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Shah for his capture. With reference | post to persons living at a distance porto the last Question, I am not able to tions of samples of supplios required by state what Her Majesty's Government Boards of Guardians; and the matter is might do in any conceivable circum- one in which the clerks would be guided stanoos.

by the direction of the Guardians. The MR. ARTHUR O'CONNOR (Done- Local Government Board are not at gal, E.): Can either the Under Secre- present aware of any necessity for intertary of State for India, or the Under ference on their part with the discretion Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, hitherto exercised by Boards of Guar. say, without Notice, as it is a question dians in regard to tenders for workof fact, whether the subvention for the house supplies. maintenance of Ayoub is paid in advance or in arrear; and, whether his HOME OFFICE (FACTORY DEPART. safe custody is one of the conditions of MENT) – FACTORY PROSECUTIONS payment ?

AT HALIFAX. SIR JAMES FERGUSSON: I think MR. HOWELL (Bethnal Green, N.E.) it is manifest that that is a Question of (for Mr. Burt) (Morpeth) asked the which Notice should be given.

Secretary of State for the Home De

partment, Whether his attention has POOR LAW (IRELAND) – BOARDS OF | been called to the decisions at Halifax

GUARDIANS - SAMPLES FOR TEN- in the matter of some factory proseDERS.

cutions, which are viewed by the cotton Mr. O'DOHERTY (Donegal, N.) asked operatives with alarm, as being calcuthe Chief Secretary to the Lord' Lieulated to counteract the beneficial results tenant of Ireland, Whether the atten- of the action which, under his direction, tion of the Local Government Board in have recently been taken by the Factory Ireland has been called to the fact that Departnient with the view of checking a small number of Boards of Guardians irregularities; and, whether he will still continue the system of inviting ten cause investigation to be made into the ders according to antiquated standard cases ? samples; whether, having regard to the THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. progress of the woollen industry in Ire-MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.): My atland, the system gives to Unions the tention has been called by the Inspector, best present value in cloth ; whether, as well as by the hon. Member, to these under the system, competition is wide decisions, and I do propose to inquire and general, or confined to dealers in further into them. the immediate localities; whether any clerks of Unions refuse to send by post LAW AND POLICE (IRELAND) AL. to persons living at a distance portions LEGED MISCONDUCT IN THE CORK of the samples, and if this is sanctioned THEATRE by the Board; and, whether the Irish MR. MACARTNEY (Antrim, S.) Local Government Board will call the asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord attention of Boards of Guardians to the Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether the matter, in the interest of the ratepayers ? manager of the Cork Theatre refused to

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER prosecute the persons alleged to have SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN) taken part in the disturbances in the (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) theatre on the 30th of August; whesaid : The attention of the Local Go- ther, though no one had been arrested vernment Board has not been specially or charged with taking part in these drawn to the system alleged to be disturbances, the Mayor of Cork held a adopted by Boards of Guardians of in- sworn inquiry in connection therewith ; viting tenders according to "antiquated” and, whether, at this inquiry, he adstandard samples. The Board have no ministered an oath to several police. information before them which would men; and, if so, whether these proceedenable them to express an opinion on ings on the part of the Mayor are the points referred to in the second and sanctioned by law; and, if not, whether third paragraphs of the bon. Gentle. the attention of the Lord Chancellor will man's Question. There is no Regula- be directed to them? tion of the Local Government Board THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER requiring Clerks of Unions to send by SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN) (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) | the landlord, the landlord's wife, and said, he was informed that the facts | the barman, and was very drunk and were as stated in the Question; and he violent. He had been previously concould not see that the Mayor had any victed. The magistrate believed, from power to hold a sworn inquiry, or ad- inquiries made by the police in addition minister an oath, when no person was to the evidence given at the trial, that charged.

the statement of Rogers was untrue ;

and, under these circumstances, I must LAW AND JUSTICE_WRONGFUL CON- decline to direct the release of Patrick VICTION AT THE SURREY SESSIONS. Walsh. MR. CONYBEARE (Cornwall, Cam

PROCEDURE (IRE. borno) asked the Secretary of State for CRIMINAL LAW the Home Department, Whether a man

LAND) ACT - CONVICTION OF J. P. named Patrick Walsh was, on the 7th

HAYDEN AT GLASSON PETTY SES. July last, convicted and sentenced at SIONS, CO. WESTMEATH. the Surrey Sessions to 12 months' hard MR. TUITE (Westmeath, N.) asked labour for breaking a pane of glass in a the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieupublic house; whether he can state why tenant of Ireland, Whether, at the several witnesses, who attended the Glasson Petty Sessions held on the Court on subpona to give evidence for 8th instant, Mr. John P. Hayden, T.C., the defence, were not called upon; whe- editor of The Westmeath Examiner, was ther one of those witnesses named convicted before a Court of Summary Thomas Rogers, of 19, Saunders Street Jurisdiction, under the Criminal Law Lambeth, did, on the 22nd of July, and Procedure (Ireland) Act, and senswear an affidavit stating that he was tenced to three months' imprisonment himself the person who committed the with hard labour, for "obstructing damage for which Walsh was convicted; police constables and other ministers of whether a second affidavit was sworn to the Law while in the execution of their by another of those witnesses named duty,” in assisting the Sub-Sheriff of John Pratt, of 40, East Street, Lambeth Westmeath to carry out certain evictions Walk, corroborating the last named at Coolvin, in the County of Westmeath, witness, and stating that he was himself on the 17th ultimo; and, where both or present when Rogers broke the glass ; either of the Resident Magistrates who whether a Petition has been presented presided at the Petty Sessions qualified to him signed by over 40 householders by their legal knowledge and experience praying for Walsh's release; and, whe- to administer the Act; if so, what are ther, under the above circumstances, he their qualifications; and, whether the will re-consider his decision not to inter- evidence of the Sheriff at the hearing of fere in the case, and direct the release the case was in favour of the prisoner? of Patrick Walsh ?

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER THE SECRETARY or STATE (Mr. SECRETARY (Colonel King-HARMAN) MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.): Patrick (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) Walsh was tried and convicted by a said : This Question only appeared upon jury at the Surrey Sessions for doing the Paper for the first time this morning. wilful damage to the value of £5. Seve- I was in hopes to have received a tele. ral witnesses were called for the defence, gram containing full information on the but not Rogers or Pratt. The prisoner subject; but I have not received it yet. was defended by counsel, who, I pre- I am aware, however, that the portions sume, exercised his discretion as to what of the first paragraph with regard to the witnesses would best assist his case. I sentences are substantially correct, and have received the affidavits referred to, the sentences were substantially, as laid and also a Petition. I have referred down. The two magistrates, I believe, the matter to the magistrates before were Major Boulby and Mr. Stewart; · whom the prisoner was tried, and the and I prosume the Lord Lieutenant was Chairman reports that the Court was satisfied of their legal qualifications. quite satisfied with the verdict. He in- MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.): I wish forms me that the landlord of the house to ask, whether it is a fact that these and the barman both swore that they two military gentlemen both served in saw the prisoner commit the damage, the Army up to 41; and with regard to and that he had previously assaulted which of them has the Lord Lieutenant

satisfied himself of his legal know- THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. ledge ?

E. STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horncastlo): COLONEL KING-HARMAN: Sir, I have For the purpose of facilitating mobilizastated that I have not received sufficient tion it has been decided that Cavalry information to enable me to complete the regiments in the First Army Corps shall answer to the latter part of the Question. draw their clothing made up from the It rests with the Lord Lieutenant to depôt at Pimlico. decide as to the legal knowledge of the magistrates. I am not aware that either BURIAL ACTS – BATTERSEA BURIAL of these gentlemen served in the Army, BOARD-CEMETERY FOR SUTTON. or as to the date at which they left.


Secretary of State for the Home Depart

ment, Whether he is aware that the DISMISSAL FROM THE HALLAM.

public meeting held at Sutton, on ThursSHIRE RIFLES.

day 1st September, to consider the ques. MR. CONYBEARE (Cornwall, Cam- tion of the acceptance by Sutton of the borne) (for Mr. BERNARD COLERIDGE) offer of the Battersea Burial Board, with (Sheffield, Attercliffe) asked the Secre- regard to the Rose Hill Park Cemetery, tary of State for War, Whether he can was duly convened by the Chairman of now give any further information re. the Sutton Local Board, and that at specting dismissal, on political grounds, such meeting the principal opponents of of a member of the Hallamshire Rifles the offer were present; whether these from the Service ?

opponents, though repeatedly called on THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. by the Chairman to speak, did not do E. STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horn- so, and that the meeting, being fully castle): This man was not dismissed from representative, open, and attended by his corps on political grounds, but for upwards of 400 people, resolved to insubordination, and he was called upon accept the offer of Battersea, with only to pay up a subscription already due nine dissentients; whether, having refrom him. The steps taken were under gard to the decided and practically the Volunteer Regulations, within the unanimous voice of Sutton in favour of powers of the officer commanding, who such offer, and the urgent and pressing considered the offence proved; and I see requirements of a large district like no reason for taking any further steps in Battersea, he will now give his consent the matter.

to the establishment of the cemetery on MR. CONYBEARE: What was the the Rose Hill Park site; and, if not, insubordination ?

when his decision may be anticipated; MR. E. STANHOPE: Disobeying the and, whether he is prepared to state the order of his superior officer.

reasons that are delaying a conclusion MR. CONYBEARE: Was the sub- being arrived at upon a matter of such scription alleged to be due the capitation great importance to the well-being of the grant of 308., or was it something else? community ?

MR. E. STANHOPE: I cannot give THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. any answer on that point; but it was a MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.): I have subscription already due.

received statements absolutely contraMR. CONYBEARE said, he should dictory as to the representative chaask further Questions on the subject. racter and composition of the meeting

in question. I am doing my best to WAR OFFICE (ORDNANCE DEPART. arrive at the truth, and the endeavour

MENT)-MANUFACTURING DEPART-has delayed my decision, which, howMENT CLOTHING OF CAVALRY | ever, I hope to be able to give before REGIMENTS.

long. MR. CONYBEARE (Cornwall, Cam

EVICTIONS (IRELAND)- ESTATE OF borne) asked the Secretary of State for

THE EARL OF WICKLOW. War, Whether it is the fact that the manufacture of the clothing of three MR. CAREW (Kildare, N.) (for Mr. cavalry regiments is about to be trans-W. J. CORBET) (Wicklow, E.) asked the ferred from the workshops at Aldershot Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant to Pimlico, and upon what grounds ? of Ireland, Whether his attention has


been called to a statement in The Wick | require or recommend the use of any low People newspaper of the 3rd Sep- particular lamp or lamps; and, whether tember, to the following effect, in refer- he has yet seen any lamp, electric or ence to an intended eviction on the other, which combines adequate lighting estate of the Earl of Wicklow:

power with safety, so as to entitle it to “William Loughlin, and five others working such recommendation ? under the Earl of Wicklow's forester, got notice THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. to attend at the stables after their day's work. MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.) : No, told them he got orders from Mr. John Ruskell, Sir; there are no Rules to be drawn up J.P., under agent, to take four of his men to an

under the Coal Mines, &c. Regulation eviction which was to take place the following Bill; nor should I take upon myself to day .... he was to choose them by lot . require or recommend the use of any and any man who refused to go would be particular lamp. I have seen several turned out of work and out of their houses ; ”

electric lamps which appear to hare whether he will inquire if it is a fact great merit; and I hope that a lamp that the threat has been carried into may before long be produced which will effect in regard to the three men who deserve and receive general adoption. refused-namely, William Loughlin, Samuel Kileen, and John Neville ; and, LAW AND JUSTICE (ENGLAND AND whether he will inquire into all the cir

WALES)-EAST GLOUCESTERSHIREcumstances; and, if the facts are

CHIPPING CAMDEN PETTY SESSIONS stated, bring the conduct of Mr. Ruskell,

- EXCESSIVE FLOGGING. J.P., under the notice of the Lord Chan- MR. HANDEL COSSHAM (Bristol, cellor of

E.) (for Mr. WINTERBOTHAM (Gloucester, THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER Cirencester) asked the Secretary of State SECRETARY (Colonel King-HARMAN) for the Home Department, Whether his (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) attention has been called to the followsaid, he did not read The Wicklow ing case :--Three boys, John Banning, People, and he had not soen the aged 13 years, Clarence Jones, aged 12 paragraph in question. As the Ques. years, and Edward Capowell, aged 12 tion only appeared on the Paper this years, were brought before Messrs. . morning, he had not time to obtain in-W. U. Ashwin and J. Averill, magis. formation on the subject. It appeared, trates, eitting in Petty Sessions at Chiphowever, to be a simple matter between ping Camden, East Gloucestershire, on employer and employed, and not a the 17th August, charged with stealing matter of which the Government were two pennyworth of apples; there was called upon to take notice.

no previous charge or conviction against Mr. SEXTON (Belfast, W.): I wish either of the lads; Mr. T. 8. Shekell, to ask, whether the right hon and gal. J.P., the prosecutor, appealed to his lant Gentleman thinks that a threat by brother magistrates to be lenient, but the a magistrate to disemploy men for re- sentence they passed was 88. each, fine fusing to do that which they had a legal and costs together 248., and a birching right to abstain from doing does not on the two boys Banning and Capecome within the Intimidation Clauses of well, who appeared before them, while the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ire- Clarence Jones, not appearing to answer land) Act?

the summons, escaped the whipping, and COLONEL KING-HARMAN: No, Sir. was sentenced instead to merely 18. I think an employer has a perfect right additional for contempt of Court; that to demand those in his employment to the flogging on Banning and Capewell do certain work; and if thøy refuse to was administered by Police Sergeant dismiss them.

Meads so unmercifully that they had to

be taken to an hotel and kept up by COAL MINES, &c. REGULATION BILL stimulants; that the backs of the boys

THE REGULATIONS SAFETY showed the marks of cruel punishment, LAMPS.

their skins cut, and their shirts smeared MR. HOWELL (Bethnal Green, N.E.) with blood; and, whether, in view of asked the Secretary of State for the this double punishment for a trivial Home Department, Whether, in the Rules offence, he will direct the Bench of to be drawn up under the Coal Mines, Magistrates who ordered it that, in all &c. Regulation Act, it is intended to future cases where corporal punishment


is inflicted, a magistrate shall be pre

THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC-SAJIOA. sont, as well as the parents of those so punished ?

THE UNDER SECRETARY The SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Sir MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.): I have James Fergusson) (Manchester, N.E.): received a Report from the Justices at I beg leave to refer to an answer which Chipping Camden as to the flogging I gave yesterday to a Question put to me administered to Capewell and Banning at short Notice, with reference to recent They say that the flogging was admi. events in Samoa. I mentioned Malietoa pistered in the presence of Capewell's as the so-called King, having in my brother and four police officers, and mind the difference of such a title as that these officers positively deny that applied to the Chief of that group; but, the punishment was unmerciful or as my attention has been called to it, I

If there were no pre- desire to say that, undoubtedly, Malietoa vious convictions against the boys I has been recognized by Her Majesty's think the double punishment was un- Government as the King of Samoa, and necessary. I have already stated in this Treaties have been made with him in House that I have no power to enforce that capacity. the attendance of any person whose

NORTH SEA FISHERIES - OUTRAGES presence is not required by the Act (42 & 43 Vict. c. 49, s. 10). I have

ON BRITISH FISHERY VESSELS BY already issued a Circular to the Local

BELGIAN TRAWLERS-THE “ TRIO." Authorities with the view of preventing

Sir HENRY TYLER (Great Yarundue severity in the flogging of young mouth): I beg to ask the hon. Gentleboys; and I hope that in future all man the Secretary to the Board of cause of complaint will be removed.

Trade, Whether he can give any in

fornation as regards the fresh outrage LAW AND JUSTICE (ENGLAND AND the Belgian trawler No. 199 on the

reported in this morning's papers by WALES) CASE OF JOHN

HAY, Lowestoft smack Trio ; and also if he WRONGFULLY CONVICTED.

can give any further information with SIR GUYER HUNTER (Hackney, respect to previous occurrencos? The Central) asked Mr. Attorney General, following is the statement:Whether his attention has been called " The Trio had her two lights burning as to the case of John Hay, wrongly con- usual, and the moon was shining brightly. victed on the 29th day of May, 1885, Notwithstanding this, the foreigner, which who subsequently received a free pardon, sailed across the nets of the Trio. The crow and is now desirous of bringing an action of the latter protested loudly; but the Ostender for false imprisonment; and, whether it paid no attention to their complaints, and only is correct that, notwithstanding the par- vouchsafed a volley of abusive expressions. On don, he is disentitled to bring such taking up their nets, the crew of the Trio found action ?

that 65 of them were missing, the pecuniary

loss being between £60 and £70. The outrago THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir occurred about 15 miles south-east of SouthRICHARD WEBSTER) (Isle of Wight): wold." I have ascertained the faots respecting The SECRETARY (Baron HENRY the case referred to in the Question of De WoRMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth): the hon. Member. It appears that John In answer to my hon. Friend, I have to Hay was convicted of receiving stolen say that a statement of the master and goods; but subsequently received a free crow of the fishing boat Trio has been pardon. As the law at present stands, received; and the Board of Trade have in order to support an action for false forwarded it to the Foreign Office, with imprisonment, it is necessary that the a request that a representation may at proceedings should be terminated in once be made to the Belgian Governfavour of the person who complains. mont on the subject. A pardon does not get rid of the original conviction. It is, therefore, cor

TRUCK BILL-THE IRISH WAGES rect that, notwithstanding the pardon,

OLAUSE. John Hay is not entitled to bring such MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.): With action.

regard to Order 23 on the Paper, “Truck

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