty's gift to £5,000, which Daily Express of 30th August, six being gives them a locus standi and a certain by fire-arms discharged into dwelling responsibility in constituting the Adhouses, one an attempt to blow up a

ministering Board. bridge by dynamite, one the savage beating of three labourers, one a notice LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOUNDARIES threatening death, and one of “Boy- ACT-BOUNDARIES OF UNIONS. cotting,” have been traced and brought MR. HOBHOUSE(Somerset, E. asked to justice, and what are the facts of the the President of the Local Government cases as ascertained; and, whether Her Board, If local inquiries will be held by Majesty's subjects travelling in those the Assistant Commissioner under the districts may expect to travel safely? now Local Government Boundaries Act

THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. in every case where the boundaries of Balfour)(Manchester, E.): Theoutrages Unions overlap those of counties; if were correctly reported in The Daily Ex-proper notice will be given of such in: press. I am not aware how many persons quiries by advertisement in the local have been made amenable-very few, I newspapers; and, if the public will have am afraid, in proportion to the number a right to be present and give evideuce of outrages. I should imagine that those at such inquiries ? of Her Majesty's subjects who are in THE PRESIDENT (Mr. RITCHIE) danger are the residents in the county, (Tower Hamlets, St. George's): It will and not stray travellers through it. rest with the Commissioners appointed

by the Act to determine as to the ENCOURAGEMENT OF HORSE BREED. arrangements in connection with local

ING-APPROPRIATION OF £5,000. inquiries as regards the overlapping of

MR. STEPHENS (Middlesex, Horn- the county boundaries by Unions. The soy) asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exche-Commissioners will, no doubt, provide quer, with reference to the proposed for local inquiries being held wherever appropriation of £5,000 for the en- they deem it necessary, and that notice couragement of horse breeding, Whe-should be given of the inquiries before ther, as horse breeding is a complicated they are held. pursuit demanding for success much individual resource and thrift, he will

TREATY OF BERLIN-ARTICLE LXI.adhere, as strictly as possible, to a policy

ARMENIA of laissez faire, and decline to allow Go- MR. A. M-ARTHUR (Leicester) asked vernment interference with the industry the Under Secretary of State for Foreign of horse breeding in England, or to Affairs, Whether, last year, Her Majesty's subsidize it with public money ?

Governmentsent to Sir Edward Thornton THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHE- at Constantinople various Memorials and QUER (Mr. GOSCIEN) (St. George's, Petitions setting forth the lamentable

state of affairs in Armenia, and praying of Trade by the General Lighthouse that the promised reforms might be Authorities for the erection of new executed; and, whether Her Majesty's lights, the establishment of fog signals, Ambassador made any representations and the improvement of existing lights, to the Porte on the subject; and, if so, have been refused, on the ground that what was the nature of the official the present state of the Mercantile reply?

Marine Fund will not warrant such exTHE UNDER SECRETARY or penditure; and, whether the Board of STATE (Sir JAMES FERGUSSON) (Man. Trade will initiate a Bill to provide for chester, N.E.): Two Memorials repre- the maintenance of the Lighthouse Sersenting grievances were received by Hervice out of the Imperial taxes, instead Majesty's Government, and were sent of the Mercantile Marine Fund, a tax to Her Majesty's Ambassador in Con- levied solely on shipowners ? stantinople in 1885. A further com- The SECRETARY (Baron HENRY DE munication was made to him in 1886, WoRMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): I and brought to the notice of the Porte. cannot, within the limits of a reply to a No formal reply was made ; but he was Question, answer fully the inquiry of the informed that certain reforms were in hon. Member; but I may state that the contemplation and being gradually expenditure for no necessary works has carried out.

been refused. All the circumstances

connected with the condition of the MerRAILWAYS (IRELAND)- THE KILLINEY cantile Marine Fund are now under inFORESHORE.

quiry ; but there is no intention of MR. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.) (for providing for the maintenance of the Sir Thomas ESMONDE) (Dublin Co., s.) Lighthouse Service out of Imperial

funds. asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Why the recent proceedings against

LAW AND JUSTICE (IRELAND)parties drawing gravel from Killiney

ARREST OF MR. W. O'BRIEN, M.P. foreshore were taken in his name, and

MR. BYRON REED (Bradford, E.) not in the name of the Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Company, it is customary, and, if customary, whe

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether who were the parties interested; whether it is true that the public have been ther it is proper, for police officers who drawing sand from the foreshore from are in charge of prisoners arrested under time immemorial, long before the rail- magisterial warrant to give the said pritray line was made; and, whether it is soners facilities for addressing public true that the Dublin, Wicklow, and meetings whilst they are in custody, and Wexford Railway Company have been for otherwise conducting themselves as drawing gravel from the foreshore since though no legal restraint had been put the injunction has been granted against upon them? other parties?


Before that Question is answered, Mr. IRELAND (Mr. Gibson) (Liverpool, Speaker, I beg to call attention to its Walton), in reply, said, that as the terms, and to ask your opinion whether Court had granted a decree in the case

it is right for the words “ whether it is it would be improper for him to express ask that with a certain amount of con.

to appear

in the Question ? I to the last paragraph of the Question, fidence, in consequence of those words he had got no information.

having, on a recent occasion, been struck MR. CLANCY asked if the expenses

out of a Question I addressed to the

House. would be paid by the Crown ? MR. GIBSON said, the costs would

MR. SPEAKER: I see no harm in not fall on the Crown.

the Question, nor anything that is un-
Parliamentary or improper in it.

Dr. TANNER: The words were
BOARD OF TRADE-THE LIGHTHOUSE struck out in my case, Sir.

MR. LEA (Londonderry, S.) asked RICHARD WEBSTER) (Isle of Wight):
the Secretary to the Board of Trade, It is not customary, and is, in my opi-
What applications made to the Board nion, highly improper, for police officers

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who are in charge of prisoners arrested hon. and gallant Gentleman will, I am under warrant to give the prisoners sure, upon consideration, see that the facilities for addressing public or any Question is at present premature. But meetings while they are in custody, or the Government is not aware of any profor conducting themselves as though no cedent in the direction indicated, nor legal restraint had been put upon are they aware that there is any fund out them.

of which compensation should be made. MR. SPEAKER: The hon. Member for Mid Cork (Dr. Tanner) coniplains

TRADE AND COMMERCE—THE SUGAR that certain words were struck out of a

BOUNTIES – THE INTERNATIONAL Question of his. Of course, that all depends upon what the context was. CONFERENCE.

DR. TANNER: They were struck MR. BADEN-POWELL (Liverpool, out in consequence of being an expres- Kirkdale) asked the Secretary to the sion of opinion.

Board of Trade, Whether Her Majesty's

Government have as yet received furCRIME - AND OUTRAGE (IRELAND)- ther replies to the invitations to the proTHE FATAL RIOT AT MITCHELS

posed International Conference on Sugar TOWN. MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton) cided when and where that Conference (for Mr. John MORLEY) (Newcastle will be held ? upon Tyne) asked the Chief Secretary The UNDER SECRETARY OF to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Who- STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Sir ther the Government proposo to appoint JAMES FERGUSSON) (Manchester, N.E. a Commission, or otherwise to institute (who replied) said : Since the answer a public inquiry, into the circumstances was returned to the hon. Member's of the loss of life at Mitchelstown, as Question on the 26th ultimo Portugal was done in the case of the Belfast riots has replied. She declines the invitation, in 1886 ?

as she has no interest in tho question. In THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A. J. the invitation London was proposed as BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.): As the the place of meeting. No date has yet hon. Gentleman is aware, the Belfast been fixed, or can be proposed, until all inquiry was conducted under an Act of the Powers principally concerned have Parliament, and without such an Act no acoepted; but the invitation, which was sworn inquiry can take place. The pro- dated July 2, stated that Her Majesty's ceedings at Mitchelstown will probably Government attached great importance be made the subject of judicial investi. to an early decision being arrived at. gation; and it will be highly inconvenient and prejudicial to the ends of

CHARITY COMMISSIONERS-CHARITY justice to have two concurrent inquiries

RENT-CHARGES. on the same subject carried on at the same time. It is obvious that the case Sir WALTER FOSTER (Derby, of Belfast is in no way analogous to the Ilkeston) asked the Vice President of case of Mitchelstown; and an inquiry the Committee of Council on Education, into the deplorable events which occurred Whether he will grant a Return of the at the latter place would necessarily Charities of which the rent-charges or take the form of a criminal investiga- other payments have been withheld, or tion, conducted by a tribunal created ad attempted to be withheld, to the knowhoc, which, I think, the hon. Member ledge of the Charity Commissioners would hardly recommend.

during the last 10 years ? COLONEL NOLAN (Galway, N.) asked THE VICE PRESIDENT (Sir Wilthe First Lord of the Treasury, If the LIAM PART DYKE) (Kent, Dartford): The Government would consider the advisa- same objections will in great measure bility of compensating those among the hold good to granting the Return in injured at Mitchelstown who have not the form now suggested, as I mentioned been proved guilty of any illegal act, in replying to a similar inquiry a month and also of providing for the families of ago; and I am further informed that it those killed ?

would be by no means easy to make a THE FIRST LORD (Mr. W. H. complete or satisfactory Return. I will, Smitu) (Strand, Westminster): The however, cause further inquiries to be

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