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PROPHECY XXV. The dispersion of Israel through the tyranny of their shepherds

God will require his people at their hands—the restora. . tion of Judah partly in a converted and partly in an unconverted state-the opposition of the unconverted to the converted, a proof that the unconverted will be restored by Antichrist-downfall of the mystic Edom-the political revival, restoration, and final union of Israel and Judahthe overthrow of Gog and Magog at the end of the Mil. lennium. Ezek. xxxiv. XXXV. xxxvi. 1–32. xxxvii. xxxviii. xxxix. P. 49.


Descriptive character of the powers that will compose tlse

Antichristian confederacy—the progress of Antichrist to Palestine-his overthrow there—the restoration of Judalı during a tiine of great trouble at the close of the 1260 years. Dan. ii. 40-45, 34, 35. vii. 7-27. Rev. xiii. xvii. Dan, xi. 36-45. xii. Rev. xvi. 12—21. xviji. P. 109.

PROPHECY XXVII. The restoration of Israel—their instrumentality in converting

the Gentiles-the state of the Jews in the days of their disa persion. Hosea i. 2-11. ii. 21-23. iii. P. 140.

PROPHECY XXVIII. The captivity of Judah and Israel--the application of some

of their members to the mystic Assyrian to effect their Testoration--their distress their final political revival: Hosea v. 8.– 15. vi. P. 147.

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· PROPHECY XXIX. The successive restoration of Judah and Israel. Hosea xi,

8-12. P. 158.

PROPHECY XXX. The restoration and conversion of Israel-liis rejection of

Antichrist. Hosea xiv. P. 162.

PROPHECY XXXI. Irruption of Antichrist into Palestine--his destruction there

general effusion of the Holy Spirit-a description of the everthrow of the confederated nations at the period of the restoration of Judab. Joel i. 1-14. ii. iii. P. 167.


The dispersion of the Jews, and the occupation of their

country by foreign invaders—their restoration and triumph over the mystic Edom. Amos viii. 11, 12, ix. 4-15. P. 200.

PROPHECY XXXIII. The certainty of the restoration of Judah and Israel. Micah

ii. 12, 13. P. 205.

PROPHECY XXXIV. The glories of the millennian church-the mystic birth of the

Jewish nation the overthrow of the Antichristian confederacy partly by the instrumentality of the Jews the advent of Christ--be protects the now converted Jews, and destroys the mystic Assyrian-or the instrumentality of the Jews in the conversion of the Gentiles. Micah iv. v. P. 207.


PROPHECY XXXV. Lamentation of the dispersed church of Israel-a promise of

her restoration and the overthrow of Antichrist. Micah vii. P. 219.


The dispersion of the Jews--the sacking of Jerusalem by the

Romans-the call of the converted Jews-their triumphant settlement in their own land--the destruction of the mystic Ninereh--the prevalence of pure religion-the instrumentality of some great maritime nation in restoring the Jews. Zeph. i. 2-18. ii. iii. P. 227.


The various dispersions of Israel by four kingdoms of the Gentiles--the final restoration and prosperity of the Jews -the miraculous overthrow of Antichrist. Zech. i. 12-21. P. 255.


The general restoration of the Jews, and the conversion of

the Gentiles.' Zech. viii. 2—23. P. 263,


The instrumentality of Judah in the overthrow of Antichrist

the restoration of Joseph-his office of converting the Gentiles the fate of Egypt and Assyria. Zech, x. 3-12. P. 267.


The miraculous overthrow of the Antichristian confederacy

--the conversion of certain Jews in Jerusalem-the preser. vation and conversion of the third part of the Antichristian confederacy—the previous sacking of Jerusalem by Antichrist--the manifestation of Messiah to destory Antichrist the extermination of false religion--the destruction of Anti. christ--the prevalence of true religion---the nature of the plague with which the faction of Antichrist will be afflicted the part which Judah will act--the final conversion and prosperity of Judah. Zech. xii, xiii. xiv, P. 273.

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The restoration of the Jews at the close of the times of the
Gentiles. Lyke xxi. 20—24. P. 298.


The restoring of the kingdom to Israel. ' Acts i. 6. P. 304.


The present rejection and fival conversion of the Jews, when the fulness of the Gentiles shall have come, Rom. xi. 1-33. .P. 306.


The visible manifestation of Christ to confound Antichrist.

Rev, i. 7. P. 314. Conclusion, P. 316.


VOL II. 20. I. i1. for to thee read to the 25. 1. 2 from the bottom for gives read give 32. l. 16. for : after devour place ; 35. 1. '9. for thyme read thyine 87. I. 1. for, after Phut place .

1. 6. Note, for Annal, read Anal. ". 102. l. 8. Note, for eurth read horse

4. erase , after situation 107. l. 3. Note, for Apostacy read Apostasy 127.1. 8 from the bottom for are read is 129. 1. 3 from the bottom for This read His 140. ). 8. for bear read bare 154. l. 6. Note, for deserved read deservedly 162. I. 3 from the bottom Note, insert , after captives 165. I. 20. Note, for : after formed place;

174. I. 2. from the bottom Note, for new read with · 186. 1. 12. for ! after heavens place ;

191. Note, for Kings read 2 Kings 211. ). 5. Note, for fortells read foretells 232. I, 6. insert shall after voice

70. l. 21. Note, for Shebua-read Shehna 975. 1. 3. from the bottom for vintage-shouting read vintage-shouting 289. 1. 1. for a read as

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