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gates, and usually cause some notable change of weather. [Their aspects cause these effects less extensively but their conjunctions cause great electrical effects.-Z.]

5. Whenever Saturn is joined with the Sun, the heat is remitted and cold increased; which alone may be a sufficient testimony of the truth of astrology. [We shall give ample evidence of this fact in the course of this work; a fact that it would better become the “philosophers” of the British Association to attempt either to refute or to explain, than the shaking up soapsuds in a bottle to demonstrate the nature of the bubbles, as we have witnessed them occupied in doing.-Z.]

6. When Mars and Mercury are joined, and behold the Moon or lord of the ascendant in the 6th or 7th house, they portend a great drought to ensue. [This means in the figure of an eclipse or ingress, &c.—Z.]

7. The star has a great efficacy on the air, to which the Moon shall be first joined after her conjunction, opposition, or square with the Sun.

8. The mixture of the beams of Mars and Jupiter in moist signs gives thunder, with sudden showers.

9. Jupiter naturally raises north winds*, Saturn easterly, Mars westerly, Venus southerly; and Mercury mixt winds, as he may apply to other planets.

N.B. These seem to have been a few of Cardan's notes on the effect of the planets on the weather, and they well deserve the attention of the students of astro-meteorology. They do not comprise the tenth part of that science, which is still far from perfect, but which is destined to become as exact as any part of astronomy itself.


PREDICTION. “Jupiter in Leo still gives peace to France and much prosperity.”Oct. 1848.

FULFILMENT. State of Trade in Paris.—The prefect of police in Paris says, “ The capital continues to enjoy perfect tranquility and the greatest security. The accounts from the departments are of a nature to consolidate this happy state of things. On all sides, in fact, work is being resumed ; most of the factories and workshops have resumed their operations, and some of them have again become as active as in the most prosperous years."-Stroud Observer, Oct. 14, 1848.

* Job says,

“ Fair weather cometh out of the north ;" and that is because 24 raises north winds and brings fair weather at the same time.



PREDICTION. “This eclipse will be visible at Ceylon, Madagascar, Borneo, ALL AUSTRALIA, and the Cape of Good Hope ; and will work much inischief there; and sad destruction to the cattle in those countries, especially SHEEP.” [Page 33 Almanac 1847, on the total eclipse of the sun in Aries (14th April, 1847), that sign ruling "sheep," &c.]

FULFILMENT. By late advices from Van Dieman's Land, we are informed of a great mortality among the sheep. One gentleman lost 19,000, another 20,000. An entire flock died in a single night. The writer stated that he was surrounded by 36,000 dead sheep, and in momentary expectation of the devastation extending to his own flock.—London Paper, 28th Oct. 1848.

So much for Australia; and at the Cape, fearful wars occurred about" cattle." At Ceylon an insurrection broke out also, and awful bloodshed followed.

FULFILLED WEATHER PREDICTIONS. "Such an invaluable month of May never was known : from its first hour the crops have progressed rapidly and without intermission.”—Greenock Advertiser, June 1848. The prediction was, “ A fine, warm month; vegetation very forward.”

While remarking these meteorological predictions, we will offer the following very striking instance of affection of the temperature by the planet Mars, who always brings very dry and warm weather when he is with the Sun ; a fact easily determined and easily disproved, if it were not true: Why do not our philosophers refute this assertion ?

" The mean temperature of the week ending June 13th, was 7 deg. 4 min. higher than the average temperature of the corresponding week for twentyfive years. On Friday, June 12th, the temperature was 10 deg. 4 min. higher than the average temperature of the corresponding day for the same period of twenty-five years."— Pictorial Times, June 20th, 1846. N.B. 12th June h was stationary and the o in par. declination to and DA 4; the o having been in S** to if on the 10th, and on the 15th 8 and it were in the same declination.

These things might be thought of little matter, if they did not always occur; but let our readers recall the last month of November, in which only one inch of rain fell, though four inches fell in the comparatively dry month of August

. Why? Just because Mars and the Sun were in conjunction and both in aspect to Jupiter. We foretold, “ A fair and dry month ;" and it was 80. Will the philosophers never learn wisdom, or respect Nature's Facts ?


[From a Correspondent.]

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. ABOVE, you have the aspects, &c. of the planets at the time of one of the GREATEST BARTHQUAKES ever known in South America, accompanied by

To within about one degree.



dreadful thunderings and lightning. It is computed that from 20,000 to 30,000 persons perished in the towns of La Guayra, Caraccas, Merida, Mayquetia, and Sanfelipe.

You will readily observe that the planetary positions here given concur in a most striking manner with the Rules which you have laid before the public for foretelling these awful phenomena of nature.

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At six


this unfortunate native fell into a privy and was nearly smothered, being recovered with great difficulty ; at which time Mars (in Scorpio, which rules such places) came to the square of the Asc. In January 1835, his clothes caught fire, and the left arm and left side of the face and neck were severely burnt; by wbieh his arm was contracted, and his under lip was drawn on one side. On the 30th November, 1834, there was a total eclipse of the Sun in 8° of , a fiery sign, and in exact square to the Moon at birth. No doubt primary directions were operating. N.B. The above is the estimate time.

The student will observe the violent square from fixed signs and angles of the Sun and Mars; the opposition of the Moon and Mercury, and the square of Jupiter to Uranus, who is rising and very evil; from all which would have been predicted these sad and direful accidents.


Vol. I.]


[No. 2.



Αιει τοι τα ΚΑΚ' εσι φιλα φρεσι μαντευεσθαι
ΕΣΘΛΟΝ δ' υδε τι σω ειπας επος

υδ' ετελεσσας.

Augur accurst ! denouncing mischief still,
Prophet of Plagues, for ever boding ill !
Still must thy tongue some wounding message bring.”—Pope.



The above passage, from Agamemnon's speech to the Augur Chalcas, shews clearly that the world has never wanted for individuals endowed with the gift of prophecy, and that to look into

future has ever been a strong and fixed principle of the human mind. And as it was established in the mind by an all-wise Creator, who shall dare to say that its prudent and moderate exercise can be an evil in His sight? The term NEBIAH, “a prophet,” is early applied in Scripture; thus, Abraham is so denominated as a token of respect : “ Now, therefore, restore the man his wife, for he is a prophet," Gen. xx, 7. Again; we read of “Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of

she judged Israel at that time," Judges iv, 4. And this office she seems to have had because she had the


of prophecy; for it was not Lapidoth, her husband, but she herself, who was the Leader of the people; her very name, DEBORAH, signifying “a Leader."

It was the office of the highest of the citizens in ancient Rome to play the part of prophet; and until the Augurs decided, no public matter could be undertaken. The oriental nations, especially the enlightened Persians, still pay the highest respect to Astrology; and in all the East, to look into the future is considered the privilege of the wisest of men. Nor has the principle of Astral Science been ever so much destroyed in the minds of Europeans as the wiseacre philosophers pretend. Prophecies have ever been current among the people of western Europe ; who, albeit they are ignorant and kept in slavish thral





dom, “know a sheep's head from a carrot," and have intelligence enough to judge whether, when a prophecy is made, it is fulfilled or not.

When the priests from Rome endeavoured to introduce the christian faith into Gaul, they found a universal belief existing in the powers and influence of the heavenly bodies; and, with a view to gradually destroy the evil of worshipping those bodies, they wisely allowed the old faith to be amalgamated with the new, feeling that to eradicate old notions entirely at first was impossible. Thus, the old astrologers, who had presided at the founding of the city of Paris, and named the city PARA-Isis, signifying “in the power of Isis ;" knew right well that Isis was the Phænician w9-0 Ish-Isn, or Ash-Ish, the “ Star of Being or Existence," that is, VENUS. Now Venus has dignity in the sign Virgo, which is found to rule that city: and thus the chief temple therein was sacred to Venus. On the site of that temple a christian fane was erected, and still consecrated to “our Lady;" and thus the old astrological ideas were conciliated. This is evident; for on entering the church of Notre Dame,

our Lady” is seen in a distinguished position. Over the great gate, as you enter at the north, are depicted the twelve signs of the Zodiac; but the 6th sign, Virgo, the virgin, is thrown out, and the figure of the statuary put in its place, while “the virgin” is set above all the rest, as the goddess to whom the temple was dedicated. Thus we learn how the Catholic priests first came to pay divine honours to “the Virgin” MARY; for we seek in vain for any authority in the Scriptures for the custom; nor was it followed by the early christians. It is, in fact, a modification of the ancient Zabaistical custom of worshipping the planet Venus; or we may declare that it is merely the ancient and universal worship of Isis renewed under another designation. But, lest the people should see through the humbug, the priests used all in their power to put down the ancient belief in astrology. They never perfectly succeeded; for the astrologers

always facts to build upon, which must ever eventually overcome a system founded on fiction. And accordingly we see that, as the catholic religion goes down in the world and the spirit of free inquiry comes forth, the ancient doctrine of the stars being the rulers (under the Almighty) of all mundane events, grows more and more into the perfect day. And it is curious that the very year of the downfal of the temporal power of the Pope is exactly that in which the whole world rings with the fulfilment of old prophecies and well-attested astrological predictions.

While treating on this subject, it may be worth while to bring

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