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additional evidence of the fact we state, from the meaning of the name MARY. This was in the Latin (used by the catholics), MARIA; and is clearly derived from Mare, the sea; which is itself formed of 7 Myrrh, because it is bitter; and more remotely from m, a multitude; and jx, Ar, to flow, signifying “a multitude of flowing waters." Now, the oriental fable was, that Myrrha was the mother of Adonis, the Sun; because the Sun was known to arise from the sea. But the Nile was believed to flow from the Sun, and was worshipped because of its supposed connexion with the great Egyptian god sn, that is on, the Sun, who was also Horus and Osiris; and was introduced by Orpheus into Greece as Bacchus. He was worshipped as she, Hues; that is Zeus Ou@gros or Jupiter pluvialis, the rainy Jove. This title of on, meaning "the ONE," or “the alone,” is found in the Greek term lov, one.

And the three Greek letters IHE, 1. E. S., which were found on the altars of ihioz, letos, that is Apollo, were cleverly changed by the catholic priests into the three Latin letters, very similar in appearance, though not in sound, 1. H. S., and made to stand for Jesus Hominum Salvator, “ Jesus the Saviour of Men.” And the old monogram or hieroglyph to express the sign Virgo is actually found to consist of an m for “ Mary” and the first letter of this celebrated word IHE, or the i grec, as the French term the letter y; and so both together form the monogram or cipher to express the sign Virgo,

thus m.

We must here place on record in our pages the account of one of the most striking instances of the fulfilment of an old astrological prediction that have appeared before the world, and which must palsy the tongues of all the enemies of the science, unless they be those of men who are lost to all sense of decency and who hate the truth because it is the truth; yet who have the insolence to cry out against astrologers as impostors, while they stand openly convicted themselves of denying, suppressing, and opposing evidence, or of substituting for it mere lying declama


After commenting on the Prophecy of Orval, which has gained much notoriety on the continent recently, the Editor of the Family Herald observes :

“ The above is a mystic prophecy, or revelation, we suppose ; for although the reputed author was a Doctor of Medicine, and an astrologer also, as all ancient physicians were, it does not pretend to be the result of an examination of the heavens. We shall, therefore, adduce one of the latter description--a prophecy of undoubted authority, the original of which is extant in print, which can lay claim to an antiquity of three or four hundred years. It is one of the most remarkable prophecies on record ; and one not merely once recorded and then forgotten, like a fortunate hit, as most people are disposed to regard these things, but one deeply premeditated and calculated-the




calculations of which are still in existence, and verified by some of the first scientific men of the present day—the Baron Humboldt, and M. Ideler, of Berlin, &c.

This prophecy can be traced as far back as 1492, in a work of Cardinal D'Ailly, called Alphonsine Tables, published in that year, at Venice; and we are informed in the French Journal des Debats, 8th January, 1840, that at the earnest request of Baron Humboldt, M. Ideler, of Berlin, examined and verified the calculations of the cardinal respecting the great conjunctions of Saturn, the eighth or greatest of which, after ten Saturnal revolutions, was to happen precisely at the time when the French Revolution took place. The old astrologers, foreseeing this conjunction three hundred years before it happened, predicted, in the plainest possible language, a great mundane revolution. The following are the words of the cardinal himself:—“Si mundus usque ad illa tempora duraverit, quod Solus Deus novit, multæ tunc, magnæ et mirabiles alterationes mundi et mutationes futuræ sunt et maximè circa leges." That is, “ If the world should last so long, which God only knows, then many great and wonderful revolutions and changes will take place, especially with respect to laws." This latter clause is remarkable, as the French Revolution is the commencement of an era of reform in respect to laws such as the world never before witnessed, and the reform still goes on,

In a book printed in 1534, entitled La Periode, c'est à dire la fin du Monde, &c., composé par MAISTRE TUrrel, the same prediction is most specifically alluded to; and not only the commencement of the Revolution but the end of it most accurately noted :-“ Laissons à tant à plus parler des chouses faictes, et que ont faict, que quasi tous hommes scavent, s'ils ne ignorants, et parlerons de la huictième maxime et merveilleuse conjonction que les astrologues disent estre faicte environ les ans de Nostre Seigneur MIL SEPT CENS OCTANTE ET NEUF avec dix revolutions Saturnelles; et oultre VINGT-CINQ ans àpres sera la quatrième et derniere station d'altitudinaire firmament*." That is, “Let us leave off speaking of things past, which all men know who are not ignorant, and let us speak of the eighth great and marvellous conjunction of Saturn, which, astrologers say, will take place about the year one THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-NINE, with ten Saturnal revolutions; and TWENTY-FIVE YEARS afterwards will be the fourth and last station of the “altitudinaire firmament.” We leave the astrologers to translate these last two words. We can find no good English for them. But the meaning is, that the termination of the eventful revolution takes place twenty-five years after 1789; that is, in 1814. Nothing can be more exact than this prophecy, published three hundred years before the event, and still existing in numerous printed books of the most ancient date.

Master Pierre Turrel then goes on to say that, in his opinion, about that time Antichrist will come with his law and his damnable sect; for the astrologers all foresaw a change of laws. Napoleon only came with his Code Napoleon.

The same prediction is given in Latin verse by Regiomontanus, with the dates precise. We give the original :

Post mille expletos à partu virginis annos,

Et septingentos rursus abire datos,
Octuagesimus octavus mirabilis annus,

Ingruet et secum tristia fata feret.
Si non hoc anno totus malus occidet orbis,

Si non in nihilum terra fretumque ruet,
Cuncta tamen mundi sursum ibunt atque deorsum,

Imperia et luctus undique grandis erit. * “ Altitudinaire firmament” means the highest point of the heavens at which Saturn is stationary.--ZADKIEL.



After seventeen hundred years and eighty-eight
Since Christ appeared in this our mortal state,
A wondrous year comes arm'd with judgment's rod,
Bringing disasters fore-ordained of God.
Then, if the wicked be not wholly slain,
If into nothing rush not earth and main,
The kingdoms of the world, turn'd upside down,
Will pine with grief, for heaven itself will frown.

This same prediction will be found in a work published at Lyons, in 1550, entitled Le Livre de l'Estat et Mutations des Temps, by Richard Roussat. Moreover, what is very amusing, a refutation of the prophecy was published by the Sieur de Pavillon, in 1560, 230 years before the fulfilment. This Lord du Pavillon says, “Is it not strange that in the year 1555 they threaten us with having only 235 years to live as we are; that is to say, till the year 1790? These are the things that make weak minds tremble with a terrible fear, and plunge them into a sea of disturbing passions. Yet this event with which they torment themselves is not to take place till the year 1789, the result of ten Saturnal revolutions! They calculate, also, that twenty-five years afterwards, in 1814, this revolution will stop. Yet, nevertheless, they make a marvellous doubt if the world will last so long !

This Pavillon was, no doubt, one of the sceptical philosophers of his time, who regarded himself as by far too intelligent to believe in the fooleries of popular superstition. Yet how wofully has the philosophical wiseacre of the sixteenth century been mistaken! The prediction which he sneered at was the most notable, the most accurate and genuine prediction of which astrology can boast ; nor do we believe that any prophecy can be found in the annals of the world so astoundingly precise.

The Journal des Debats calls it a “bizarre coincidence," seeming thus to refer it to chance. But it is all the result of mathematical calculation. And, moreover, the coincidence is twofold, which, in the estimation of all sound logicians, at once dispels all ideas of chance. Had the date of the commencement of the Revolution alone been given, it would have been sufficiently remarkable; but the termination is given with equal precision; and thus two powerful witnesses, instead of one only, are found to substantiate the truth. * In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every thing be established.” Two stronger witnesses cannot be found.

The present state of astrology is full of hope. The superstitions of the seventeenth century, like the serpents that attacked Hercules of yore, have been already strangled by the astrological writers of the nineteenth; and we begin to see the ancient science of the stars stand forth in all the majesty of eternal truth. Its foes are found nowhere but among the foes of all free inquiry, the more pernicious because assuming the garb of lovers of freedom; a ready and deceitful garb, which the whig, or, more properly, the political-economy school of politicians adopt. They are great friends of the people forsooth, so long as they may be leaders; but tell them that something more than their panacea is required, and they instantly yell forth the old brutalities of physical force. They feel themselves as unable to overthrow the arguments of the astral philosopher as were the monks of



old to disprove the theory of Galileo ; but, like those monks, they threaten imprisonment, verily! And do they not know that from the depths of his cell, like as did that philosopher, the modern astrologer would still exclaim, è puor se muove, “and still it moves?" Is it thought, for a moment, at this time of dayat the close of 1848, so pregnant with new ideas, so teeming with efforts for freedom, be they wise or not-that the public of England, the energetic spirits of this age of scientific investigation, will be put off with a "pooh! pooh!” or be contented with an idle declaration that the vastly important doctrines of astrology have been settled long ago? Will they not insist that a question so full of interest for the public, so vitally important to the struggling sons of adversity as this, which declares that there are, or there are not, certain powers above us which affect our health, our minds, our destinies, and by searching into the nature of which we may possibly ameliorate the conditions of these and vastly increase our measure of happiness—will the public not insist, we ask, that this question, so high, so great, so fearfully important, be at once thoroughly investigated ? Ay, indeed will they; and ay, they are doing so; for the sale of astrological books far surpasses imagination. Not a book-stall but is ransacked for old authors on the science; and the sale of modern works on the subject is beyond what our puny critics either dream of or desire. The steady sale of the Ephemerides of the Planets' places, which can be of no use but to the actual student of astrology, becomes the surest index to the existence of such students; and these are now to be counted by thousands, and found in every nook of the three kingdoms, and far away to the far west of America. The appearance of two several translations of the Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy within these few years, and the eager demand for all works professing to teach astral doctrines, bespeak alike the steady and growing interest taken in the matter. Soon will the day arrive, for the dawn is perceived, when the opponents of the science must cry peccavi, and confess that our forefathers, who believed in it, were not greater fools for following the light of evidence and listening to the voice of nature, than have been the children they begat, who have, in rejecting the husks of magic and superstition, thrown away the invaluable kernel—the doctrine of astral influences on mundane events. That precious and vital truth, that the stars do influence all things in this nether world, as it was of old expressed-Astra regunt homines, sed regit astra Deus; the stars rule mankind, but God ruleth the stars—this sentiment is found to be not opposed to revelation, not against the honour of the Deity, not injurious to the happiness or destructive of the virtue of men ;



while it is found consistent with the facts that every day, every hour presents in the birth of children, whose vitality is concomitant with the presence or absence of certain of the heavenly bodies on the eastern horizon at the moment. And these are facts that no ingenuity could devise, and that no love of falsehood can disguise or disprove.




1. In sicknesses when the Moon applies to a planet contrary to the nature of the distemper, especially if it be a fortune, the disease will be changed for the better.

2. When the Moon at the decumbiture, or first falling sick, shall be under the beams of the Sun, or with Saturn, Mars, or Dragon's tail, if the party be ancient, even her conjunction with Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury, is not without peril. 3. Saturn causes long diseases, Venus indifferent, Mercury

the Moon such as return after a certain time, as vertigos, falling sickness, &c. Jupiter and Sol give short discases, but Mars the acutest of all.

4. When the Moon is in a fixed sign, physic works the less; and if in Aries, Taurus, or Capricorn, will be apt to prove nauseous to the patient.

5. In purging it is well that both the Moon and Lord of the Ascendant be descending and under the earth; in vomiting, that they ascend.

6. Purging, vomiting, bleeding, and making issues, &c. ought to be done while the Moon is in moist signs, the chief of which is Pisces, and the next Cancer.

7. Every immoderate position of the heavens to persons weak and aged brings death; to others, violent accidents and grievous


8. The infortunes, being oriental, cause defects and occidental


them both,

9. Venus with Saturn in the 7th, and Mars elevated above

causes barrenness in men and abortions in women. 10. Gemini and Sagittary shew diseases that come with falling, as swooning, epilepsy, suffocation of the womb, &c.

11. When at the beginning of a disease the luminaries are both with the infortunes, or in opposition to them, the sick will

12. From the Moon's good aspects to the fortunes or the Sun,

hardly escape:

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