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Gift of Charity, the very Band of Peače, and of all Virtues; without which whó. soever livetb, is counted dead before thee. Grant this for thy only Son Jesus Ġbrist his sake. Amen. Amer.

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I have here inserted the chief of the Errata,

which either pervert or obscure the Senfe. Many more there are, ( especially wbex I quote N. C.'s own Words , wbich I have taken care punctually to transcribe) which are not to be imputed to the Preß.


Ag. 1o. l. 54. t. day appointed for. p. 15. 1.842,

2 not St. Peter; P. 39. 1.5. r: as a new. P. 44. 1. 20ʻr. his, P. 45. 1. 12. r. these. p. 67. r. pibble at, p.70. 1. penult. r. intended. p. 88. l. 13. r. as. p. 81.1. is. r. and this. p. 84. 1. 21. r. the. p. 106. l, 6. 1. vend such. p. 109.; 1, 15. 1. integrum. p. 109.1.31. r. thus. p., for. p. 122. penult. r. qawwwv. p. 131. f. permittatut's P. 138. 1. s. r. of. p. 132, 1. s. dele'as, 135. 1. 23. deke that, P. 156. 1. 3. f. was.

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