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in Judæa. The murder of John the Baptist. Jesus fecdeth five thousand men.

Walketh on the sea. Goeth up to the third passover. Condemns the Jewish traditions. Declares himself to be the Messiah; and rebukes Pcter. His transfiguration on mount Tabor. Page 356

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Christ cures the possessed lunatic. Foretels his death, and recommends

humility and, forgiveness. Pays tribute. Preacheth boldly at Jerusalem. Pardons the adulteress. Stateth the true notion of a neigbbor. Entertained by Martha and Mary at Bethany. Condemns covetousness and sedition. Cures the crooked woman, and the nan bon blind. Asserts his own divinity. Cures a dropsical man.

Shews the bad con. sequence of uncharitableness. States the case of divorces. Recenmends humility when addressing God. Shews the danger of riches.

371 C II A P.. VI.


Jesus cures two blind men. Dines with Zacchcus the publican. Raiseth Lazarus from the dead. The Sanhedrim resolve tu kill Jesus and La

Jesus rideth in triumph into Jerusalem. Hosanna explained. Jesus prophesieth the destruction of Jerusalem; driveth the usurers and hucksters out of the temple; preacherh in the temple; curseth the bar. ren fig-tree; driveth the traders a second time out of the temple; and refuseth to give the Pharisees an account of his authority. The Phari. sees question concerning tribute to Cæsar; and Christ's answer. The Sadducees question concerning marriages in a future state; and Christ's answer. Jesus shows which is the greatest commandment. Returns a third time to Jerusalem. Reproves the Pharisees in the temple, and fortelleth its destruction. Thic signs preceding this destruction, and bow fulfilled.

889 с нАР. VII. Peter and John prepare the passover. Judas withdraws to the rulers of the

Jews to betray Jesus. Jesus instituteth the Lord's supper, and discourseth to his disciples concerning his approaching death. Retires to Gethsamene, and sweats blood; is betrayed, seized, bound and led to the high-priest, &c. is brought before Pontius Pilate and Herod, who bear witness to his innocence; is condemned to die, and is crucified between two thieves. Prodigies attending his crucifixion. 407

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The burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. An angel appears to the

good woman at the sepulchre. Je appears to Mary Magdalen; to the two disciples in the way to Emmaus; to all the apostles except Thomas; to Thomas also. Jesas promiseth to send on them the Holy Ghost. How Christ continues with his church to the end of the world. How long he coutinued on earth after his resurrection. The ascension of Jesus Christ.

424 CH A P. IX. The apostles retire to an upper room, and chuse Matthias iu the place of

Judas to be an apostle. The descent of the Holy Ghost. How the Holy Ghost operated on the disciples of Christ. The disciples speak strange languages, and work miracles: Are persecuted by the Jewish rulers; imprisoned and whipped. The apostles ordain seven deacons. The maityrdom of Stephen, and life of St. Paul.

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pray, have you no better grounds

WHERE have you past your and motives upon which you pro

pose to take up this resolution? Scholar.

S. They are gentlemen of fortune, I have rambled through the town, and reputed to be of sound morals and spent my evenings amongst a and learning. set of gentleinen, that have talked T. 'Tis an illusion no less absurd me almost out of my reason; and than common, to believe that truth yet declare that they are the great is the acquisition of men of fortune asserters of reason.

or probity, and of those confident T. Pray can you recollect any par- pretenders to literature, that know ticulars?

any thing more than ourselves. In

an enquiry after truth, no authority S. They with one voice denied

should be given to qualities that all revelation; and in particular, the contribute nothing to the discovery sacred scriptures contained in the of it. Regard should be had to age, old and New Testament; and as

learning, study, experience, exactBerted the right of free-thinking so

ness, diligence, and judgment, as positively, that I am almost per- these best qualify mer for the searcha suaded to enter into their society.

of, and so are most likely to find T This is the trick of that tribe out truth; but yet these are to be very short.

certain can be concluded; since T. It is true, children are never false opinions have been approved expected to commence expositors by persons eminent for a great share in their tender years: But is that of the above mentioned qualities. any reason now when you are grown But pray how long have you known to maturity, and capable of receiv. them, that you entertain so good an ing strong impressions, that you opinion of them?

should be deaf to your parents, S. My acquaintance with them is friends, guardians, and the repeated

advice of your public and private T. And pray: Ilave not you heard

teachers and tutors, and take up

and follow after the condemned and gentlemen of as good fortune, mopals, and learning, and your ac

dangerous inventions of a few,

strange, and it inay be illiterate, or quaintance, from the time you can remember, discourse of, and teach at least designing men; whose only you

the very contrary truths; that pleasure is to draw others into the God has graciously revealed his will same condemnation with themselves? lo mankind in the scriptures or writ. But however, not to judge of things ings of the Old and New Testament;

from men, (though it is indeed too and that the common pretence to common to think the worse of any free-thinking, is the high way to frec opinion, because of those who próliving, and departing from the nicans

sess it) it doth not follow that Deof salvation? llow then can you

ism is true, because its professors think to risque the ruin of your soul,

moral men; or that revealed by preferring their strange doctrine religion and christianity are false, to the soundness of your own edu. because some christians are a scançation:

dal to their holy profession. And

what is material to observe to you S. I must confess upon reflection,

is, that the want of settled princimy resolution appears somewhat too sudden, and inconsiderate, yet it is dom; and that principles adopted,

ples must cause you to live at ran. not altogether blameable. I highly

merely because they are the opin. rcverence my learned and virtuous instructors : But I cannot say they the standard of your practice and

ions in yogue, is making the world shewed so much diligence to pre

persuasions. Weak and superficial pare me against the opposers of re

principles, grounded on passion, or velation, as these gentlemen exert

uncertainty, can only support you their talents to gain a prosylite in the practice of indifferent duties Nor, though I was at school made and actions: for talking and dispuito read my Bible twice over, did

ing indeed any kind of principles my teacher seem to cxtend his care

will serve; but for living and dying, any further, than to forin my voice, they must be of the firmest and most and compleat me in a proper arti. certain sort, such as adnit of no culate method of reading ; so that suspicion of mistake, or of any manfor any knowledge I have attained of the scriptures thereby, I might

ner of uncertainty. Will you hear

mc? as well harcreed the history of 'Tom Thumb.

S. Yes; and from ny opinion of


your integrity and ability prefer standing, and it requires a larger your advice and instruction to any extent of knowledge, and happier other.

discernment, than falls to most men's T. I will then undertake to unde shares, to be able to separate and ceive you, provided you be candid

If the rule then distinguish them.

which should direct man be itseki and explicit in relating their objections, which seem to have swayed perverted, there is no measure left

to adjust his conduct; no clue to with you so much, against revelation. What were they?

conduct him safely through the ma

zes of error, and the delusions of S. They complimented me with judgment; nor criterion to distin. the stile of a promising youth; and guish the truth if he should arrive finding me quite unprepared to rea- at it. And there are many things son with them from the scriptures, which it impossible we should they denied their authority and di

understand, being ignorant of the vinity; and endeavored to pereuade principles which lead to the truth, me that the light of reason is our or because they are above the reach perfect and unerring guide, and that of our capacities and understand the law of nature is the only rule ings. With how littie propriety and and measure of our whole duty to justice then can it be asserted, that God and man.

reason is the standard of truth; is T. I will shew you the fallacy of itself able to carry human nature and falshood of this assertion. The

to its highest perfection; is able to faculty of reason is, no doubt, essen. sce and comprehend all things, with tial to men, and is our distinguish- their scveral relations, fitnesses, anci ing privilege and ornament ahove obligations ; is the only perfect rule the brute ereation,

Yet there can

and measure of duty and of knowbe as little doubt but it varies much ledge; and that every man nced onin different persons, according to ly to search his own heart for what the different measure of understands is arrecable to himself, and that to ing they may be said to bring with pursue is the whole of what is rethem into the world, and their dif- quired of him, and will be his virtue ferent education and advantages of and his happiness? But it is not knowledge; and, at the very best, the imperfection only, but the deis inferior to what it may be sup- pravity also of liumau l'eason,

inat posed to have been at the creation. disqualifics it from being alone a As it is dependent on a body and sale, persect and sufficient guide, subservient to the senses, these set and rule of duty. All the extravalimits to it which it camot pass; gancies of the imagination, all the and the force of outward impres- absurditics and contradictions in husions, the false report of the senses,

man life and human actions, the

il 4 oniniai

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