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in Christ is "saving grace, whereby we “receive and rest upon him alone for sal"vation, as he is offered in the Gospel." Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, to sinful men. He alone can qualify us by his Spirit, for serving God aright here, and enjoying him hereafter.

Faith in him is the first and most essential duty of the Christian life. We cannot seek God successfully without it, for unbelief, which prevails where faith is wanting, makes God a liar, and dishonours him. How then can any, whilst they believe not in Christ, seek God? How can they perform any moral duty acceptably to God, whilst they contradict his own words, and endeavour to rob him of his veracity? It is an incontrovertible truth, that, "Whatsoever is not "of faith is sin"."

By faith in Christ, then, and in no other way, can we be enabled to seek God as our chief good; to use the means of grace aright; to be humbled under a sense of our apostacy from God; to walk in the ways of his commandments; and to submit to, and ¡mprove the dispensations of his providence.

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We are all, Men and Brethren, in the hands of an Almighty God, whose power is irresistible, whom none can control. How terrible is this power to guilty sinnersa power which will be exerted for their destruction, if they continue and die impenitent! What cause have they to tremble! They are not left without a witness. They are warned yearly and daily in the natural world as well as in the Gospel. How often do they on any uncommon appearances, such as the late eclipse, give up all for lost! Let them be exhorted to seek the favour of that glorious Being, who is over all, before it be too late. Why should they die? Oh, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the "hands of the living God!" Reflect for a moment, I beseech you, on his naWhen he uttereth his voice, the earth melteth". "He toucheth the hills, "and they smoke." What then is man before him? Can you oppose him with success? Will he be mocked or disobeyed with impunity? No. Be assured he will fulfil his pleasure: he will vindicate his authority. Cast yourselves, then, on his


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mercy; a mercy freely tendered to you

through Jesus Christ.

Seek the Lord, and live.

Let him who

hath neglected the grace of God, search after it as hidden treasure. Let all secure an interest in His favour, who made the constellations of heaven, and will destroy them; who affords us day and night, and will by death turn our day into night; who now pours floods of water on the earth, in token of his displeasure, but will pour hereafter floods of wrath on the ungodly. Your season is wearing away. Hasten to improve it. Let it not be your lamentable cry, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, "and we are not saved"."


Let those who are in distress, through afflictive providences, seek Him who disperses them; them; whose power is infinite; who never acts but for the wisest purposes. it is who turns the day of prosperity into the night of adversity; who closes the eyes of relations and friends in the darkness of the shadow of death; who, instead of joy, sends wailing and sorrow. Seek him who hath power to reverse all this; who here

f Jer. viii. 20.

raises from the depths of sorrow to the height of happiness; who hereafter will say to the dead, "Arise ;" and turn their darkness into the morning of eternity. Seek him by supplicating his grace, that every event may Seek him by laying hold on Christ through faith, and drawing from his fulness all necessary consolations.

be sanctified.

Let believers continue seeking the favour of Almighty God, rejoicing in their past enjoyment of it, and striving to retain the same. What unspeakable happiness do they experience from the consideration of Jehovah's power; a power pledged to bear them safe through life! When they look to the heavens and behold its beauties: when they participate in the sweet influences of spring, and the gloom of winter; in the returns of the morning and of the evening: when they see the sky hung with clouds: when they hear the rolling of the thunder above, and the sweeping of the tempest below, in all these things they discern the power of their reconciled Father.

Believers, follow on to know the Lord. Quicken your diligence. Your full salvation draweth nigh. He whose name is Je

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hovah is hastening on the accomplishment of his purposes concerning you and the universe. In a little while your day will be turned into darkness; in a little while Pleiades and Orion will be extinguished. At the appointed period the exterminating angel will proclaim that time shall be no more. Then the sun will be darkened for ever; then the stars will fall from heaven; then the floods will be dried up; then the heavens and the earth will be wrapped in flames, and pass away with a great noise. Then, believers, you will be safe, having sought and found Him who doeth all these things. You will rest on the rock of ages, and look with calmness on the final catastrophe of nature. Comfort one another with this glorious hope; prepare to meet this almighty God. AMEN.

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