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Answer to a Popish Book,

INTITULED, A True and Modest Account of the Chief

Points in Controversie, between the Roman Catholicks and the Protestants.

Together with some Considerations upon the SERMONS of a DIVINE of the Church of England. By N. C.

WHEREIN The OBJÈCTIONS N.C. has brought against the AR GÚMENTS which His Grace

JOH N, Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,

Made use of in His SERMONs against Popery,

Are considered ; and answered on these following Heads : 1. The Church of Rome | 6. Prayers in an unknown not Catholick.

Tongue. 2. The Supremacy. 7. The Invocation of 3. The Infallibility of the Saints, Church.

. 4. Transubstantiation. 9. Purgatory. 5. Communion in one Kind. 10. Indulgences. Design’d for the Use of such as are in danger of being per

verted by the Emisaries of the Church of Rome.

3 am fully convinced, that the infolent behaviour or thé Papits has made what you advise necessary to us done, for the Safety of my person and Government, and the welfare of my People.

Her Majesty's inoff Gracious Answer to the Lord's Address. LONDON: Printed for W. Hawes, at the Bible and

Rfe in Ludgate-Street. 17 06.

730F 72.

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