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country for a small sum, and is, in the 1879, amounting to £18 128. 98., and opinion of competent judges, calculated for travelling expenses and allowances to injure rather than improve the breed for attending at Petty Sessions, amountof horses; and, if he will cause the ing to £18 148. 8d.; whether an account, selection to be cancelled, and another setting out the items of the above claim, sire substituted ?

had been furnished to the Under SecreMR. COX (Clare, E.) asked, whether tary at Dublin Castle; whether pay. the right hon. Gentleman could state to ment has been refused, on the ground the House the names of the Members of that Mr. Graham had not complied with the Committees to be appointed to carry the Rule to furnish a quarterly account out the scheme for improving the breed vi such expenses; and, whether Mr. of horses?

Attorney General will reconsider his THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHE-determination, and grant a special QUER (Mr. Goschen) (St. George's, authority for the payment thereof; and, Hanover Square): The selections are if not, would he state to the House made by the Royal Dublin Society, as- what are the reasons for so declining? sisted by local committees. I do not THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR think that the hon. Gentleman will de- IRELAND (Mr. Gibson) (Liverpool, sire to know the names of the local com- Walton), in reply, said, the statement mittees at this stage. In reply to the contained in the third part of the Quesfirst question put to me, I may say that tion was correct. Payment had been I do not think the Government would refused, because Mr. Graham had not be well advised-indeed, I doubt whe-complied with the Rule to furnish a ther they have any right-to interfere quarterly account of his expenses. He with the Royal Dublin Society in the feared he could not depart from the deselection of the horses and bulls who are cision which had been arrived at on the to receive prizes out of the £5,000. In subject. any case, it is not the duty of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to take any steps METROPOLITAN BOARD OF WORKSin the matter. With regard to the

COSTERMONGERS DWELLINGS IN particular case mentioned by the hon. Member, I have no knowledge whether ST. LUKE'S. his allegations are correct.

Mr. J. ROWLANDS (Finsbury, E.) inform him that, to avoid every appear- asked the hon. Momber for the Knuts. ance of partiality, and at the same time ford Division of Cheshire, Whether it is to obtain the most competent judgment, the intention of the Metropolitan Board the Royal Dublin Society, at their of Works to redeem their promise made recent horse show, entrusted the selec- to the costermongers of St. Luke's on tion of the prize stallions to three Eng. 13th March, 1877, in a letter of the lish judges of the highest experience. Clerk of the BoardFrom all the informatio:1 I have received I believe the show was a great resolved that, when the time shall have arrived

“I have to inform you that the Board has success, and the selection of prize-win- for carrying such scheme into effect, provision ners has given general satisfaction. shall be made in the blocks of buildings to be

erected for the goods and barrows of the coster

mongers and street sellers residing within the LAW AND JUSTICE (IRELAND)


MR. TATTON EGERTON (Cheshire, JOHN GRAHAM, SESSIONAL CROWN Knutsford), in reply, said, that in the SOLICITOR, CO. FERMANAGH.

agreement for the sale of the land comMR. MACARTNEY (Antrim, S.) prised within the Whitecross Street asked Mr. Attorney General for Ire- Artizans' Dwellings area to the Peabody land, Whether a claim for £37 78. 5d. Trustees it was stipulated that, as rehas been made by Miss Graham as garded the scheme, standing-room for executrix and residuary legatee of Mr. trucks and goods should be provided John Graham, formerly Sessional Crown for costermongers occupying rooms in Solicitor for the County of Fermanagh ; the buildings. If there were costerwhether such claim is for expenses in- mongers occupying rooms within the curred under the Jurors' Act, and prir- area, it would be the duty of the Trusbuant to a Circular of 8th September, tees to provide such accommodation.

But I may

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TINCK (Penryn and Falmouth) asked
CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlet's,

the Postmaster General, Whether the Box,&c.) asked the Postmaster General, officials of the General Post Office are Whether any provisions have been in acquainted with the arrangements which troduced into the new 10 years' contract have been in operation for many years with the Peninsular and Oriental Com- past on the Continent for posting letters pany, binding the Company to carry the at railway stations; and, why arrangeEast Indian and China mails via the ments of a similar nature cannot be made Cape in the event of war interfering with in this country for transferring letters the service via the Suez Canal ?

directly from railway station pillar Sın HERBERT MAXWELL (A LORD boxes to Post Office travelling vans of the TREASURY) (Wigton) (who re- which are under the care of sorting plied) said : A provision even

clerks? comprehensive has been introduced. If

SIR HERBERT MAXWELL (A my hon. and gallant Friend will refer to Lord of the TREASURY) (Wigton) (who the Treasury Minute, dated March 21. replied) said : In some cases in England 1887, appended to the contract itself, letters can be posted in the station. which has been laid on the Table of The box is cleared at certain hours, and the House, he will find the following

the letters are transferred to the sorting passage:

van in precisely the manner indicated
by my hon. Friend.

The question "In the event of war or disturbance on the whether, with the aid of the Railway Continent of Europe, the contractors will so Company and their officers, further arrange the mail service as to meet the exigen. facilities might be properly introduced cies of the situation.”

at smaller stations is one which the

Postmaster General is investigating.




asked the Under Secretary of State for CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, India. With reference to the affidavit Bow,&c.) asked the Postmaster General, filed on the 12th ultimo in the High Whether the Governments of Colonies Court of Judicature, Madras, by Mr. and Dependencies contributing to the William Francis Grahame, Madras Postal subsidies of the Peninsular and Covenanted Civil Service, Sessions Oriental Company for the mail service Judge of Tinnevelly, to the effect that, between them and the Mother Country in June 1884, he heard it publicly have been informed that the Admiralty stated by a Native landowner of good have arranged with that Company for position to Mr. Edward Turner, that the removal of the fastest and best his (Mr. Edward Turner's) immediate steamers from their mail lines on the predecessor, as Chief Magistrate and outbreak of war; and, whether these Principal Collector of the Madura DisGovernments have been asked to ex-trict, had been in the habit of taking press any opinion on the subject; and, bribes; and, whether he can explain

SO, whether they are satisfied with why Messieurs Turner and Grahame, this arrangement ?

above referred to, for three years perSir HERBERT MAXWELL (A mitted such very serious allegations to LORD of the TREASURY) (Wigton) (who go unnoticed? replied) said : The Post Office has re- THE

UNDER SECRETARY ceived from the Admiralty no such in- STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Sir formation as that referred to by my hon. James FERGUSSON) (Manchester, N.E.) and gallant Friend. No communica-|(who replied) said : The Secretary of tion on this subject has, therefore, been State for India has no knowledge o. made to the Colonies interested.

the affidavit referred to by the hon.



Member except from the newspapers. He will, however, call the attention of THE LAW RELATING TO WOMEN AND the Government of Madras to the Ques

CHILDREN_LEGISLATION. tion on the Paper.

MR. HOWELL (Bethnal Green, N.E.)

asked the Secretary of State for the ROYAL TRISH CONSTABULARY-CON

Home Department, If the Government STABLES ACTING AS BAILIFFS.

will, during the Recess, consider the MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.) asked advisability of bringing in a Bill to con

solidate and amend the law relating to the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu

women and children ? tenant of Ireland, Whether, on Wednesday last, a force of the Irish Consta- MATTHEWS) (Birmingham, E.), in reply,

THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. bulary acted in Gweedore, County Donegal, as bailiffs in the execution of understood correctly to what branch of

, warrants for arrears of seed rate, and the law the hon. Gentleman's Question made seizures after sunset, including a seizure of wool

, the property of the referred; but he would be happy to conmanagers of the Donegal Industrial sider any proposal which might be made Fund?

to carry out the object which the hon.

Gentleman had in view. THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER SECRETARY (Colonel King-HARMAN) (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied' THE MAGISTRACY— (IRELAND)—THE

VACANT COUNTY SURVEYORSHIP said: The warrants alluded to are

OF KERRY. especially addressed to the police, who are acting in their capacity as constables

MR. EDWARD HARRINGTON in the execution of them. The seizures (Kerry, W.) asked the Chief Secretary referred to appear to have been mado to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, How on the morning of Wednesday last. long has the position of County Sur. The agent of the Donegal Industrial yeyor for Kerry been vacant; what steps Fund claimed the wool seized; and he have been taken to fill it; and, when is was informed by the police that if he Kerry likely to bave a County Surwould make a declaration that it was

veyor ? the property of the Fund it would be THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER given up. He, however, did not do so,

SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN) and the wool was sold with the other (Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) seizures.

said, the delay in the appointment of a MR. SEXTON asked the right hon. County Surveyor for Kerry occurred in and gallant Gentleman, if he was aware consequence of the Grand Jury dividing that the police lay in ambush near the the county into two parts, witń the view house during the night, and at a con- of appointing two Surveyors for the siderable time before dawn made the county. Some time had been occupied seizure; whether, under the circum

with the necessary medical examination. stances, the seizure was legal; whether The Civil Service Commissioners had the warrant was issued two and a-half issued their certificate of qualification, years ago; and what steps would be and the appointment would be carried

out at once. taken to indemnify the owners of the property? COLONEL KING-HARMAN said, he

CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE had no information upon the subject

(IRELAND) ACT-ACCESS TO PRISONS, beyond that he had given to the House. Mr. W. A. MACDONALD (Queen's He did not know how long the warrant Co., Ossory) asked the Chief Secretary bad been issued.

to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, MR. SEXTON asked the Attorney Ge- Whether persons who may be imprisoned Geral for Ireland whether a seizure under the Criminal Law and Procedure made before dawn was legal ?

(Ireland) Act will be allowed to see THE ATTORNEY GENERAL For their friends; and, if so, under what IRELAND (Mr. Gibson) (Liverpool, conditions ? Walton) said, if the hon. Member put THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER the Question on the Paper he would SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN) answer it.

(Kent, Isle of Thanet) (who replied) said, there will be nothing exceptional warning them against infringing the in the treatment of persons convicted United States Fishery Regulations ? under the Statute referred to. They will THE UNDER SECRETARY ог be subject to the general Prison Rules. STATE (Sir JAMES FERGUSSON) ManC'nder these Rules, convicted prisoners chester, N.E.): The Dominion Governare not entitled to receive any visit ment have not reported whether the during the first three months of their order for the release of the vessels, imprisonment. During the following against which legal proceedings had three months they are entitled to receive been instituted, was carried out, but one visit.

this will be ascertained. Her Majesty's MR. EDWARD HARRINGTON Government do not publish notices re(Kerry, W.) asked if the right hon. lating to public affairs in Canada ; and and gallant Gentleman could say how there is no doubt that the Canadian the Government intended to separate people are fully acquainted with the young girls in the prisons from common Laws and Regulations of the United prostitutes off the streets ?

States. COLONEL KING-HARMAN: I will answer the Question if the hon. Gen

PUBLIC HEALTH-PRECAUTIONS tleman will put it on the Paper.

AGAINST TRICHINOSIS. MR. W. A. MACDONALD: Does the MR. O. W. GRAY (Essex, Maldon) right hon. and gallant Gentleman mean | asked the Secretary to the Board of to say that if Gentlemen, who may be Trade, Whether the Government are hon. Members of this House, are im- giving such attention to the report that prisoned under the Crimes Act, they will a large number of persons on the Connot be entitled to receive any visits from tinent are suffering from trichinosis, their friends for three months ?

caused by eating Hambro' bacon, that COLONEL KING-HARMAN: I have the people of this country may rest already said so, Sir.

assured that all reasonable measures Mn. W. A. MACDONALD: Ha! ha! will be adopted to minimize the danger MR. SPEAKER: Order, order! of such diseased meat being sold



DE Worms) (Liverpool, East Toxteth) :

The Board of Trade have received no MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.) asked information on the subject referred to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If he by the hon. Member. They understand, can state how many English tobacco however, that the Local Government manufacturers have been found in posses- | Board issued a Memorandum in 1881 as sion of tobacco containing moisture in to trichinosis and the cooking of meat. excess of the proportion allowed by law? The question relating to the importation

TABCHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHE- of trichinous meat appears to be one QUER (Mr. GoSchen) (St. George's, for the authorities of the Customs. Hanover Square) : The number of MR. J. O'CONNOR (Tipperary, S.) English tobacco manufacturers who have asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, been found in possession of tobacco Whether any of the contracts for the containing more than 35 per cent of supply of bacon to Her Majesty's Navy moisture is 51. The number in Scotland had been placed in Hamburg; and, if is 8; in Ireland, 12. They have all been he discovered that the trichinosis had cautioned.

appeared there, whether the supply

would be stopped, and the contracts UNITED STATES-SEIZURE OF ENG

placed within the United Kingdom for LISH VESSELS IN ALASKAN WATERS.

good sound bacon ? MR. GOURLEY (Sunderland) asked THE FIRST LORD (Lord GEORGE the Under Secretary of State for Foreign HAMILTON) (Middlesex, Ealing), in Affairs, Whether the seven vessels reply, said, he was not aware of any seized by American cruisers in Alaskan contracts being so placed; but he could waters, and ordered to be released, have not answer the question without Notice. been liberated ; and, whether Her Ma- He might state, however, that the prinjesty's Government have published ciple of placing contracts was that, notices to British subjects in Canada assuming quality and price to be equal,

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they gave the preference to home con- counsel. Mr. Sheriff, whose action as tractors.

Chief Justice of British Honduras is cen.

sured, was at the time one of the Puisne BRITISH HONDURAS-CASE OF MR. Judges of the Straits Settlements; but DILLET-JUDGMENT OF THE JUDI

had been allowed by my Predecessor to

exchange that appointment for a Puisne CIAL COMMITTEE OF THE PRIVY

Judgeship of the Supreme Court of British COUNCIL

Guiana before the decision of the Judi. MR. SHIRLEY (Yorkshire, W.R., cial Committee was given. It is not Doncaster) asked the Secretary of State strictly correct that the Judicial Comfor the Colonies, Whether he has con- mitteo declared Mr. Dillet innocent of sidered the Judgment in the case of Mr. the crime charged against him, though Dillet, barrister-at-law of the Inner they quashed the conviction on the Temple, pronounced by the Judicial ground of misdirection.

There was Committee of the Privy Council on the nothing special in his treatment in 25th of March last; whether the Mr. prison, except that at first the Prison Sheriff who is so severely censured in Rules were not strictly enforced. The that Judgment is the same Mr. Sheriff construction of the prison and the rewho has recently been appointed to be quirements of discipline render it necesa Judge of the Supreme Court at British sary that prisoners not undergoing hard Guiana; whether it is the fact that, labour should be confined to their cells. when accused of a crime of which he was All prisoners are provided with a rug afterwards declared by the Judicial and head-rest, and sleep on the floor. Committee of the Privy Council to be Mr. Dillet's treatment in prison was in innocent, Mr. Dillet was kept in solitary accordance with law and the terms of confinement for 22 hours of the 24 for his sentence. It is the fact that on the over three consecutive months, and was 12th of November, 1884, an Ordinance made to sleep during the whole of that was passed called the “Public Officers time on the bare floor; whether such Protecting Ordinance; " but I am in solitary confinement was in accordance formed that it is not the fact that this with the law and the terms of his sen- Ordinance was passed for the purpose tence; whether it is the fact that, about of preventing any officer of the Coloa month after Mr. Dillet's conviction, nial Government from being sued by the Legislative Council of British Hon- Mr. Dillet. The Ordinance is similar duras passed a Law called “The Public to Ordinances in force in other Colonies. Officers Protecting Ordinance, 1884,"After careful consideration of the cirfor the purpose of preventing the Chief cumstances of the case, I arrived at the Justice, the Colonial Secretary, and the conclusion that I should not be justified gaoler from being sued in action for in advising the Queen to cancel Mr. damages by Mr. Dillet; whether, not. Sheriff's transfer to British Guiana on withstanding the circumstances of this account of a single instance of failure case and the opinion expressed by the in the discharge of his judicial funcJudicial Committee of the Privy Council, tions in British Honduras. I may add Mr. Sheriff is still to be retained in Her that the Chief Justice of British Guiana Majesty's Service; and whether atten. has expressed himself as perfectly satistion will be paid to Mr. Dillet's appli- fied with my decision. Mr. Dillet has cation for reappointment, his conviction not for many years held any appointhaving been quashed on appeal ? ment in the Colonial Service. He

The SECRETARY OF STATE (Sir served for a short period, commencing HENRY HOLLAND) (Hampstead): I have in 1870, as clerk to his father, who was given very careful consideration to the Clerk of Courts in British Honduras. Judgment of the Judicial Committee His application for employment will be and

to all the circumstances of the case considered with other applications. As of Mr. Dillet, including a full explana- to the additional Question asked by the tion by Mr. Sheriff, which, unfortunately hon. Member, I have to say that no for himself, he did not bring before the such Resolution was passed by the Court Judicial Committee, as he was under of Policy; but that a protest was signed the erroneousimpression that his judicial by four out of five of the elective Memconduct was not in question, and there-bers and sent home. The fifth Member fore did not appear before them by refused to sign.

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