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LAND JUDGES COURT, IRELAND. INDIA Viscount CROSS) said, he wished to say that although there were doubts

MOTION FOR A PAPER. about the English Bill, the Scottish Bill LORD ARDILAUN, who had on the had been received with so much satis- Paper a Motion calling attention to the faction that the Government came to the present position of the Land Judges' conclusion that it would be wise to press Court, Ireland, said, he feared that he it through this Session. He had taken might have to claim their Lordships' the trouble to find out what was the patience while he again went closely opinion of the vast majority of the Scot, into this question with additional intish Members in the other House, and formation and new cases of delays in the he found that the desire for the Bill was business of this Court; but he was glad 80 unanimous that he could not take it to be relieved from the necessity of upon himself not to accept the Bill as it doing so, as the Government had now was; and, looking to the good which consented to grant the Return he asked might result from this Bill, he would for last month. He was also happy to strongly advise their Lordships now to be able to add that the Government and

the Treasury had promised to adopt the Motion agreed to ; Bill read 2* accord suggestion he had urged upon themingly.

namely, that they should at once give Committee negatived: Then (Standing additional assistance in the preparation Order No. XXXV. having been dis- of title in this Court by strengthening pensed with for the remainder of the the examiners' department. He had, Session) Bill read 3, and passed.

therefore, only to move for the Return

which stood in his name as an unopposed WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE (No. 2) BILL.

Return. The Return in question was

intended to show in separate columns (The Lord Denman.)

the number of petitions filed during the (no. 236.) SECOND READING.

last four years, the number of estates Order of the Day for the Second Read. offered for sale each year, those in which ing, read.

the rentals were settled, and those in Mored, “That the Bill be now read 2n." which receivers were appointed, the total -(The Lord Denman.)

number of receivers at present, and the THE LORD CHANCELLOR (Lord number appointed each year, the numHALSBURY) said, he must express his ber of accounts not lodged within the surprise that the noble Lord should have limit of time appointed, or where the made this Motion, seeing that the noble time had not been extended, the number Lord stated to the House, as recorded in of six months' settlements of account Hansard, on the occasion when another each year, the number of yearly settle. Bill on the same subject was brought ments, the gross annual rental under on, that he did not intend to proceed

receivers, the gross amount collected further with this Bill this Session, but each year, the number of officials atwould present it again next Session. It tached to the Court and their salaries,

and the number and salaries of those in was, besides, distinctly against the Orders of the House a second time to the receivers’ department. introduce a Bill dealing with the same Moved for Return, as follows:subject matter as one already rejected

“Number of Petitions filed during last Four during the same Session. He had looked Years, divided into number each Year. into this and the earlier Bill, and he had “Number of Estates offered for Sale each found that they were undoubtedly of the Year during past Four Years.

“ Number of Estates in which the Rentals Eame subject matter; therefore, without

were settled each Year during past Four Years. in the least expressing any view either in “Number of Estates in which Receivers were favour of or against the subject matter appointed, divided into in each Year during of the Bill, he asked their Lordships to past Four Years. reject it, not on its merits, but on the

• Total Number of Receivers now, and Num

ber appointed each year. ground of the irregularity of introducing “Number of Accounts not lodged within the it a second time in the same Session. limit of time appointed, or where time has not On Question ? Resolved in the negative. been extended, divided in each Year.

“ Number of Six Months Settlements of Ordered that the said Bill be rejected. Account cach Year.

“Number of Yearly Settlements.

dismissed, after 30 years' service in the “ Gross Annual Rental under Receivers for case of two of them, because the atten. each Year, Gross Amount collected each Year.

dance of pupils at the school has been “ Number of Officials attached to Court and diminished, through circumstances over their Salaries.

which they could not have had any con“Number and Salaries of those in Receiver's trol; and, will the Government grant Department."--(The Lord Ardilaun.)

these teachers compensation for this Motion agreed to.

summary dismissal ? House adjourned during pleasure.

THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. House resumed.

BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.): I have to

reply to the first parapraph in the affirHouse adjourned at Ten o'clock, mative. Since 1872 appointments of till To-morrow, Four o'clock. these teachers have been made after

competitive examination; but no national teacher is recognized either actu

ally or virtually, as a civil servant. HOUSE OF COMMONS, They do not come under the Superan

nuation Act, nor are they examined by Tuesday, 13th September, 1887.

the Civil Service Commissioners. It has been the custom not to dismiss teachers

unless for some breach of rule, or The House met at Three of the clock. through becoming unfit for servica; be

cause, hitherto, when a teacher's ser. MINUTES.)—Public Bills- First Reading-vices became unnecessary in a particular Glebe Lands* (391).

model school owing to the diminution in Committee Report

Considered as amended Third Reading

the attendance of pupils the CommisAppellate Jurisdiction * [234] ; Coroners [378); Local Authorities sioners were able to provide for such (Expenses) * [361], and passed.

teachers by transferring them to other Third Reading – Pluralities Act Amendment * model schools. As regarded Bailie

[303]; Consolidated Fund (Appropriation), borough Model School, it appears that and passed.

the attendance had fallen off to such an Withdrawn-Supreme Court of Judicature (Ireland) Amendment * [325].

extent as barely to warrant the recogni. tion of two departments and two teachers.

The Commissioners have, therefore, been QUESTIONS.

constrained by their Rules to give notice

to the teachers whose services are no NATIONAL EDUCATION (IRELAND) –

longer required. They have been in

formed, however, that should vacancies TEACHERS OF MODEL SCHOOLS.

occur in other model schools the ComMR. LEA (Londonderry, S.) asked missioners will be glad to consider their the Chief Secretary to thọ Lord Lieu-claims for re-employment. The services tenant of Ireland, Whether the teachers of these teachers are to be dispensed of the model schools in Ireland are ap- with solely because of the great diminupointed and dismissed by the Commis- tion of the attendance. One of them has sioners of National Education ; whether had nearly 30 years' service distributed the appointments of these teachers are over four or five different schools. The made after competitive examinations; Government cannot undertake to adopt and whether they are thus virtnally civil the suggestion contained in the last servants; whether it has been the custom paragraph of the Question. hitherto not to dismiss these teachers, unless when they have committed

DOMINION OF CANADA THE RED some breach of rule, or have become unfit for service; whether the Commis

RIVER RAILWAY IN MANITOBA, sioners have dismissed five of the female Sir HENRY TYLER (Great Yarteachers of the Bailieborough Model month) asked the Secretary of State for School, in County Cavan, after giving the Colonies, What is the latest informathem three months' notice; whether tion he has received in regard to the these teachers have been guilty of any construction of the Red Pliver Railway dereliction of duty, or have they been in Manitoba, and the action of the



Dominion Government in relation




STEAM TUG OFF THE MUMBLES received a confidential despatch from

HEAD. the Marquess of Lansdowne, which recapitulates more fully the facts stated MR. MACLURE (Lancashire, S.E., in the telegram which I read to the Stretford) asked the Secretary to the House on the 29th of August. The Board of Trade, Whether, seeing that case on either side was debated with | 50 vessels and 300 lives were lost in the great ability in the Dominion House of Bristol Channel during the storms of Commons, and will be found in Vol. 19 last autumn and winter, and that a of the Canadian Hansard. I gather | Swansea firm has offered to supply the that the Provincial Government has, in necessary coal gratis, the Admiralty are spite of the disallowance of the Act, now prepared to undertake, before commenced the construction of the line, stormy weather again sets in, to station and that the grading of the road is now a powerful steam tug off the Mumbles in progress. Injunctions have been Head, with the view of affording help to applied for by several parties to prevent vessels in distress during the winter the passage of the new line through season, provided the wages of the lands belonging to them. It will be seen seamen were guaranteed by the Local that the matters are sub judice, and it Authorities ? would, therefore, not be proper for me,

THE SECRETARY (Baron HENRY even if I could do so, to offer an opinion De Worms) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): on the case.

It is hoped that all parties I would refer the hon. Member to the will abide by the final decision of the reply given to a similar Question adCourt.

dressed by him on Friday last to the
First Lord of the Admiralty, who stated

that the Admiralty have no vessel at WAR OFFICE—THE ROYAL HOSPITAL, their disposal for the purpose. As

CHELSEA-MALE NURSES. regards the Board of Trade, I would SIR HENRY TYLER (Great Yar- further refer the hon. Member to a mouth) asked the Secretary of State for reply which I gave to a Question asked War, Whether it is the case in Naval by him on the 22nd of February, and to Hospitals that Army pensioners are em- the statement which I then made, to the ployed as male nurses, and whether effect that there are plenty of steam there is any objection to the employ- tugs in the district the masters of which ment at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, of do not, as a rule, refuse to render salvage pensioners of the Royal Marines or the service when practicable. Royal Navy when fitted for that em · ployment; and, whether, as would


appear from a letter of the Lieutenant

ON BRITISH FISHING VESSELS BY Governor of the Royal Hospital, Chel

BELGIAN TRAWLERS—THE “TRIO.” sea, dated 6th September, 1887, it is SIR HENRY TYLER (Great Yarabsolutely the rule that Naval or Royal mouth) asked the Secretary to the Board Marine pensioners are not eligible for of Trade, What steps have been taken employment in that Hospital ?

in regard to the case of the Trio, of THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. E. Lowestoft, whose nets were destoyed on STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horncastle): the 8th instant by the Ostend Trawler Chelsea Hospital differs altogether in O. 199; and, whether Her Majesty's character from the Naval Hospitals. Government will see that justice is done, The latter are merely for the treatment both by the punishment of the offenders, of the sick; whereas Chelsea is a home who appear to have rejoiced in the misfor aged soldiers. The Rule is that chief which they wilfully perpetrated, employment in it shall be limited to and also in taking care that adequate Army pensioners, whose numbers are pecuniary compensation is afforded to very large. I do not think the Rule the outraged parties ? could be altered without great incon- THE SECRETARY (Baron HENRY venience.

DE WORMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth):

The Board of Trade have received the provided for with a view to publicadepositions of the master and crew of tion ? the Trio, and the facts therein men- THE SECRETARY (Baron Henry tioned do not, in all their details, agree De WORMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): with the statements contained in the The goods referred to by the hon. and hon. Member's Question. The hon. gallant Member are probibited to be Member can see the Papers at the imported, and there, consequently, can Board of Trade, if he would like to do be no record of their importation. 80. The Board of Trade will request the Foreign Office to call the attention

THE METROPOLITAN POLICE - ALof the Belgian Government to the case,

LEGED “BLACKMAILING." and they have no reason to anticipate that justice will not be done. I have asked the Secretary of State for the

GENERAL FRASER (Lambeth, N.) only seen the newspaper account of the Home Department, What has been the matter to which the hon. Gentleman result of the inquiry into the allega: refers.

tions made regarding “ blackmailing

by the Metropolitan Police; and, wheNORTH SEA FISHERIES-THE PRO.

ther there is the slightest foundation for TECTING CRUISER.

the allegations ? Sir HENRY TYLER (Great Yar

THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. mouth) asked the First Lord of the Matthews) (Birmingham, E.): InAdmiralty, At what rate of speed the cruiser of Her Majesty's Fleet, stationed quiries have been made, and are still off Lowestoft for the protection of the proceeding, into these allegations. I am

informed by the Commissioners of Police fishing, is capable of steaming; and, whe- that they have failed to obtain as ther the vessel in question is considered to be well adapted for that particular show whether there is any foundation

yet any information or any evidence to service ? LORD CHARLES BERESFORD (A

for the allegations referred to. Lord of the ADMIRALTY) (Marylebone, E) (who replied) said: The cruiser


TARBERT DIVISION. stationed off Lowestoft

, the Hearty, is of 1,300 tons displacement, and 1,800 Dr. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid) asked horse-power. She is capable of steam- the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu. ing 14 knots, and is very well adapted tenant of Ireland, Whether it is a fact for the particular service in which she that Captain Leslie, of Tarbert, suchas been engaged. She has been also ceeded in preventing the promotion of particularly fitted for it.

several schemes for the erection of laSIR HENRY TYLER: What steamer bourers' cottages, under the Labourers is stationed at Folkestone ?

(Ireland) Act, in the Tarbert Division, LORD CHARLES BERESFORD: I by bis undertaking to erect whatever cannot say at the moment.

cottages might be required; whether it

is a fact that no cottage has ever since BOARD OF TRADE RETURNS-FOREIGN been built; whether the Guardian for MANUFACTURED GOODS WITH BRI- the said Division, who was responsible TISH TRADE MARKS.

for accepting the said compromise, is a CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, paid servant of Captain Leslie, and Bow, &c.) asked the Secretary to the holds the position of Guardian through Board of Trade, Whether any record is the proxy votes given by Captain Leslie kept of the quantities and values of and his friends; whether the labourers foreign manufactured goods imported in the said Division are, as a conseinto the United Kingdom for home con- quence, compelled to inhabit huts consumption or trans.shipment, and which, demned by the Sanitary Authorities in though manufactured abroad, bear thé March, 1882; and, whether any steps names or trade marks of British manu- will be taken by the Executive Governfacturing establishments at home; if ment in Ireland to remedy the present so, whether this information will in state of affairs in the Division referred future be included in the Board of to? Trade Returns; and, if not, whether the THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. collection of such information will be BALFOUR) (Manchester, E.), in reply, said, that as the Question had been put | PUBLIC LIBRARIES ACT, 1885 — THE down on the Paper without Notice, and as it would require local inquiries to be

WARRINGTON LIBRARY AND made, he could not answer it.

MUSEUM COMMITTEE. DR. TANNER: Is the right hon. MR. BRADLAUGH Northampton) Gentleman aware that I handed in the asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether, Question on Friday last?

under tho " Public Libraries Act, Mr. A. J. BALFOUR: I was not 1885," the Warrington Library and aware of the fact.

Museum Committee are justified in DR. TANNER: May I ask when it requiring and receiving subscriptions will be answered ?

from persons borrowing books from the Mr. A. J. BALFOUR: Of course, it Warrington Free Library, which Library will be answered as soon as the infor- is supported from the rates; and, whemation arrives from Ireland.

ther the Library Committee are legally DR. TANNER: To-morrow? justified in according privileges to subNo reply.]

scribers in respect of the loan of books from the Free Library, which privileges

are not accorded to ratepayers who do not POST OFFICE (TELEGRAPH DEPART. pay special subscriptions ? MENT)-RURAL TELEGRAPH EXTEN. THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir SION-GUARANTEES.

RICHARD WEBSTER) (Isle of Wight): MAJOR BANES (West Ham, S.) (for Libraries Act of 1855 for making any

There is no authority under the Public Mr. ROUND) (Essex, N.E., Harwich) distinction between persons who subasked the Póstmaster General, Whether scribe and persons who do not. In my the guarantee now demanded in the case

opinion the Act does not contemplate the of rural telegraph extensions is required loan of books out of the Library; and I to cover any further expenses than those

think it doubtful whether such loan is stated by the Prime Minister on 4th legal

. Assuming, however, that under August; and, wbether, in view of the Section 21 Rules could be made perhopes held out by the late Mr. Fawcett mitting the loan of books, it would, in in 1881, in answer to a Question in this House, he will consider whether more mittee to require a reasonable deposit to

my opinion, be competent for the Comfavourable terms cannot be granted to

their safe return. such guarantors than those which at present exist ?



ARREST OF MR. W. O'BRIEN, M.P. RAIKES) (Cambridge University): In reply to the hon. Member, I have to MR. THEOBALD (Essex, Romford) state that I am not aware of any addi- asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord tion that I can make to the explanation Lieutenant of Ireland, If he is aware of which was given by the Prime Minister the fact that the hon. Member for East of the principle on which guarantees for Cork (Mr. W. O'Brien) when under telegraph extensions are now fixed. As arrest on a charge of having made into what was stated by Mr. Fawcett in flammatory speeches, addressed a speech 1881, I find that certain modifications to the crowd assembled in front of the were made in the following year; the Imperial Hotel ; whether such a thing principal one being that, whereas is legal; and, if not, if he will give formerly guarantors had been required orders that a eimilar proceeding be not to deposit in advance the amount of the again allowed ? guarantee, they were in subsequent THE CHIEF SECRETARY (Mr. A.J. cases merely required to make good the BALFOUR) Manchester, E.): The facts deficiency at the end of each year. As stated in the Question are true. The regards the guarantee required in those incident arose from a mistake of the cases where the office is found to be not officer in charge, who supposed that the self-supporting on the expiration of the hon. Member for East Cork would not first term of seven years, the amount of abuse the liberty the officer allowed the sinking fund for the first cost is him. In my opinion, the proceeding omitted.

was highly improper.


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