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Practical Value of the Conversations. — First Disciples of Jesus, from the

Sacred Text. — Faith in Spirit. — Example. - Affability. - Idea of Conversations. - Idea of Sermons and Ministers. - Fraternal Affection. Names of Jesus. — Emblem of Intrepidity. — Guilelessness. — Spiritual Phenomena. – Intuition of Spirit.

Mr. AlcoTT. Do you think that you feel Practical Value of the Conversa- the influence of these Conversations when you are at home and elsewhere, and that it




makes you behave better than what you would do, if we did not have them ?

(Many raised their hands.) Do you think that you all understand them fully? Nathan. I understand a good deal.

(The rest raised their hands.) Mr. Alcott. What is the use of these Conversations?

Samuel T. They teach us about Jesus Christ, so that we may learn to be good ourselves.

Lucia. They teach us about Conscience.

MR. Alcott. Why do I wish you to understand Jesus Christ?

John B. Because Jesus Christ teaches us to obey our Consciences.

AUGUSTINE. We are restrained by the same reasons as restrained Jesus Christ.

Mr. Alcott. Is all the influence a restraint?
AUGUSTINE. No; we are encouraged by faith in him.

Mr. Alcott: What do we study and believe in, by studying and having faith in Jesus Christ?

AUGUSTINE. The Spirit.
MR. Alcott. Do you mean the Father?
AUGUSTINE. No; the Son-Spirit.
Mr. Alcott. Can your Spirit be a Son-Spirit?
AUGUsTine. Yes.
Mr. Alcott. How?

AUGUSTINE. By being like Jesus, acting as he did obeying Conscience.

MR. Alcott. Why do we make pictures of Jesus Christ's life and actions?

George K. So we may copy him.
CHARLES. We have his spiritual example.
Andrew. He teaches us to obey Conscience.
Mr. Alcott. Where is Conscience?

ANDREW. It is in me; it comes from God. Jesus had the best Conscience that ever was.

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